Review of Cotton Marketing System, Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Cotton of ..., 93-2, April 22, 23, 24, 25, and 29, 1974


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Side 25 - In possession of the bill or to the adverse claimant, until the carrier has had a reasonable time to ascertain the validity of the adverse claim or to bring legal proceedings to compel all claimants to interplead.
Side 184 - This Agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of This Agreement expresses the complete understanding of the parties with respect to the subject matter and supersedes all prior representations and understandings. Licensor Licensee By: Ry NameNamf1' Title: Title: Address: Address' DatePat*1
Side 25 - A warehouseman, in the absence of some lawful excuse provided by this act, is bound to deliver the goods upon a demand made either by the holder of a receipt for the goods or by the depositor...
Side 19 - ... Mr. SCRANTON. How do they regulate this in the Philippines so it does not get out of hand ? Mr. JOHNSON. Partly through the natural instinct that the banking business has for self-preservation. Mr. SCRANTON. I might add that there is present in the room, and I believe he will testify, Mr. Calhoun, a vice president of the First National City Bank of New York and formerly a manager of their branch in the Philippines. Mr. Calhoun was there during the time of the war and I am sure he can enlighten...
Side 293 - I will attempt to respond to the best of my ability to any questions you have at this time.
Side 290 - Act, what markets are bona fide spot markets, the Secretary of Agriculture is directed to consider only markets in which spot cotton is sold in such volume and under such conditions as customarily to reflect accurately the value of middling cotton and the difference's between the prices or values of middling cotton and of other grades of cotton for which standards shall have been established by the Secretary of Agriculture...
Side 25 - ... accompanied with (a) an offer to satisfy the warehouseman's lien, (b) an offer to surrender the • receipt if negotiable, with such indorsements as would be necessary for the negotiation of the receipt, and (c) a readiness and willingness to sign, when the goods are delivered, an acknowledgment that they have been delivered, if such signature is requested by the warehouseman.
Side 25 - Conflicting Claims; Interpleader. If more than one person claims title or possession of the goods, the bailee is excused from delivery until he has had a reasonable time to ascertain the validity of the adverse claims or to bring an action to compel all claimants to interplead and may compel such interpleader, either in defending an action for non-delivery of the goods, or by original action, whichever is appropriate.
Side 158 - ... basis of private types, In all invitations for bids the quality shall be described in terms of the Official Cotton Standards of the United States. Quality shall be specified In contracts between Importers and suppliers. A contract shall cover only one quality. Quality descriptions in contracts shall be in terms of the Official Cotton Standards of the United States, except where sales are made on the basis of private types. In the case of...
Side 105 - PR 7239, May 29, 1965, unless otherwise noted. § 28.601 Official cotton standards for fiber fineness and maturity. The official cotton standards of the United States for fiber fineness and maturity shall be the measure of such qualities, in combination, provided by air flow instrument tests in terms of micronaire readings in accordance with the procedure specified in § 28.603.

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