The Life Insurance Examiner: A Practical Treatise Upon Medical Examinations for Life Insurance

Spectator Company, 1888 - 203 sider

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Side 6 - A person duly authorized to practice physic or surgery, or a professional or registered nurse, shall not be allowed to disclose any information which he acquired in attending a patient in a professional capacity, and which was necessary to enable him to act in that capacity...
Side 4 - I hereby agree that all the following statements and answers, and all those that I make to the company's medical examiner, in continuation of this application, are by me warranted to be true, and are offered to the company as a consideration of the contract...
Side 7 - The doubt, as to the intention of the parties, must, according to the settled doctrines of the law of insurance, recognized in all the adjudged cases, be resolved against the party whose language it becomes necessary to interpret.
Side 8 - Blasting, mining, submarine labor, aeronautic ascensions, Arctic explorations, the manufacture of highly explosive substances, service upon any railroad train, or in switching or iu coupling cars, or on any steam or other vessel, or military or naval service in time of war.
Side 82 - October, 1884. It is prepared by mixing one part of pure nitric acid with five parts of a saturated solution of the sulphate of magnesia, and filtering. It is used the same as the former test, and is recommended as a very delicate one. It is one-third more delicate than the pure nitric acid test, showing one part in 150,000, where the latter shows one in 100,000.
Side 64 - Valve lies behind the middle of the sternum, on a line with the articulation of the cartilages of the fourth ribs with the sternum. The Mitral Valve lies behind the cartilage of the fourth left rib near the sternum. The Aortic Valves lie behind the sternum, a little below the junction of the cartilages of the third ribs with the sternum, and near its left edge.
Side 8 - I hereby warrant and agree * * * not to engage in any specially hazardous occupation or employment during the next two years following the date of issue of the policy for which application is hereby made, and also not to engage in any military or naval service, in time of war, during the continuance of the policy, without first obtaining permission from this company. I also warrant and agree that I will not die by my own act, whether sane or insane, during the said period of two years.
Side 38 - ... motive temperament. The motive temperament is generally predominant and strongly marked among the North American Indians, and is very common in Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and France. In America, the States of Vermont, Maine, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, and Arkansas are noted for its development. It prevails in mountainous regions. THE VITAL TEMPERAMENT. This temperament, depending upon the predominance of the vital organs which occupy the great cavities of the trunk, is necessarily marked by...
Side 80 - ... urine becomes alkaline. The urine is abnormally acid in febrile and inflammatory affections, especially of the heart, lungs and liver, and is usually strongly alkaline in some diseases of the genitourinary organs, and in affections of the brain and spinal cord. The degree of acidity, even in health, is not always equal, and is much influenced by digestion. If no food has been taken for hours, the discharge is highly acid, while that passed just after a meal, during the process of digestion, is...
Side 38 - ... Temperament; and 3. The Mental Temperament. Each of these Temperaments is determined by the predominance of the class of organs from which it takes its name, the constitution being tempered by the admixture of the other elements in a less proportion, all being necessarily present in every human being.

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