“Whereby she grew as plump and hale
As any beast that wears a tail,
Her skin as sleek as silk;
And through all parts of England now
Is grown a very famous Cow,
By giving Rum-and-Milk !”



“Those Evening Bells,—those Evening Bells !”

How sweet they used to be and dear! When full of all that Hope foretells,

Their voice proclaimed the new-born Year!

But ah! much sadder now I feel,

To hear that old melodious chime, Recalling only how a Peel

Has tax'd the comings-in of Time!



LITTLE Children skip,
The rope so gayly gripping,

Tom and Harry,
Jane and Mary,

Kate, Diana,

Susan, Anna,
All are fond of skipping!

The Grasshoppers all skip,
The early dew-drop sipping,

Under, over,
Bent and clover,
Daisy, sorrel,

Without quarrel,
All are fond of skipping!

The tiny Fairies skip,
At midnight softly tripping,

Puck and Peri,
Never weary,
With an antic,

Quite romantic,
All are fond of skipping!

The little Boats they skip,
Beside the heavy Shipping,

While the squalling
Winds are calling,
Falling, rising,

Rising, falling,
All are fond of skipping!

The pale Diana skips,
The silver billows tipping,

With a dancing
Lustre glancing
To the motion

Of the ocean,
All are fond of skipping!

The little Flounders skip,
When they feel the dripping;

Scorching, frying,
Jumping, trying
If there is not

Any shying,
All are fond of skipping !

The very Dogs they skip,
While threatened with a whipping,

Wheeling, prancing,
Learning dancing
To a measure,

What a pleasure !
All are fond of skipping!

The little Fleas they skip,
And nightly come a nipping

Lord and Lady,
Jude and Thady,
In the night

So dark and shady, -
All are fond of skipping!

The Autumn Leaves they skip,
When blasts the trees are stripping;

Bounding, whirling,
Sweeping, twirling,
And in wanton

Mazes curling,
All are fond of skipping !

The Apparitions skip,
Some mortal grievance ripping,

Thorough many
A crack and cranny
And the keyhole

Good as any,–
All are fond of skipping!




But 0, how Readers skip,
In heavy volumes dipping!

***** and * * * * * *
**** and * * * * * *
** * and * * * *

**** ****
All are fond of skipping!





Ir's wery well to talk in praise
Of Tea and Water-drinking ways,

In proper time and place;
Of sober draughts, so clear and cool,
Dipped out of a transparent pool

Reflecting heaven's face.

Of babbling brooks, and purling rills,
And streams as gushes from the hills,

It 's wery well to talk ; —
But what becomes of all sich schemes,
With ponds of ice, and running streams,

As does n't even walk.

When Winter comes with piercing cold,
And all the rivers, new or old,

Is frozen far and wide ;
And limpid springs is solid stuff,
And crystal pools is hard enough

To skate upon, and slide;

What then are thirsty men to do,
But drink of ale, and porter too,

Champagne as makes a fizz;
Port, sherry, or the Rhenish sort,
And p’rhaps a drop of summut short, —

The water-pipes is friz!

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