That is,- Hog's Norton Blue Stocking Society;
And saving when her Pa. his pigs prohibited,

Her pork and poetry towards the mess.

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This feast, we said, one Friday was the case,
When farmer Grayley — from Macbeth to

Screwing his courage to the "sticking place,”
Stuck a large knife into a grunter's throat :
A kind of murder that the law's rebuke
Seldom condemns by shake of its peruke,
Showing the little sympathy of big-wigs

With pig-wigs !

The swine poor wretch ! — with nobody to

speak for it,
And beg its life, resolved to have a squeak for it;
So like the fabled swan died singing out,
And, thus, there issued from the farmer's yard
A note that notified without a card,
An invitation to the evening rout.

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And when the time came duly,—“at the close of
The day,” as Beattie has it, “ when the ham — "
Bacon, and pork were ready to dispose of,
And pettitoes and chit’lings too, to cram,-
Walked in the H. N. B. and double S.'s
All in appropriate and swinish dresses,
For lo ! it is a fact, and not a joke,

Although the Muse might fairly jest upon it, They came- each “ Pig-faced Lady," in that bonnet

We call a poke. The Members all assembled thus, a rare woman At pork and poetry was chosen chairwoman ; In fact, the bluest of the Blues, Miss Ikey, Whose whole pronunciation was so piggy, She always named the authoress of “ Psyche,.

As Mrs. Tiggey!

And now arose a question of some moment,-
What author for a lecture was the richer,
Bacon or Hogg ? there were no votes for Beau-

But some for Flitcher ;
While others, with a more sagacious reasoning,

Proposed another work,

And thought their pork Would prove more relishing from Thomson's


But, practised in Shaksperian readings daily,-
O! Miss Macaulay! Shakspeare at Hog's Nor-

ton ! -
Miss Anne Priscilla Isabella Grayley
Selected him that evening to snort on.
In short, to make our story not a big tale,

Just fancy her exerting
Her talents, and converting

The Winter's Tale to something like a pig-tale!

Her sister auditory, All sitting round, with grave and learned faces,

Were very plauditory, Of course, and clapped her at the proper places ; Till fanned at once by fortune and the Muse, She thought herself the blessedest of Blues. But Happiness, alas ! has blights of ill, And Pleasure's bubbles in the air explode ;There is no travelling through life but still The heart will meet with breakers on the road !

With that peculiar voice Heard only from Hog's Norton throats and noses, Miss G., with Perdita, was making choice Of buds and blossoms for her summer posies, When coming to that line, where Proserpine Lets fall her flowers from the wain of Dis;

Imagine this Uprose on his hind legs old Farmer Grayley, Grunting this question for the club's digestion, "Do Dis's Wagon go from the Ould Bäaley?”



“ In this good work, Penn appears the greatest, usefullest of God's instruments. Firm and unbending when the exigency requires it — soft and yielding when rigid inflexibility is not a desideratum,- fluent and flowing, at need, for eloquent rapidity — slow and retentive in cases of deliberation — never spluttering or by amplification going wide of the mark

:- never splitting, if it can be helped, with any one, but ready to wear itself out rather in their service

- all things as it were with all men,- ready to embrace the hand of Jew, Christian, or Mahometan,- heavy with the German, light with the Italian, oblique with the English, upright with the Roman, backward in coming forward with the Hebrew,- in short, for flexibility, amiability, constitutional durability, general ability, and universal utility, it would be hard to find a parallel to the great Penn."



O! PATENT, Pen-inventing Perryan Perry !

Friend of the Goose and Gander, That now unplucked of their quill-feathers wan

der, Cackling, and gabbling, dabbling, making merry,

About the happy Fen,
Untroubled for one pennyworth of pen,
For which they chant thy praise all Britain

From Goose-Green unto Gander-Cleugh! -


Friend to all Author-kind -
Whether of Poet or of Proser,-
Thou art composer unto the composer
Of pens,— yea, patent vehicles for Mind

it on jaunts, or more extensive Perrygrinations through the realms of Thought Each plying from the Comic to the Pensive,

An Omnibus of intellectual sort!


Modern Improvements in their course we feel;
And while to iron-railroads heavy wares,
Dry goods, and human bodies, pay their fares,

Mind flies on steel,
To Penrith, Penrhyn, even to Penzance.

Nay, penetrates, perchance,
To Pennsylvania, or, without rash vaunts,

To where the Penguin haunts !

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In times bygone, when each man cut his quill,

With little Perryan skill,

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