of authority as have treated the fubject more at large.

In refpect more immediately to the precedents; it may be proper to apprize the reader that those which are diftinguished by an afterisk, were taken from a manuscript collection of indifputable authority, and the rest from fuch approved compilations as are extant in print; and they will, I trust, upon examination, be found deficient neither in fcience, variety nor excellence.

In order to render the work still more complete, I have further added, in a SUPPLEMENTAL VoLUME, an index to the feveral precedent books of authority now in print from the time of that eminent draughtfman, Sir Orlando Bridgeman, to the prefent period, with some short remarks on the diftinguishing excellencies of each precedent. This addition will not only afford the ftudent an opportunity of perceiving the different modes of drawing which prevailed at different times, and the modern improvements which have been made in the fcience of conveyancing, but also furnish him with precedents. adapted to every variety of circumftances which can poffibly occur.

Upon the whole, I flatter myself the profeffion will fee every reafon to confider the prefent collection as more worthy their attention than any thing of a fimilar kind which has yet appeared.


NEW INN, Michaelmas Term, 1796.

them to be imposed upon through the imbecility of their prefent condition; fo that their ́acts are binding only in cafe they be afterwards agreed to, when fuch imbecility ceases.

Feme coverts are under greater disabilities in refpect to conveying than they are to purchafing: For a feme covert may purchase an estate without the consent of her husband, and the mtract will be valid during her coverture, unless he exprefsly declares his diffent: and though he should confent to it, the may ne vertheless waive it after his death; or if she die before her husband, or do not during her widowhood, if the furvives him, exprefsly agree to it, her heir may avoid it afterwards. But in refpect to the conveyance of a feme covert (except indeed by matter of record) it is not merely voidable like her purchafe, but actually void, and cannot be made valid by any fubfequent agreement-fee Co. Lit. 3. Perk. $154.-1 Sid. 120.-2 Blac. Com. 292.

Aliens, whether friends or enemies, by the policy of our law are not permitted to hold any eftate in the kingdom; all purchases by them made, being (when found by an inquest of office) immediately forfeited to the King: and as they can poffefs nothing, it follows that they are incapable of conveying-fee Co. Lit. 2.

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