And poor old Honesty, as thin as want,

Well named – God-wot;
Under the baptism of the water-pot,
The very apparition of a plant;

And why,
Dost hold thy head so high,

Old Winter-Daisy ;-
Because thy virtue never was infirm

Howe'er thy stalk be crazy?
That never wanton fiy, or blighted worm,
Made holes in thy most perfect indentation ?

'T is likely that sour leaf,

To garden thief,
Forcepped or winged was never a temptation ; —
Well — still uphold thy wintry reputation ;
Still shalt thou frown upon all lovers' trial :
And when, like Grecian maids, young maids of ours

Converse with flowers,
Then thou shalt be the token of denial.

Away! dull weeds, Born without beneficial use or needs! Fit only to deck out cold winding-sheets ; And then not for the milkmaid's funeral-bloom,

Or fair Fidele's tomb, —

To tantalize – vile cheats!
Some prodigal bee, with hope of after-sweets,

Frigid and rigid,
As if ye never knew
One drop of dew,

Or the warm sun resplendent; Indifferent of culture and of care, Giving no sweets back to the fostering air, Churlishly independent

I hate ye, of all breeds ! Yea, all that live so selfishly - to self, And now by interchange of kindly deeds, –

Hence ! — from my shelf !


CABLES entangling her,
Shipspars for mangling her,
Ropes, sure of strangling her ;
Blocks over-dangling her;
Tiller to batter her,
Topmast to shatter her,
Tobacco to spatter her;
Boreas blustering,
Boatswain quite flustering,
Thunder-clouds mustering
To blast her with sulphur, -
If the deep don't engulf her:
Sometimes fear's scrutiny
Pries out a mutiny,
Sniffs conflagration,
Or hints at starvation:-
All the sea-dangers,

Buccaneers, rangers, Pirates, and Sallee-men, Algerine galleymen, Tornadoes and typhons, And horrible syphons, And submarine travels Thro' roaring sea-navels ; Everything wrong enough, Long-boat not long enough, Vessel not strong enough ; Pitch marring frippery, The deck very slippery, And the cabin — built sloping, The Captain a-toping, And the Mate a blasphemer That names his Redeemer With inward uneasiness; The cook, known by greasiness, The victuals beslubbered, Her bed — in a cupboard'; Things of strange christening, Snatched in her listening, Blue lights and red lights, And mention of dead lights, And shrouds made a theme of, Things horrid to dream of, — And buoys in the water To fear all exhort her ; Her friend no Leander; Herself no sea gander,

And ne'er a cork jacket On board of the packet; The breeze still a-stiffening, The trumpet quite deafening; Thoughts of repentance, And doomsday and sentence ! Everything sinister, Not a church minister, Pilot a blunderer, Coral reefs under her, Ready to sunder her; Trunks tipsy-topsy, The ship in a dropsy; Waves oversurging her, Sirens a-dirging her, Sharks all expecting her, Sword-fish dissecting her, Crabs with their hand-vices Punishing land vices; Sea-dogs and unicorns, Things with no puny horns, Mermen carnivorous, – “ Good Lord deliver us!”



Tim TURPIN he was gravel blind,

And ne'er had seen the skies :
For Nature, when his head was made,

Forgot to dot his eyes.

So, like a Christmas pedagogue,

Poor Tim was forced to do, Look out for pupils, for he had

A vacancy for two.

There's some have specs to help their sight

Of objects dim and small;
But Tim had specks within his eyes,

And could not see at all.

Now Tim he wooed a servant maid,

And took her to his arms; For he, like Pyramus, had cast

A wall-eye on her charms.

By day she led him up and down

Where'er he wished to jog,
A happy wife, although she led

The life of any dog.

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