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Side 126 - ... principle, and mentioning them favorably on his return, the Board, through its president, Sir John Sinclair, requested from Mr. Jefferson a model and a description. These were forwarded to England in 1798.
Side 189 - Brugnatelli3 mentions that he 'had gilt in a complete manner two large silver medals by bringing them into communication by means of a steel wire with the negative pole of a voltaic pile and keeping them one after the other immersed in ammoniuret of gold, newly made and well saturated'.
Side 67 - BM in 1707, and took his doctor's degree in 1710. In 1705 he was elected a fellow of the Royal Society, to the transactions of which he had in 1704 contributed a letter " concerning worms in the heads of sheep,
Side 111 - MP The following Resolutions were agreed to unanimously : I. — That before any measures are taken for carrying the plan into execution, a petition be presented to his Majesty, praying that he would be graciously pleased to grant a charter to the Institution. II. — That an outline of the plan be laid before the Right Honourable Mr.
Side 340 - I have been led to imagine, that the leaves, both of trees and herbaceous plants, are alike employed, during the latter part of the summer, in the preparation of matter calculated to afford food to the expanding buds and blossoms of the succeeding spring, and to enter into the* composition of new organs of assimilation.
Side 99 - ... thrown on such occasions to heights also so much greater. We may easily imagine, too, such cause of motion to exist in the moon, as well as in the earth ; and that in a superior degree, if we may judge from the supposed symptoms of volcanoes recently observed in the moon, by the powerful tubes of Dr. Herschel : and still more, if we consider...
Side 272 - ... with an angle of about five degrees and a half, which, from repeated trials, are found equal to any pressure, having in no instance receded, and, when required, were easily removed. The vertical wedge is of wood, lined with a plate of wrought iron, half an inch thick. On the bottom of the dock, in the wake of each block, is a plate of iron of three quarters of an inch thick, so that iron at all times acts in contact with iron.
Side 98 - ... of which is now necessary to be considered. Now supposing a mass to be projected from the moon, in a direct line towards the earth, by a volcano, or by the production of steam by subterranean heat; and supposing for the present those two planets to remain at rest ; then it has been demonstrated, on the Newtonian estimation of the moon's mass, that a force projecting the body with a velocity of 12,000 feet in a second, would be sufficient to carry it beyond the point of equal attraction.
Side 270 - February the canes are ready to cut, which is about nine months from the time of planting ; of course, I need not describe it. Their height, when standing in the field, will now be from eight to ten feet (foliage included), and the naked cane from an inch to an inch and a quarter in diameter.
Side 269 - If the weather is moderately showery, till the young shoots are some two or three inches high, the earth is then loosened, for a few inches round them, with a small weeding iron, something like a carpenter's chisel : should the season prove dry, the field is occasionally watered from the river, continuing to weed, and to keep the ground loose round the stools.

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