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Side 11 - ... them. Sarah Battle was none of that breed. She detested them, as I do, from her heart and soul, and would not, save upon a striking emergency, willingly seat herself at the same table with them. She loved a thorough-paced partner, a determined enemy. She took, and gave, no concessions. She hated favours.
Side 32 - Either of the declarer's adversaries may call his partner's attention to the fact that he is about to play or lead out of turn; but if, during the play...
Side 135 - Soon as she spreads her hand, th' aerial guard Descend, and sit on each important card : First Ariel perch'd upon a matadore, Then each, according to the rank they bore ; For sylphs, yet mindful of their ancient race, Are, as when women, wondrous fond of place. Behold, four Kings in majesty rever'd, With hoary whiskers and a forky beard ; And four fair Queens whose hands sustain a flower, Th...
Side 12 - I never in my life — and I knew Sarah Battle many of the best years of it — saw her take out her snuff-box when it was her turn to play; or snuff a candle in the middle of a game; or ring for a servant, till it was fairly over. She never introduced, or connived at, miscellaneous conversation during its process.
Side 181 - Pawn which has reached the eighth or last square of the Chess-board, must be immediately exchanged for a Queen, or any other piece the player may think fit, even though all the pieces remain on the board.
Side 167 - THERE are several ways of playing this amusing round game. The simplest is as follows : The deal having been determined, each player deposits an equal stake in the pool ; the cards are then all given out, one at a time ; the elder hand then exchanges a card with his left-hand neighbor ; the second with the third, the third with the fourth, and so on, till one obtains a hand consisting all of one suit, when he exclaims, " My ship sails," and clears the pool. Another plan is the following : Each player...
Side 337 - ... is 5 to 1 against him. 4. If you should happen to have five points in your table, and to have taken up one of your adversary's men, and are obliged to leave a blot out of your table, rather leave it upon doublets than any other, because doublets are 35 to 1 against his hitting you, and any other chance is but 17 to 1 against him. 5 . Two of your adversary's men in your table are better for a hit than any greater number, provided your game be...
Side 1 - What boots the regal circle on his head, His giant limbs, in state unwieldy spread ; That long behind he trails his pompous robe, And, of all monarchs, only grasps the globe ? The Baron now his Diamonds pours apace; Th...
Side 216 - I see. WHITE BLACK (Dr Lasker) (Capablanca) 1. P to K 4 1. P to K 4 2.
Side 11 - ... game and lose another; that they can while away an hour very agreeably at a card-table, but are indifferent whether they play or no; and will desire an adversary who has slipped a wrong card to take it up and play another.

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