verance in all holy purposes, and constan-
cy in all trials and temptations. i
• Lord, create in me a reverential awe of
thy name, a delight in thy service, a secret
regard to this day and house of prayer,
and a great attention to thy word; a daily
care of my time, and diligence in all
my praise-worthy pursuits and honest

Lord, make me chaste and temperate, humble, meek, and patient of reproof; and create in me a chearful and gentle, a contented and considerate, a quiet and peaceful spirit.

Lord, bless me with health and competency of living, with a good understanding, a retentive memory, and a ready apprehension; and with such a portion of temporal good things, as thou seest fit for me, and give me grace to make a right use of all the blessings I have already received.

Lord, purify my thoughts, bridle my tongue, guide all iny actions, guard all my senses, stop my ears, and turn away my eyes, from sin and vanity. Lord, give me grace to be just in all


my dealings, to do to all men as I would · they should do to me; to be subject to my parents, and to all my lawful superiors and governors ; ( grant that I may render due honour and obedience to them all in their several stations.

Lord, make me willing to forgive injuries, and unwilling to offer any; make me grateful to my benefactors, friendly to my equals, condescending to my inferiors, compassionate to the afflicted, charitable to the poor, according to my ability, a lover of good men, and kind to my enemics; with a conscience void of offence towards thee, and towards men, and grace to continue in the communion of the church without wavering,

O merciful God, keep thy servant from all wilful, deliberate, or presumptuoussins, and let no wickedness have dominion over


From stubbornness and pride, idleness and sloth, intemperance and youthful lusts, inconstancy and lying, good Lord, deliver me. From irreligious principles, and false


teachers, unruly passions, and violent temptations; from contracting vicious habits, or taking pleasure in sin; from profaneness and bad company, envy and malice, detraction and uncharitableness, good Lord deliver ine.

From the errors and vices of the age, and all remaining affections to sin ; from the sins my corrupt nature is most inclined to; from whatsoever is offensive to thee, or destructive to my own soul, good Lord, deliver me.

Hear me, O Heavenly Father, and conforın my whole life to the example and precepts of my blessed Saviour, to whom be all honour and glory world without end. Amen. Assistances to Devotion at the TIME

OF RECEIVING: from the same.

On going to the Altar-Table.' In the multitude of thy mercies, O Lord God, do I now approach thy table: O pardon my sins, and receive me graciously. Amen. On giving the Alms, or at the Offertory.


Blessed be thou, O Lord God; for all things come of thee, and of thy own do I now give thee.

O let this alms be an odour of a sweet smell, a sacrifice acceptable and wellpleasing to thee.


O blessed Jesus, in the bread broken, I call to mind thy body torn and tormented; and in the wine poured out, I call to mind thy precious blood shed for my sins.

Glory be to thee, O Lamb of God, that didst offer thyself a sacrifice to take away the sins of the whole world: Lord, have mercy on me and mine.

While others are communicating. O my God, whom have I in heaven but thee? And there is none on earth I desire in comparison with thee.

As the hart panteth after the waterbrooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O God.

My soul is athirst for thee, O God, my God. Blessed Saviour, I am thine, I am wholly thine, for thou bought me with a price, with the inestimable price of thy own blood. When the Minister approaches the Com

municant: O Lord God, I now desire to renew my covenant with thee, and to seal it in this Sacrament.

Lord, put thy laws into my mind, and write them in my heart; and for the sufferings of thy Son, which I now commemorate, be merciful to my unrighteousness; my sins and my iniquities remember no more, but pour into my heart the abundance of thy grace.

After receiving the Bread: Glory be to thee, O Lord, who feedest me with the Bread of Life.

O Lord God, who didst sanctify us by the offering of the body of Jesus once for all, sanctify me, even me, O Heavenly Father.

After receiving the Cup. Glory be to thee, O Lord Jesus, who permittest me to drink of the fountain of life freely.

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