Minutes of the General Council of Medical Education & Registration of the United Kingdom; of the Executive Committee, and of the Branch Councils, Volum 4

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Side 271 - Published under the direction of the general council of medical education and registration of the United Kingdom, pursuant to the medical act (1858).
Side 87 - WHEREAS it is expedient that Persons requiring Medical Aid should be enabled to distinguish qualified from unqualified Practitioners...
Side 67 - A Degree in Arts of any University of the United Kingdom, or of the Colonies, or of such other Universities as may be specially recognised from time to time by the Medical Council.
Side 96 - Applications to be registered under the said Acts on Foreign or Colonial Diplomas or Degrees : Provided such Persons shall have resided in the United Kingdom for a Period of not less than Twelve Months immediately previous to making Application to be registered...
Side 7 - ... ability in such researches, who would be able to devise the methods, and bring the results to a satisfactory conclusion. The Committee also venture to suggest, that no experiments should be regarded as satisfactory which (in addition to others) are not made in ordinary medicinal doses, in the diseases, for the relief of which the remedies are administered (as well as in poisonous doses) and which are not performed with all the care and exactitude known in modern physiological research. That this...
Side 263 - Kingdom in which he is residing, according to the annexed form, which may be had on application to the several Qualifying Bodies, Medical Schools, and Hospitals ; and shall produce or forward to the Branch Registrar a Certificate of his having passed a Preliminary Examination, as required by the General Medical Council, and a statement of his place of Medical study. 7. The Branch Registrar shall enter the applicant's name and other particulars in the Students' Register, and shall give him a Certificate...
Side 86 - Customs, shall for every such offence be liable, on summary conviction, to a fine not exceeding twenty pounds...
Side 121 - General, or receives the second notice back from that office or does not within three months after sending the second notice receive any answer thereto from the said person, that person shall, for the purpose of the present section, be deemed to have ceased to practise, and his name may be erased accordingly.
Side 46 - Dublin University Entrance Examination. Queen's* University, Ireland, two years' Arts' course for the Diploma of Licentiate in Arts. Preliminary Examinations at the end of AB course.
Side 281 - Resolution, be required to pass an Examination in Arts established by any of the bodies named in Schedule (A) of the Medical Act, and approved by the General Council ; provided that such examination shall be, in every case, conducted by a Special Board of Examiners in Arts,

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