excellent stock. Particulars and stud cards from A. Croxton Smith, Esq., Burlington House, Wandle Road, Upper Tooting, S.W.

BREEDING KENNELS - Mrs. Charles Chapman, Radnage House, Stokenchurch, has good hounds at stud, at moderate fees, and generally a few drafts of highest quality for sale.

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AT STUD, Ch. Statesman and other noted winners. Young stock usually for disposal. For particulars apply to Major Borman, Ramsden, Billericay, Essex.

BREEDING KENNELS—Breeders of the well-known winners Wolfruna Velsk, Karol, Nathalie, Feodora, Svazda, Veerost, and others. Wulfruna Kennels of Borzois, near Wolverhampton.

Dachshunds AT STUD, Champions Wirral Hollybranch and Hollyberry. (See illustrations to Dachshund section.) For particulars apply to A Bradbury, Esq., Warrenside, New Brighton.

Deerhounds AT STUD, Dogs of purest and oldest strains, sires of noted winners. Champion pedigree adults and puppies generally for disposal. Mrs. Bedwell, East Kennett Manor, near Marlborough.

Greyhounds AT STUD, Ch. Pterodactyl, 29 inches at shoulder, er Laughing Water by Jem Crow. Fee 3 guineas. Stud cards from Mr. Clement Hodgson, Gannow, Burnley.

Mr. J. W. Bourne (“ Brigadier), largest exporter of greyhounds in England, executes commissions at Barbican Repository. Ad. 22 Ashbourne Grove, East Dulwich. Tels. Bournonite, London."

Pointers AT STUD, Ch. Lunesdale Wagg (fee 5 guineas); Lunesdale Ted (fee 4 guineas). Mrs. Horner, Greeta House, Burton in Lonsdale, Kirkby Lonsdale, Westmorland.

BREEDING KENNELS—The best kennel in England of combined field, trial, and show-bench pointers. Dogs at stud, and drafts usually for sale. H. Sawtell, The Chesnuts, Melksham.

Retrievers (Flat) AT STUD, Ch. Wimpole Peter (fee 8 guineas); Black Quilt (8 guineas); Paul of Riverside (6 guineas); Broom Faskally (5 guineas). Apply to J. Salter, Riverside, Nantwich, Cheshire.

BREEDING KENNELS— Mr. R. Paterson, Chipping Norton, for high-class retrievers. Dogs at stud; puppies for sale. Twentyfive years' practical experience.

Retrievers (Curly) AT STUD, the celebrated Ch. Preston Sultan, winner of seven championships, and the most perfect specimen ever exhibited. Fee 3 guineas. Mason and Wood, Gomersal, Leeds.

Setters (English) BREEDING KENNELS—High-class English setters at stud; puppies for sale ; trained dogs on hire. Apply to D. M'Vicar, Logan Kennels, Stranraer, N.B.

BREEDING KENNELS—The best of combined field, trial, and show-bench setters. Dogs at stud ; puppies generally for sale. Apply to Mr. H. Sawtell, The Chesnuts, Melksham.

Setters (Irish) AT STUD, Mrs. Ingle-Bepler's well-known dogs Shandonderry and Ulad Rhu. Big winners; good workers. Fee 3 guineas. Drafts for sale. Kennelman, 630 High Road, Tottenham, Middlesex.

Spaniels (Clumber) AT STUD, Champion of champions field, trial, and show winner. Perfectly trained retrieving adults and puppies for sale. Apply Mr. F. Winton Smith, The Beeches, Boreham Woods, Herts.

BREEDING KENNELS— Messrs. Tilley Brothers, of Shepton Mallet, have the finest kennel of clumber spaniels in the world, exhibition and working qualities combined. Trial allowed.

Spaniels (Sussex), AT STUD, the celebrated Rosehill spaniels; winners of 400 prizes; bred from workers for 22 years. (See illustration to section.) Mr. Campbell Newington, Oakover, Ticehurst, Sussex. Spaniels (Springer) AT STUD, the well-known prize-winning Norfolk spaniel Toss. (See illustration to section.) A real good working type of dog. Fee 2 guineas. H. G. Bleazby, Inishargy, Lanivet, Bodmin.

AT STUD, the springer spaniel Ch. Beechgrove Will. (See illustration to section.) Well trained adults and puppies for sale. Mr. F. Winton Smith, The Beeches, Boreham Woods, Herts.

Spaniels (Welsh) BREEDING KENNELS— For Welsh springer spaniels of the best and oldest strains, apply to Kennelman, Grove, Craven Arms, R.S.O., Shropshire.

Spaniels (Field) AT STUD, black and variety field spaniels, winners and workers. Puppies generally for sale. Full particulars from owner, Mr. John Smith, Coleshill, Warwickshire.

Spaniels (Cocker) AT STUD, Ch. Ben Bowdler (fee 3 guineas), and his son Ch. Bob Bowdler (to ten bitches in 1904). Fee 5 guineas. (See illustrations to section.) Mr. R. de C. Peele, Church House, Ludlow.

BREEDING KENNELS—Mr. H. W. G. Garnett, Hon. Secretary, Cocker Club, has generally for disposal adults and puppies of the best breeding. Address Willaston, near Nantwich.

BREEDING KENNELS—Mr. E. Melville Heard, Machen Cottage, Machen Lower, Newport, Monmouthshire, has generally drafts of cocker spaniels for disposal.

BREEDING KENNELS-Mr. Robert N. Allen, of the Laskett, Hereford, has black cocker spaniels of the highest merit for disposal from his kennels.

Spaniels (English Water) Messrs. Tilley Brothers of Shepton Malet have made a speciality of English water spaniels, and have some of the best procurable for disposal.

Spaniels (Irish Water) AT STUD, Mr. F. Trench O’Rorke's celebrated dogs, to approved bitches only. Trained adults and puppies of his well-known strain for sale. Riverside House, Newport, Co. Mayo.

AT STUD, Kempston Shamrock, by Kempston Connaught ex Kempston Kathleen Mavourneen. Most typical young dog of the day (2 guineas). Mrs. Carter Mitchell, Western Road, Birmingham.

BREEDING KENNELS— Prize-bred Irish water spaniels of the best strains for disposal. Bred for sporting purposes as well as show. The Lady Dunleath, Ballywalter Park, Co. Down.

Terriers (Airedale) AT STUD, the winning terriers Rajah of Clipstone, Ch. Master Briar, and Ch. Rock Salt. Fee 2 guineas, or by arrangement. Apply Mr. E. Thorp, Clipstone Kennels, Hounslow Heath.

BREEDING KENNELS-Mr. Edward Blunt, 29 St. Mary's Street, St. Paul's, Birmingham, has dogs at stud, brood bitches, adults, and puppies of best strains for sale.

BREEDING KENNELS-Mr. Holland Buckley, Clonmel, Burnham, Bucks, breeder and exhibitor of the famous “ Clonmel” strain of Airedales, has generally drafts for disposal.

BREEDING KENNELS—Messrs. Baines and Dodwell, breeders of high-class Airedales, have always pups and young stock for sale. Many champions come from this kennel. Rock Ferry, Birkenhead.

BREEDING KENNELS--Mr. E. H. Armstrong of The Kennels, Gooseye, Keighley, is one of the largest and most successful breeders of Airedale terriers. Puppies and adults always for sale.

BREEDING KENNELS-Messrs. E. and 0. Coates, 18 Wrose Hill Terrace, Shipley, Yorks, the most successful breeders and exhibitors of Airedales in the north of England. Stock for sale.

Terriers (Bedlington) AT STUD, Beaconsfield Temporise; liver ; winner of many first and special prizes. Fee i guinea. Mr. John Cook, 41 Beaconsfield Street, Newcastle-on-Tyne.

BREEDING KENNELS—Mr. Harold Warnes, Cranley Grange, Eye, Suffolk, has generally champion-bred drafts for sale from his well-known kennel of Bedlingtons.

BREEDING KENNELS—Mr. P. R. Smith, Breakwater Hotel, Leeds, breeder and exhibitor of Bedlingtons. Premier kennel of puppies and adults. Stock always for sale.

Terriers (Dandie Dinmont) AT STUD, Ch. Braw Lad. (See illustration to section.) Fee 3 guineas. Winner of five championships under different judges. Siring grand stock. Mrs. Spencer, Gresham Cottage, Ewell.

BREEDING KENNELS—Mr. E. H. Blagg, breeder of champions Katrine Ferry and Katrine Teaser, and many other winners, has generally pups and adult dogs for sale.

Terriers (Smooth Fox) AT STUD, Wollibong, by Raby Donyel ex Bourne, and Midas by Jim Crow ex Quarry Flirt. For stud cards and full particulars apply to C. J. B. Monypenny, Esq., Leswalt, Stranraer, N.B.

AT STUD, the property of Mr. G. C. Drabble, Sandown Eclipse (fee 3 guineas); also Brian Newcome, sire of Ch. Violet (fee 2 guineas); Borgia Cæsar (3 guineas). J. Linaker, Sandown, I.W.

AT STUD, Gripper of Craig, by St. Ledger ex Harmsworth. A winner and most successful stud dog. Fee i guinea. Apply to Captain Wilkie, The Craig, Cottenham Park Road, Wimbledon.

AT STUD, Bedale Dare-Devil. Fee 2 guineas. Mr. Frank Hill, breeder and exhibitor of smooth fox terriers, Astley Villa, Egerton Road, Withington, Manchester.

BREEDING KENNELS—The Totteridge stud of show and working fox terriers is limited to a few bitches only, besides those of their owner, Francis Redmond, Esq., Whetstone House, Totteridge.

Terriers (Wire-haired Fox) AT STUD, near Nottingham, Grove Bristles (fee 3 guineas); Jolly Tar (fee 3 guineas); Snabeg (fee 2 guineas). Apply to Mr. H. H. Enfield, Bramcote, Notts.

AT STUD, Flag Captain, by Ch. Commodore of Notts ex Matchwork (by Ch. Matchmaker). Fee 5 guineas. For stud cards and full particulars apply to Mr. W. E. Pitt-Pitts, Wadhurst, Sussex.

AT STUD, Great Surprise, by Meersbrook Bristles ex Glass Slipper. Throws rare hard-coated pups. Fee 2 guineas. For particulars apply to Dr. J. Stone, Cookham Dean.

AT STUD, Argument, by Daunter ex Struck Out. Bred by Mr. Tinné; whelped in June 1901. The property of Major de Castro, Pakenham Manor, Bury St. Edmunds.

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