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WASHINGTON, January 1, 1939. The following publication, entitled “Military Laws of the United States, 1939," prepared in the Office of the Judge Advocate General of the Army, is published for the information and guidance of all concerned.

It contains the permanent and general laws of the United States now in force which affect the War Department or the Military Establishment, including legislation of the Seventy-fifth Congress. It also contains certain temporary provisions which have been repeated from year to year. These carry the citation of the appropriation act in which they first appeared, modifications in subsequent acts being indicated by italicizing words omitted and adding new language in brackets.

The inclusion of doubtful provisions of law (with the exception of a few retained by reason of their historical interest) has been governed by pertinent opinions of the Judge Advocate General. Where the United States Code authorities are not in accord with the Judge Advocate General in such cases, explanatory notes have been added.

All provisions of law published in the 1929 edition and supplement V thereto are reprinted in this work under the same section numbers, except as otherwise indicated in table VIII. Certain transfers have been made, to avoid duplication and effect a more logical arrangement. Provisions repealed, superseded, expired, or held obsolete have been eliminated, with an explanatory note in each case under the original section number. The chapter headings “Public Buildings and Grounds in the District of Columbia," "Transportation,” and “Utilities” have been eliminated, and "Supplies and Equipment” divided into two chapters, thus reducing the number of chapters from 40 to 38.

The annotations of court decisions and opinions of the Attorney General published in supplement V, Military Laws of 1929, and those added since the publication of supplement V, are included in this work. The annotations contained in the 1929 edition have not been republished.

In addition to the usual tables for facilitating references to the Constitution, Revised Statutes, Statutes at Large, and United States Code, there have been included a list of Acts Cited by Popular Names, together with tables showing the National Defense Act as amended, recurring provisions in appropriation acts, citations of Executive orders, and eliminations and transfers of matter contained in the 1929 edition. BY ORDER OF THE SECRETARY OF WAR:


Chief of Staff. OFFICIAL: E. S. ADAMS, Major General,

The Adjutant General.

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Sections Pages

The Constitution of the United States of America -


CHAPTER 1. The Army of the United States: Regular Army - 1-110a 23-79

2. Army Personnel.

111-353 81-160

3. Articles of War..

354-479 161-202

4. Use of the Army-

480-505 203-209

5. Army Service and Post Schools

506-5178 211-215

6. Aeronautics..

518-524b 217-220

7. Bonds

525-550 221-231

8. Citizenship and Naturalization..

551-565 233-243

9. Civilian Officers and Employees.

566-700 245–295

10. Claims Against the United States.

701-721 297–309

11. Claims by the United States..

722-725 311-312

12. Contracts..

726–751 313-348

13. Federal Courts..

752-767 349-354

14. Court of Claims..

768-791 355-363

15. Criminal Code..

791a-857 365-386

16. Deceased Persons.

858-865 387-392

17. Executive Departments -

866-900 393-435

18. Insignia --

901-936 437-449

19. Land and Buildings.----

937-1059 451-507

20. Medical Treatment and Veterans' Relief... 1059a-1168 509-579

21. Military Academy-

1169-1243 581-598

22. Military Training -

1244-1257 599-603

23. National Guard..

1257a-1333e 605-635

24. Administration of Oaths.

1334-1338a 637-639

25. Organized Reserves.

1339-1366a 641-647

26. Patents.

1367-1371b 649–654

27. Pay and Allowances, Regular Army--

1372-1552 655-710

28. Pay and Allowances, National Guard, Organ-

ized Reserves, and Civilians in Military

Training --

1553-1599 711-723

29. Pay and Allowances, Civilian Employees-- 1600-1635 725-749

30. Public Money and Finance..

1636-1769 751–795

31. Public Printing and Documents -

1770-1789 797-802

32. Rivers, Harbors, and Waterways..

1790–1899 803-868

33. Statutes.

1900-1924 869-876

34. Supplies and Services (Procurement)-

1925-2014 877-915

35. Supplies and Equipment (Public Property)-- 2015-2119 917-956

36. Territories and Insular Possessions.

2120-2145 957-969

37. Uniform..

2146-2159 971-975

38. War.

2160-2212 977-1006

Acts cited by popular names.


Tables of citations:

I. Constitution..


II. Revised Statutes.


III. Statutes at Large.


IV. United States Code..


V. The National Defense Act.


VI. Recurring Provisions..


VII. Executive orders---


VIII. Cross-References, 1929-39 editions.




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