Elementary principles of fortification

Allen, 1860 - 235 sider

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Side 230 - OF COMPARISON— is a plan of a fortress, and of the surrounding country, on which are expressed the distances of the principal points from a horizontal plane, imagined to pass through the highest or lowest points of ground, in the survey This imaginary plane is called a plane of comparison. PLANE OF DEFILADE— is a plane supposed to pass through the summit or crest of a work, and parallel to the plane of site.
Side 222 - ... trees have been planted all around Fort Alexander ; the roots of which, left in the ground, would defy the ordinary work of sappers and miners ; and would therefore prove formidable obstacles in the process of a regular attack, while the timber would be invaluable in a siege ; (HYDE'S Fortification.) FORTIFICATION (FRONT OF)— consists of all the works constructed upon any one side of a regular polygon, whether placed within or -without the exterior side ; or, according to St. Paul, all the...

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