Researches on the Danube and the Adriatic; Or Contributions to the Modern History of Hungary and Translvania, Dalmatia and Croatia, Servia and Bulgaria, Volum 2

Brockhaus, 1861 - 812 sider

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Side 378 - A DICTIONARY, SANSKRIT AND ENGLISH, extended and improved from the Second Edition of the Dictionary of Professor HH WILSON, with his sanction and concurrence.
Side 381 - With Additions and Corrections by Professor WM. W. TURNER, Edited by NICOLAS TRUBNER. Svo. fly and general Title, 2 leaves ; Dr. Ludewig's Preface, pp. v. — viii. ; Editor's Preface, pp. iv. — xii. ; Biographical Memoir of Dr. Ludewig, pp. xiii. — xiv. ; and Introductory Biographical Notices, pp.
Side 380 - MEDICAL LEXICON"; A Dictionary of Medical Science: Containing a concise explanation of the various Subjects and Terms of Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology...
Side 373 - INQUIRY INTO THE VALIDITY OF THE BRITISH CLAIM TO A RIGHT OF VISITATION AND SEARCH of American vessels suspected to be engaged in the African Slave Trade. By Henry Wheaton, LL. D., Minister of the United States at the Court of Berlin. Author of " Elements of International Law,
Side 381 - ... bustling occupations of life, they will at least acknowledge that these records of the past, like the sternlights of a departing ship, are the last glimmers of savage life, as it becomes absorbed or recedes before the tide of civilization. Dr. Ludewig and Professor Turner have made most diligent use of the public and private collections in America, access to all of which was most liberally granted to them. This has...
Side 378 - Manava-Kalpa-Sutra ; being a portion of this ancient Work on Vaidik Rites, together with the Commentary of KUMARILA-SWAMIN. A Facsimile of the MS. No. 17, in the Library of Her Majesty's Home Government for India. With a Preface by THEODOR GOLDSTUCKER. Oblong folio, pp. 268 of letterpress and 121 leaves of facsimiles. Cloth. £4 4s.
Side 373 - Gesenius. — HEBREW GRAMMAR. Translated from the Seventeenth Edition. By Dr. TJ CONANT. With Grammatical Exercises, and a Chrestomathy by the Translator. 8vo. cloth, pp.
Side 369 - Owlglass," based upon the famous Tamul tale of the Gooroo Paramartan, and exhibiting, in the form of a skilfully-constructed consecutive narrative, some of the finest specimens of Eastern wit and humour. Elegantly printed on tinted paper, in crown 8vo, pp. 223, richly gilt ornamental cover, gilt edges. 1861.
Side 378 - Grey. — MAORI MEMENTOS : being a Series of Addresses presented by the Native People to His Excellency Sir George Grey, KCB, FRS With Introductory Remarks and Explanatory Notes ; to which is added a small Collection of Laments, etc. By CH. OLIVER B. DAVIS. 8vo. pp. iv. and 228, cloth. 12*.
Side 381 - CANTICUM CANTICORUM, reproduced in facsimile, from the Scriverius copy in the British Museum. With an Historical and Bibliographical Introduction by I. Ph. Berjeau. Folio, pp. 36, with 16 Tables of Illustrations, vellum. 1860. £2, 2s. CAREY. — THE PAST, THE PRESENT, AND THE FUTURE.

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