They might as well have addled been, or ratted,
For long before the night — ah woe betide
The Pills ! each suicidal Bantam died


Think of poor Burrell's shock, Of Nature's debt to see his hens all payers, And laid in death as Everlasting Layers, With Bantam’s small Ex-Emperor, the Cock, In ruffled plumage and funereal hackle, Giving, undone by Cockle, a last Cackle! To see as stiff as stone, his un’live stock, It really was enough to move his block. Down on the floor he dashed, with horror big, Mr. Bell's third wife's mother's coachman's wig ; And with a tragic stare like his own Kemble, Burst out with natural emphasis enough,

And voice that grief made tremble, Into that very speech of sad Macduff — “ What ! — all my pretty chickens and their dam,

At one fell swoop!

Just when I ’d bought a coop
To see the poor lamented creatures cram !”

After a little of this mood,

And brooding over the departed brood, With razor he began to ope each craw, Already turning black, as black as coals; When lo ! the undigested cause he saw

“ Pisoned by goles !”

To Mrs. Wr's luck a contradiction, Her window still stood open to conviction ; And by short course of circumstantial labor, He fixed the guilt upon his adverse neighbor ; Lord ! how he railed at her: declaring now, He'd bring an action ere next Term of Hilary, Then, in another moment, swore a vow, He'd make her do pill-penance in the pillory! She, meanwhile distant from the dimmest dream Of combating with guilt, yard-arm or arm-yard, Lapped in a paradise of tea and cream ; When up ran Betty with a dismal scream — “ Here 's Mr. Burrell, ma'am, with all his farm

yard !” Straight in he came, unbowing and unbending, With all the warmth that iron and a barber

Can harbour;
To dress the head and front of her offending,
The fuming phial of his wrath uncorking ;
In short, he made her pay him altogether,
In hard cash, very hard, for every feather,
Charging of course, each Bantam as a Dorking ;
Nothing could move him, nothing make him sup-

So the sad dame unpocketing her loss,
Had nothing left but to sit hands across,
And see her poultry “ going down ten couple.”

Now birds by poison slain,
As venomed dart from Indian's hollow cane,

Are edible ; and Mrs. W's thrift,

She had a thrifty vein,-
Destined one pair for supper to make shift,
Supper as usual at the hour of ten :
But ten o'clock arrived and quickly passed,
Eleven — twelve — and one o'clock at last,
Without a sign of supper even then !
At length, the speed of cookery to quicken,
Betty was called, and with reluctant feet,

Came up at a white heat — “Well, never I see chicken like them chicken! My saucepans, they have been a pretty while in

'em ! Enough to stew them, if it comes to that, To flesh and bones, and perfect rags; but drat Those Anti-biling Pills ! there is no bile in 'em !”


“I like to meet a sweep - such as come forth with the dawn, or somewhat earlier, with their little professional notes, sounding like the peep, peep, of a young sparrow."ESSAYS OF ELIA.

_"A voice cried Sweep no more !
Macbeth hath murdered sweep.”— SHAKSPEARE.

One morning ere my usual time
I rose, about the seventh chime,
When little stanted boys that climb

Still linger in the street ;

And as I walked, I saw indeed
A sample of the sooty breed,
Though he was rather run to seed,

In height above five feet.
A mongrel tint he seemed to take;
Poetic simile to make,
Day through his MARTIN 'gan to break,

White overcoming jet.
From side to side he crossed oblique,
Like Frenchman who has friends to seek,
And yet no English word can speak,

He walked upon the fret :
And while he sought the dingy job,
His laboring breast appeared to throb,
And half a hiccup half a sob

Betrayed internal woe.
To cry the cry he had by rote
He yearned, but law forbade the note,
Like Chanticleer, with roupy throat,

He gaped — but not a crow !
I watched him, and the glimpse I snatched
Disclosed his sorry eyelids patched
With red, as if the soot had catched

That hung about the lid;
And soon I saw the tear-drop stray,
He did not care to brush away;
Thought I the cause he will betray -

And thus at last he did.

Well, here 's a pretty go! here's a Gagging Act,

if ever there was a gagging!

But I'm bound the members as silenced us, in

doing it had plenty of magging. They had better send us all off, they had, to

the School for the Deaf and Dumb, To unlarn us our mother tongues, and to make

signs and be regularly mum.

But they can't undo natur — as sure as ever the

morning begins to peep, Directly I open my eyes, I can't help calling out

Sweep As natural as the sparrows among the chimbley

pots that say Cheep ! For my own part I find my suppressed voice

very uneasy, And comparable to nothing but having your

tissue stopt when you are sneezy. Well, it's all up with us ! tho’ I suppose we

musn't cry all up. Here's a precious merry Christmas, I'm blest if

I can earn either bit or sup! If crying Sweep, of mornings, is going beyond

quietness's border, Them as pretends to be fond of silence oughn't to

cry hear, hear, and order, order. I wonder Mr. Sutton, as we've sut-on too, don't

sympathize with us As a Speaker what don't speak, and that's exact

·ly our own cus. God help us if we don't not cry, how are we

to pursue our callings?

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