A Myth of Innocence: Mark and Christian Origins

Fortress Press, 1988 - 432 sider
"This imaginative book is not just a study of the Gospel of Mark, but of primitive Christianity in all its variegated forms, for which it represents a new paradigm ... It deserves serious reflection and discussion at several levels, in a variety of contexts, by quite diversified discussion partners."? James M. Robinson, Professor Emeritus, Claremont Graduate University"This is an epic-making work because it turns scholarship on its head. Mack asks questions not about origins but about social meaning. The entire conception of what we want to know, why we want to know it, and how we shall find it out is new and compelling."? Jacob Neusner, Bard College"A Myth of Innocence is the most penetrating historical work on the origins of Christianity written by an American scholar in this century. Its strikingly innovative feature is the recombination of literary and social histories, and the placement of diverse Jesus movements into their respective social contexts."? Werner H. Kelber, The Catholic Biblical Quarterly

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