Janita's cross, by the author of 'St. Olave's'.


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Side 188 - The storm is changed into a calm At his command and will, So that the waves which raged before, Now quiet are and still. " Then are they glad—because at rest, And quiet now they be; So to the haven he them brings, Which they desire to see.
Side 120 - A violet by a mossy stone, Half hidden from the eye.
Side 233 - faith that out of all sorrow we may rise to a nobler life, that never a cherished desire is dropped, a long-sought good given up at God's bidding, but the soul grows holier, the character more sublime.
Side 244 - growth of character. It matters little what may be our duties, our pleasures, our cares, so only we grow by them. We live well, not by doing
Side 41 - tired, child. You must have something to eat, and then go to bed.
Side 227 - So to the haven He them brings Which they desire to see.
Side 237 - with as much indifference as if he had been one of the
Side 7 - old proverb that a prophet has no honour in his own country,
Side 50 - The great tide of sleep came slowly up, burying thought after thought,
Side 208 - Some day she would have a home of her own. And then,

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