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FRIDAY, JUNE 19, 1936 (Legislative day of Monday, June 15, 1936)

The Senate met at 11 o'clock a. m., on the expiration of

the recess.

On request of Mr. Robinson, and by unanimous consent, the reading of the Journal of the proceedings of the calendar day Thursday, June 18, 1936, was dispensed with, and the Journal was approved.


Mr. ROBINSON. I suggest the absence of a quorum.

The VICE PRESIDENT. The clerk Will call the roll.

The legislative clerk called the roll, and the following Senators answered to their names:

Adams Clark La Follette Radcliffe
Ashurst Connally Lewis Reynolds
Bachman Copeland Loftin Robinson
Bailey Couzens Lonergan Russell
Barkley Davis McAdoo Schwellenbach
Benson Dieterich McGill Sheppard
Bilbo Duffy McKellar Shipstead
Black Frazier McNary Smith

Bone George Maloney Steiwer

Borah Gerry Metcalf Thomas, Okla. Brown Gibson Minton Thomas, Utah Bulkley Glass Moore Townsend Bulow Guffey Murphy Trunnan Burke Hale Murray Tydings

Byrd Harrison Neely Vandenberg
Byrnes Hastings Norris Van Nuys
Capper Hatch Nye Wagner
Caraway Hayden O'Mahoney Walsh

Carey Holt Pittman Wheeler
Chavez King Pope

Mr. LEWIS. I announce that the Senator from Alabama [Mr. BANKHEAD], the Senator from Colorado [Mr. COSTIGAN], the Senator from Mississippi [Mr. HARRIson], and the Senator from Nevada [Mr. McCARRANI are absent because of illness, and that the Senator from Massachusetts [Mr. Cool. IDGE1, the Senator from Ohio [Mr. DONAHEY], the Senator from Oklahoma [Mr. GoRE], the Senator from Kentucky [Mr. Logan], the junior Senator from Louisiana [Mrs. Long], the senior Senator from Louisiana [Mr. OVERTON], and the Senator from South Carolina [Mr. SMITH] are necessarily detained.

Mr. McNARY. I announce that the Senator from California [Mr. JoHNSON] is absent because of illness, and that the Senator from Vermont [Mr. AUSTINI, the Senator from New Jersey [Mr. BARBOUR1, the Senator from Iowa [Mr. DICKINSON], the Senator from New Hampshire [Mr. KEYEs], and the Senator from Maine [Mr. WHITE] are necessarily absent.

The WICE PRESIDENT. Seventy-nine Senators have answered to their names. A quorum is present.

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this afternoon. Every gift of mind and body Senator Fletcher gave freely for the pure love of his fellow creatures, not counting the cost so far as regarded himself. There is no point of our common everyday life as a country which he did not touch, no cause of charity he did not help, no kindness he failed to render when opportunity was his. Some of us wait so long before speaking the generous acknowledgment of kindly deeds, but Senator Fletcher had an insight into the hearts of men and women that was almost wonderful, and he never failed to give the word of appreciation, or to show by some token that he knew, when anybody had striven to do his best, in some little way that perhaps no one else would ever have noticed. Just little deeds of kindness all the day long, little considerate acts and words to the highest and to the lowest, a quick “thank you” for the tiniest service and a warm, quick pressure of his kindly hand when words were sometimes impossible. Never slow to see the good in all he met and always so quick to look for the upward striving in even the weakest of mankind and to give the sadly needed encouragement to a tired heart or overpressed brain. He lived every moment of his life to the full and touched life at every side. He loved the touch of human things, even while the Eternal was his unfaltering guide, and he loved the things of this world as a healthy minded man usually does, wisely and with a happy understanding which made him a most delightful companion. His individuality was charming, with its zest for joy and service. His passing is too recent for us to gage all that it may yet mean, but a thought comes to me of what a wonderful thing a man's life can be made, when devotion to duty is its ideal.

“Like warp and woof, all destinies are woven fast,
Linked in sympathy like the keys of an organ vast,
Pluck one thread and the Web ye mar;
Break but one of a thousand keys,
And the paining jar through all will run."

He never let a heart become Sad from Want of a kind Word, or waited to give the roses of joy till it was forever too late. The sweet savor of his life is fragrant in its influence on all our hearts. There are friends from afar who will mourn him with a passion of regret. My sincerest sympathies in your great loss is extended to you and the great State of Florida.

A sincere friend of Senator Fletcher.



A message from the House of Representatives, by Mr. Haltigan, one of its reading clerks, announced that the House had passed without amendment the bill (S. 4464) to authorize the coinage of 50-cent pieces in celebration of the opening of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. The message also announced that the House had agreed to the amendment of the Senate to each of the following bills of the House: H.R. 9485. An act to convey certain lands to Clackamas County, Oreg., for public-park purposes; and H.R. 10356. An act authorizing the Secretary of the Navy to convey a right-of-way over certain lands situated in Solano County, Calif., tu the State of California for State highway purposes. The message further announced that the House had agreed to the amendments of the Senate to the bill (H. R. 9654) to authorize the purchase by the city of Scappoose, Oreg., of a certain tract of public land revested in the United States under the Act of June 9, 1916 (39 Stat. 218). The message also announced that the House had agreed to the amendment of the Senate to the concurrent resolution (H. Con. Res: 58) affecting the enrollment of H. R. 12624, the First Deficiency Appropriation Act, fiscal year 1936. The message further announced that the House had agreed to the report of the committee of conference on the disagreeing votes of the two Houses on the amendment of the Senate to the bill (H. R. 8597) to amend section 13 of the act of March 4, 1915, entitled “An act to promote the welfare of American seamen in the merchant marine of the United States; to abolish arrest and imprisonment as a penalty for


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