Page Ada, The (C. C. A.)...

50 Bosch Magneto Co. v. Rushmore (C. C. A.) 465 Adams v. Osley (D. C.).

117 Boston-West Africa Trading Co., In re Eolian Co., Cunningham Piano Co. v. (C. (D. C.)...

924 C. A.)..... 897 Boswell, Mills v. (C. C. A.).

889 Etna Life Ins. Co. of Hartford, Conn., Boswell, Williams v. (C. C. A.)

889 v. Ryan (C. C. A.).

483 Bowers Southern Dredging Co., Eagle Oil Agnew, Interstate Compress Co. v. (c. c. Transport Co. v. (C. Č. A.).

52 A.)

508 Brooke Glass Co. v. Hartford-Fairmont A. H. Bull & Co., Shipowners' & Mer

Co. (D. C.)...

901 chants' Tugboat Co. v. (C. C. A.).. 661 Brown v. Kossove (C. C. A.)..

806 Aki Maru, The (C. C. A.).. 721 | Brown v. Spelman (D. C.).

863 Alabama Mineral Land Co., Mudd v. (C. Brown, Wells v. (C. C. A.).

852 C. A.)...

991 Bruckman, Roberts Cone Mfg. Co. v. (C. Alaska Anthracite R. Co. v. Matarelli (C. C. A.)..

957 C. A.)..

989 Buchanan, United States v. (D. C.). 915 Alaska Treadwell Gold Mining Co. v. Crin Buffalo Forge Co. v. Buffalo (C. C. A.).. 83 is (C. C. A.)...

810 Bull & Co., Shipowners' & Merchants' Aldrich v. Pennsylvania R. Co. (C. C. A.) 330 Tugboat Co. v. (C. C. A.).

661 Aldrich Co., Hiner v. (D. C.)...

785 Burgess Sulphite Fibre Co. v. Gagne (C. Alexander v. Fidelity Trust Co. (D. C.)... 690 C. A.)

872 Allaun, Druid S. S. Co. v. (C. C. A.). 20 Burleson, Commercial Cable Co. v. (D. C.) 99 Allan Wilde, The, two cases (D. C.).. 171 Burleson, Commercial Pacific Cable Co. Allied S. S. Corporation, United States S.

v.' (D. C.)..

99 S. Co. v. (C. C. A.).

537 Burleson, Railroad Com’rs of State of American Broom & Brush Co., Joseph

Florida V. (D. C.)

604 Lay Co. v. (C. C. A.).

991 | Burnett, Jung Kwok Hin v. (C. C. A.) 685 American Glycerin Co. v. Hill (C. C. A.). . 841 Busdieker, Crane Co. v. (C. C. A.).. 664 American Graphophone Co. v. Emerson Bush, Wallingford Bros. v. (C. C. A.) 949 Phonograph Co. (D. C.).. 574 Byrd, McGrew v. (C. C. A.).

759 American Paper Co., In re (D. C.).

121 Ames, Edgar v. (C. C. A.).

835 Cahoon, Shapley v. (C, C. A.) Ames, Wright v. (C. C. A.).

835 Call, Postal Telegraph-Cable Co. v. (C. C. Amoskeag Mfg. Co., Vulcan Soot Cleaner A.)

850 Co. v. (C. C. A.)..

88 Campbell v. Maryland Casualty Co. (C. Apgar v. United States (C. C. A.).. 16 C. A.)..

437 Atlantic Refining Co., Texas Co. v. (D. C.) 417 Canadian Northern R. Co., Eggen v. (C. C. Atwood v. Rhode Island Hospital Trust A.)

937 Co. (D. C.)

162 | Carbondale Mach. Co., Ellis Ice & Coal Co. v. (C. C. A.).

320 Baars & Co., North British & Mercantile Carbon Steel Co. v. Lewellyn (D. C.)... 364 Ins. Co. v. (C. C. A.)..

625 Central Contracting Co. v. Grignon (C. Bakewell, Davis v. (C. C. A.) 960 C. A.).

952 Banning v. Penrose (D. C.)..

159 Central Dist. Printing & Telegraph Co. v. Barataria Land Co., Wolfe v. (C. C. A.) 503 Farmers' & Producers' Nat, Bank of SisBeaver Engineering Co., Economy Fuse tersville, W. Va. (C. C. A.).

59 & Mfg. Co. v. (C. C. A.)..

569 Central Dist. Printing & Telegraph Co. v. v. Tennessee Coal, Iron & R. Co.

Jackson (C. C. A.)...

59 (C. C. A.)..

545 Central R. Co. of New Jersey, Hoyer v. Bern, The (C. C. A.). 325 (C. C. A.)..

493 Bernat, Ex parte (D. C.).

429 | Central Stamping Co. v. McKeon (C. C. Bernstein, United States v. (D. C.).. 339


8 Binghampton R. Co., Westinghouse Elec C. G. Aldrich Co., Hiner v. (D. C.). 785 tric & Mfg. Co. v. (D. C.)...

378 Charles, Virginia & West Virginia Coal Bischoff, Union Bag & Paper Corporation Co. v. (C. C. A.)....

9:02 v. (D. C.). 187 Chatfield, Muir v. (C. C. A.).

21 Bitner, In re (C. C. A.)

48 |Chemical Products of Canada, Herman & Blunt v. United States (C. C. A.)...

990 Board of Trustees for Regina Public Chicago & E. I. R. Co., Pere Marquette School Dist. No. 4 of Saskatchewan v. R. Co. y. (C. C. A.).

Herman v. (C. C. A.)....

40 Spitzer (D. C.)

136 255 F.





22) వన.




Page City Nat. Bank of Selma v. Dresdner Bank Dothan Nat. Bank v. Jones (C. C. A.).. of Bremen (D. C.)...

225 Draper Corporation, Stafford Co. v. (C. City of Buffalo, Buffalo Forge Co. v. (C. C. A.)...

518 C. A.).

83 Draper Corporation v. Stafford Co. (C. City of Los Angeles, Henry v. (C. C. A.) 769 C. A.)...

551 City of Moorhead v. Union Light, Heat & Dresdner Bank of Bremen, City Nat. Power Co. (D. C.).. 920 Bank of Selma v. (D. C.).

225 City of New York, Petition of (C. C. A.) 529 Druid S. S. Co. v. Allaun (C. C. A.)

20 City of New York, Hume v. (C. C. A.)... 438 'Dudley, Prather v. (C. C. A.).

517 City of New York v. Selden (C. C. AJ.. 317 Duncan, In re, two cases (C. C. A.). 989 City of Omaha v. Omaha Electric Light & Duncan, Hays v. (C. C. A.).

9N Power Co. (C. C. A.)..

801 Dunn v. United States (C. C. A.).. 829 City of Salem v. Salem Water, Light & Eagle Oil Transport Co. v. Bowers SouthPower Co. (C. C. A.)... 295 ern Dredging Co. (C. C. A.)..

52 City of Vicksburg. Rahm v. (c. 0. A.)... 541 Clarke v. United States (C. C. A.). 546 Economy Fuse & Mfg. Co. v. Beaver EnCleveland, C., C. & St. L. R. Co., Poor

gineering Co. (C. C. A.).

509 man v. (D. C.)...

985 Edgar v. Ames (C. C. A.). Cleveland, C., C. & St. L. R. Co., Poorman Edmands v. Perlman (C. C. A.).

561 v. (D. C.)..

987 Eggen v. Canadian Northern R. Co. (C. Coca-Cola Co., Koke Co. of America v.

C. A.)....

937 (C. C. A.)..

894 El Banco Popular de Economias y PrestaCoilield Motor Washer Co. v. Wayne Mfg. mos de San Juan, P, R., Wilcox v. (C. C. Co. (C. C. A.). 558 A.)

442 Coke v. Illinois Cent. R. Co. (D. C.). 190 ' Electric Water Sterilizer Co., McDowell v. Colee, Holloway v. (C. C. A.) 43 (C. C. A.).

77 Coleman, Flanagan v. (D. C.).

178 Ellis Ice & Coal Co. v. Carbondale Mach. Collier v. United States (C. C. A.). 328 Co. (C. C. A.)..

320 Collins, McKie Lighter Co. v. (C. C. A.) 524 Emerson Phonograph Co., American GraphColumbia, The (C. C. A.)... 515 ophone Co. v. (D. C.).

574 Combined Locks Paper Co., Pusey & Jones Enslen v. Mechanics' & Metals Nat. Bank Co. v. (D. C.)....

of City of New York (C. C. A.).

527 Commercial Cable Co. v. Burleson (D. C.) 99 Erie R. Co. v. Gallagher (C. C. A.). 814 Commercial Credit Co. v. McGill (C. C. A.) 9S9 Erie R. Co., Nicholson v. (C. C. A.). 51 Commercial Pacific Cable Co. v. Burleson Evans v. Yost (C. C. A.)..

726 (D. C.)

99 Everett, Swayne & Hoyt v. (C. C. A.). 71 Conkling Mining Co. v. Silver King Coali- Ewert v. Jones (C. C. A.).

688 tion Mines Co. (C. C. A.).

740 Exchange Nat. Bank, Petition of (C. Continental & Commercial Trust & Sav

C. A.)..

478 ings Bank, South Dakota Cent. R. Co. v. (C. C. A.).

941 Falconer v. United States (C. C. A.). ..... 990 Cook v. Flagg (D. C.)..

195 Farmers' & Producers' Nat. Bank of SisCorning & Co., Hiram Walker & Sons

tersville, W. Va., Central Dist. Printing v. (D. C.).

129 & Telegraph Co. v. (C. C. A.). Crane Co, v. Busdieker (C. C. A.). 664 Fearless, The (C. C. A.)..

661 Crinis, Alaska Treadwell Gold Mining Co. Federal Sugar Refining Co. v. McDonald v. (C. C. A.).. 810 (C. C. A.).

667 Cropp v. Reed (C. C. A.).

91 Fidelity Trust Co., Alexander v. (D. C.).. 690 Cunard S. S. Co. v. Smith (C. C. A.). 846 Flagg, Cook v. (D. C.)..

195 Cunningbam Piano Co. v. Æolian Co. (C. · Flanagan v. Coleman (D. C.).

178 C. A.)

897 Florida, G. & W. R. Co., Stewart v. (C. Curtice, Pollman v. (C. C. A.). 628 C. A.)..

616 Curtis Pub. Co., Pictorial Review Co. v. : Ford Motor Co., Insurance Press V. (C. (D. C.)..

C. A.)...

896 Cutting v. Woodward (C. C. A.)

633 Foreman v. United States (C. C. A.). 621

Four Packages of Cut Diamonds, In re (C. Dailey, In re (C. C. A.).. 529 C. A.).

314 Dalton, Sligo Furnace Co. v. (C. C. A.).. 532 Foy & Williams. In re (C. C. A.).

3:32 Davey Tree Expert Co. v. Van Billiard | Fraina v. United States (C. C. A.). (C. C. A.)...

781 Francis J. Reichert, The (C. C. A.). 955 Davis V. Bakewell (C. C. A.).

960 Freeport Texas Co. v. Union Sulphur Co. D. B. Gore Co. v. Perrin (C. C. A.). 534 (C. C. A.)....

961 Delaware, L. & W. R. Co. v. Peck (C. C. Frick v. United States (C. C. A.).

012 A)

201 Fujiwara v. United States (C. C. A.). 990 Denker, United States v. (D. C.)

339 Fulton Steel Corporation, Primos Chemical Denver Omnibus & Cab Co. v. Krebs (C. 1 Co. v. (D. C.)......

427 C. A.)..

513 Depew v. United States (C. C. A.) 5:39 Gagne, Burgess Sulphite Fibre Co. v. (C. Discher, United States v.' (D. C.). 719 C. A.)...

872 Dixon, Ex parte (D. C.)....

429 Gallagher, Erie R. Co. v. (C. C. A.)...... 814






Page Galreston, H. & H. R. Co., United States Insurance Press v. Ford Motor Co. (C. C. v. (C. C. A.)... 755 A.)

896 Garcia, Western Fuel Co. v. (C. C. A.)... 817 International Silver Co., United States v. Gardner, In re (D. C.). 344 (D. C.)..

694 General Hubbard, The (C. C. A.).

854 | Interstate Compress Co. v. Agnew (C. Glorieux y. Steele (C. C. A.). 990 C. A.).....

508 Goldstein v. United States (C. C. A.). 314 Iowa Cent. R. Co. v. Walker (C. C. A.)... 618 Gore Co. v. Perrin (C. C. A.)... 531 Irvine, In re (D. C.)...

168 Grace v. Louisville & N. R. Co. (C. C. A.) 813 Graff, In re (C. C. A.)..

241 Jackson, Central Dist. Printing & TeleGraff, In re (D. C.)..

graph Co. v. (C. C. A.).

59 Grand Fraternity, Johnson v. (C. C. A.). 929 Jackson v. Parkersburg & O. V. Electric Graves, Venner v. (C. C. A.).


R. Co. (C. C. A.).. Gray, United States v. (D. C.). 98 Jamieson v. Servel v. (C. C. A.).

892 Great Northern Pac. S. S. Co. v. Rainier

Jelke v. United States (C. C. A.)

261 Brewing Co. (C. C. A.).

762 Jensen v. Lehigh Valley R. Co. (D. C.)... 795 Grignon v. Central Contracting Co. (C. C.

Jersey, City, Leary v. (C. C. A.).

991 A.)

952 Job & Co. v. Heidritter Lumber Co. (C. C. Gruher y. United States (C. C. A.)


311 Gulf, C. & S. F. R. Co. v. United States

Johnson v. Grand Fraternity (C. C. A.). 929 (C. C. A.).


Johnson, New York Life Ins. Co. v. (C. Gulf, C. & S. F. R. Co., United States

C. A.)...

958 v. (C. C. A.)....

758 Jones, Dothan Nat. Bank v. (C. C. A.)... 332 Jones, Ewert v. (C. C. A.).

688 Hamilton v. United States (C. C. A.). .... 511 Jones S. S. Corporation v. Hamilton (D. C.) 799 Hamilton, W. & C. T. Jones S. S. Corpora Joseph Lay Co. v. American Broom & tion v. (D. C.).. 799 Brush Co. (C. C. A.)...

991 Hammond_v. S. Tuttle's Sons & Co. (D. C.) 602 Jung Kwok Hin v. Burnett (C. C. A.)... 635 Hartford-Fairmont Co., Homer Brooke Glass Co. v. (D. C.)...

901 Kauzlavich v. United States (C. C. A.)... 991 Hatteras, The (C. C. A.). 518 Keel v. Lightbody (C. C. A.).

48 Havens, In re (C. C. A.).. 478 Kemp, In re (D. C.).

125 Hays v. Duncan (C. C. A.).

990 Kennedy v. National Tube Co. (C. C. A.) 1 Hays v. Holt (C. C. A.)..

990 Kings County Trust Co., Queens Land & H. Baars & Co., North British & Mercan

Title Co. v. (D. C.)... tile Ins. Co. v. (C. C. A.).'.

625 Kinney v. Oahu Sugar Co. (C. C. A.). 732 Heard v. United States (C. C. A.). 829 Kirby, Welch v. (C. C. A.).

451 Heidritter Lumber Co., W. & S. Job & Co. Kirchner v. United States (C. C. A.). 301 v. (C. C. A.)... 311 Knauth v. Knight (C. C. A.).

677 Helen B. Moran, The (D. C.). 342 Knight, Knauth v. (C. C. A.).

677 Henry v. Los Angeles (C. C. A.).

769 Koke Co. of America v. Coca-Cola Co. (C. Hercules, The (C. C. A.). 675 C. A.)....

891 Herman & Herman v. Chemical Products Kossove, Brown v. (C. C. A.).

806 of Canada C. C. A.)...

990 Krebs, Denver Omnibus & Cab Co. v. (C. Herring, Miller v. (C. C. A.).

C. A.)..

543 Hesslein, Moore & McCormack Co. v. (C. Kwock Jan Fat v. White (C. C. A.). 323 C. A.)..

46 Hill, American Glycerin Co. v. (C. C. A.).. 841 Hiner y. C. G. Aldrich Co. (D. C.)... 785

Lally, In re (D. C.).....

358 Hiram Walker & Sons v. Corning & Co.

Lay Co. v. American Broom & Brush Co.

991 (D. C.)

(C. C. A.)..
Lazzaro, United States v. (D. C.).

237 Holley, Petition of (C. C. A.). 458

9.91 Holloway v. Colee (C. C. A.).

Leary v. Jersey City (C. C. A.).

210 Holt, Hays v. (C. C. A.)..

Le Fanti, United States v. (D. C.)..

990 Homer Brooke Glass Co. v. Hartford-Fair

Lehigh Valley R. Co., Jensen v. (D, C.)... 795 mont Co. (D, C.)...


Lewellyn, Carbon Steel Co. v. (D, C.).... 364 Howard v. 9,889 Bags of Malt (D. C.)... 917

Liebig, In re (C. C. A.)..


48 Hoyer v. Central R. Co. of New Jersey (C.

Lightbody, Keel v. (C. C. A.). C. A.).


London-Savanah Naval Stores Co., South Hoyt, United States v. (D. C.).


Atlantic S. S. Line v. (C. C. A.).... 306 Hubbard S. S. Co., Steamer Avalon Co. v.

Lopez, Ozark Smelting & Mining Co. v. (C.
C. A.)...

821 (C. C. A.)..

854 Hume y. New York (C. C. A.).


Louisville & N. R. Co., Grace v. (C. C. A.) 813 Hutton v. Terrill (D. C.).....


Low v. McMaster (D. C.).
Luck v. Staples, two cases (C. C. A.). 637
Luck Const. Co., In re (C. C. A.).

637 Illinois Cent. R. Co., Coke v. (D. C.)...... 190 Lumbermen's Nat. Bank of Portland, NipIllinois Commercial Men's Ass'n, Shwayder pon Yusen Kaisha v. (C. C. A.)..

721 v. (D. C.)....... 797 Lyman, Zerbst v. (C. C. A.)...

609 Imperial Textile Co., In re (D. C.)...... 199 | Lyra, The (C. C. A.)






Page McDonald, Federal Sugar Rfining Co. v. (C. North British & Mercantile Ins. Co. v. H. C. A.).. 667 Baars & Co. (C. C. A.).

625 McDowell Mfg. Co. v. Electric Water Ster Northern Pac. R. Co., United States v. ilizer Co. (C. C. A.).

(C. C. A.).

655 McGill, Commercial Credit Co. v. (C. North Star, The (C. C. A.)..

935 C. A.)... 989 No. 28, The (C. C. A.).

515 McGrew v. Byrd (C. C. A.).

759 McKay, Petition of (D. C.)

790 Oahu Sugar Co., Kinney v. (C. C. A.).... 732 McKeon, Central Stamping Co. v. (C.

Oklahoma City Times Co., In re (C. C. A.) 835 C. A.)..

8 Omaha Electric Light & Power Co., City Mckie Lighter Co. v. Collins (C. C. A.).. 524 of Omaha v. (C. C. A.).

801 McMaster, Low v. (D. C.)...

235 One Buick Automobile, United States v. Martin v. New Trinidad Lake Asphalt Co. (D. C.)...

793 (D. C.)

93 One Cadillac Eight Automobile, United Marx, In re (D. C.). 341 States v. (D. C.).....

173 Maryland Casualty Co. v. Campbell (C. One McLaughlin Automobile, No. 438020, C. A.).

l'nited States v. (D. C.)...

217 Maryland Dredging & Contracting Co., Ap 1,590 Cases of Tomato Pulp, United peal of (C. C. A.)..

States v. (D, C.)..

228 Matarelli, Alaska Anthracite R. Co. v. (C. Oregon-Washington R. & Nav. Co. v. RoyC. A.).. 989 er (C. C. A.)....

881 Mechanics' & Metals Nat. Bank of City of Oregon-Washington R. & Nav. Co. v. WasNew York, Enslen v. (C. C. A.). . 527 son (C. C. A.).

881 Meyers v. Pratt (C. C. A.).

765 Original Sixteen to One Mine, TwentyMeyers v. United States (C. C. A.). 991

One Mining Co. v. (C. C. A.)

658 Mills v. Boswell (C. C. A.).. 889 Oropa, The (D. C.)

132 Mobile & 0. R. Co., Washington & C. R.

Osley, Adams v. (D. C.).

117 "Co. v. (C. C. A.)..

12 Ozark Smelting & Mining Co. v. Lopez (C. Model Incubator Co., In re (C. C. A.).. 76

C. A.)....

821 Moller v. Herring (C. C. A.).

670 Ozark Smelting & Mining Co. v. Silva (c. Montgomery Heating & Ventilating Co.,

C. A.).....

821 United States v. (C. C. A.)..

683 Moore v. Moore (C. C. A.)..

497 | Parke, Davis & Co. v. United States (C. Moore & McCormack Co. v. Hesslein (C. C. A.)...

933 C. A.)

46 Parkersburg & O.. V. Electric R. Co., Moran, The Helen B. (D. C.). 342 Jackson v. (C. C. A.).

59 Morse v. Smyth (D. C.)...

981 Peck, Delaware, L. & W. R. Co. v. (c. c. Morse v. United States (C. C. A.).


261 Morse Dry Dock & Repair Co., Neumann

Peirce v. New York Dock Co. (D. C.). 165 v. (D. C.)... 97 Pemaquid, The (D. C.).

709 Motion Picture Patents Co., Sampliner v. Pennsylvania R. Co., Aldrich v. (C. C. A.) 330 (C. C. A.). 242 Penrose, Banning v. (D. C.)...

159 Mudd v. Alabama Mineral Land Co. (C. People's Trust Co., Petition of (C. C. A.).. 241 C. A.).

991 People's Trust Co., Petition of (D. C.)... 239 Muir v. Chatfield (C. C. A.)..

24 Pere Marquette R. Co. v. Chicago & E. I. Mullins Lumber Co. v. Williamson & Brown

R. Co. (C. C. A.)....

40 Land & Lumber Co. (C. C. A.). 645 Perlman, Edmands v. (C. C. A.)

564 Munford, In re (D. C.).

105 | Perrin, D. B. Gore Co. v. (C, C. A.) 534 Musconetcong, The (C. C. A.). 675 Peterson v. Noots (C. C. A.)..


Peterson v. United States (C. C. A.).... 433 National, The (C. C. A.)...

325 | Pictorial Review Co. v. Curtis Pub. Co. National Tube Co., Kennedy v. (C. C. A.) 1 (D. C.)

208 Neumann v. Morse Dry Dock & Repair Co. Pinna, The (C. C. A.)...

6-12 (D. C.) 97 | Pipal, In re (C. C. A.).

806 Neuse, The (C. C. A.)..

518 Podlesak, Webster Electric Co. v. (D. C.) 907 New Trinidad Lake Asphalt Co., Martin v. Pollman v. Curtice (C. C. A.).

628 (D. C.)..

93 Poorman v. Cleveland, C., C. & St. L. R. New York Dock Co., Peirce v. (D. C.).. 165 Co. (1). C.)..

985 New York Life Ins. Co. v. Johnson (C. C. Poorman v. Cleveland, C., C. & St. L. R. A.) 9.59 Co. (D. C.)..

987 Nicholson v. Erie R. Co. (C. C. A.). 54 Porria, United States v. (D. C.).

172 Nigretia. The (C. C. A.)..

56 Postal Telegraph-Cable Co. v. Call (C. C. 9.SS9 Bags of Malt, Howard v. (D. C.)


850 Nippon Yusen Kaisha v. Lumbermen's Nat. Powers, Smith v. (D. C.).

582 Bank of Portland (C. C. A.).... 721 | Prather v. Dudley (C. C. A)

517 Noots v. Peterson (C. C. A.). $75 Pratt, Meyers v. (C. C. A.)

705 Norris, United States v. (D). C.).

423 Primos Chemical Co. v. Fulton Steel CorNorth American Co., Scullin Steel Co. v. poration (D). C.)...

427 (C. C. A.).....

945 Pringle, R. M. Sutton Co. v. (C. C. A.).. 992

Prinz Frederick Hendrik, The (C. C. A.) 37


Prussian, The (D. C.).....
857 Silver Shell, The (D. C.)...

Przepis v. United States (C. C. A.). 992 Simmons, Petition of (C. C. A.).

Pusey & Jones Co. v. Combined Locks Pa Simmons & Griffin, In re (C. C. A.). 521
per Co. (D. C.)
700 Slater v. Thompson (C. C. A.).


Sligo Furnace Co. v. Dalton (C. C. A.). 532
Queen City Foundry Co., Appeal of (C. C. Smith, Cunard S. S. Co. v. (C. C. A.) 846
76 Smith v. Powers (D. C.)..

Queens Land & Title Co. v. Kings County Smith v. United States (C. C. A.).


Trust Co. (D. C.)

222 Smyth, Morse v. (D, C.).


South Atlantic S. S. Line v. London-Savan-

Rahm r. Vicksburg (C. C. A.)...

541 nah Naval Stores Co. (C. C. A.)....... 306

Railroad Com'rs of State of Florida v. South Dakota Cent. R. Co. v. Continental

Burleson (D. C.)....

604 & Commercial Trust & Savings Bank (C.

Rainier Brewing Co., Great Northern Pac. C. A.).


S. S. Co. v. (C. C. A.).

762 Southern Pac. Co. v. Stephany (C. C. A.). . 679

Rauchbach-Goldsmith Co. v. Seward Trunk Southern R. Co., Shelton v. (D. C.).. 182

& Bag Co. (C. C. A.)

567 Southern R. Co., State of Georgia v. (D.

Reed, Cropp v. (C. C. A.).

91 C.)


Reichert, The Francis J. (C. C. A.). 955 Spelman, Brown v. (D. C.)..


Rhode Island Hospital Trust Co., Atwood Spitzer, Board of Trustees for Regina Pub-

1. (D. C.)..

162 lic School Dist. No. 4 of Saskatchewan

Rhubers v. United States (C. C. A.). 865 V. (D. C.)...


R. M. Sutton Co. v. Pringle (C. C. A.).. 992 Stafford Co. v. Draper Corporation (C.

Robert R., The (C. C. A.).

37 C. A.).


Roberts v. Tennessee Coal, Iron & R. Co. Stafford Co., Draper Corporation v. (C.

(C. C. A.).


C. A.).


Roberts Cone Mfg. Co. v. Bruckman (C. Staples, Luck v., two cases (C. C. A.) 637

C. A.)..

957 State of Georgia v. Southern R. Co. (D. C.) 369

Rockaway Pacific Corporation v. Stotes Steamer Avalon Co. v. Hubbard S. S. Co.

bury (D. C.).

345 (C. C. A.)


Romine, United States v. (C. C. A.) 253 Steele, Glorieux v. (C. C. A.).


Rosenwasser Bros., United States v. (D. Stephany, Southern Pac. Co. v. (C. C. A.) 679


233 Stewart v. Florida, G. & W. R. Co. (C. C.

Roger, Oregon-Washington R. & Nav. Co. A.)


Y. (C. C. A.)..

881 Stotesbury, Rockaway Pacific Corporation

Ruddy & Saunders Const. Co., In

v. (D. C.).


(D. C.)...

582 S. Tuttle's Sons & Co., Hammond v. (D.

Rushmore, Bosch Magneto Co. v. (C. C.




465 Sutton Co. v. Pringle (C. C. A.).


Ryan, Ætna Life Ins. Co. of Hartford, Swayne & Hoyt v. Everett (C. C. A.).. 71

Conn., v. (C. C. A.)...

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Seward Trunk & Bag Co., Raubach-Gold-

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smith Co. v. (C. C. A.)
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