miserable condition of all such as neglect so great means of grace and salvation. Awaken all christian people into a sense of this duty: open their eyes, and correct their mistakes, that they may be convinced, that this is an effectual means of making their peace with thee, of rendering themselves and their prayers acceptable to thy Divine Majesty, and of obtaining pardon and sanctification through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


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Communion, from Bishop Ken: with Alterations.


A Prayer for PARDON. O Thou, Father of mercies, and God of all consolation, be merciful to me a miserable sinner.

Behold, Lord, though my transgressions are many, yet have I confessed, bewailed and, resolved to forsake them. I come to thy table weary and heavy laden with the burden of my sins, be it unto me according to thy word. Thou art faithful and just; forgive me my sins, and cleanse me from all unrighteousness. Cast me not away from thy presence, but deliver me from my burden, that I may find rest in thee, and be enabled to say unto my soul, be of good cheer, thy sins are forgiven thee.

O Heavenly

O Heavenly Father, for thine infinite mercies' sake for all the merits and suffe ings of thy Son, in whom thou art always well-pleased, pardon all my sins, and receive me, a true penitent, into thy favour for ever. Amen.

A Prayer for GRACE. O Blessed Saviour, perfect thy strength in my weakness; for in thee only is my trust. Thou hast promised to give thy holy spirit to those that ask it. Behold, Lord, I now most earnestly implore it; fulfil thy gracious promise ; vouchsafe me that holy spirit I pray for, to purify my corrupt nature, to strengthen my weakness, to comfort me in troubles, to support me in adversity, to succour me in temptations, and to assist me in all parts of my duty, that I may ever hereafter live in thy fear, and in constant, sincere, and universal obedience.

Thou o searcher of hearts, knowest the sins I am most inclined to; and that particular failing in which is my greatest danger; grant me a double portion of thy invisible aid against it. Hold thou up my goings in thy paths, that my footsteps slip not. () work in me that victorious faith, by which I may overcome the world, the devil, and my own corrupt nature.

True it is, O Lord God, that there are many sins which, upon examination I find, through thy grace, I have not yet committed, and therefore not unto me, Lord, but to thy name be the glory. But alas! there is in my corrupt nature so great a proneness to evil, so great an inclination to sin, that without thy restraining grace, every temptation, seconded by opportunity, may draw me from obedience, and overthrow my present resolutions.

But my help standeth in thee, O great Creator, who hast made heaven and earth ; and I commit my soul to thy keeping. Vouchsafe to watch over me, that I may not be beguiled by the deceitfulness of sin, or betrayed by my own treacherous heart, or surprized by my ghostly enemies, and give me grace to watch and pray incessantly myself, lest I enter into temptatìon. Hear, Lord, from Heaven, and succour me, for the alone merits of Jesus Christ my Saviour and Redeemer. Amen.

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A Prayer for PARTICULAR Graces. O that my ways were made so direct, that I might keep thy statutes, O Lord, for then shall I not be confounded, when I have respect unto all thy commandments.

Vouchsafe me thy holy spirit therefore, O Lord 'God, to work in me whatever is well-pleasing in thy sight, that for the time to come I may bring forth fruits, meet for repentance.

O let it be thy good pleasure to create in me a saving knowledge of thee and of my duty, justifying faith, true sanctifying grace, and a purifying hope, an ardent love, and a filial fear of thee, a constant desire of pleasing thee, and a great tenderness of offending thee.

Lord, create in me a penitent heart, a resigned will, and mortified affections, an habitual mindfulness of thy presence, and a steady devotion in my prayers, sincere intentions and zeal for thy glory, perse

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