The Turkish History: Comprehending the Origin of that Nation, and the Growth of the Othoman Empire, with the Lives and Conquests of Their Several Kings and Emperors, Volum 2

I. Cleave, A. Roper, A. Bosvile, and R. Basset, 1701
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Side 160 - Reports flew from place to place of the March of Multitudes of People from unknown parts into the remote Desarts of Arabia, supposed to be the Ten Tribes and half, lost for so many Ages.
Side 392 - III. of glorious memory: her majesty the Queen of Great Britain, and the lords the States General of the United Provinces, do agree, and engage...
Side 65 - Parts, wherein} I. The Controverfy concerning the Rule of Faith is determined. II. The particular Doftrines of the Church of Home are confuted.
Side 65 - Manufcripfs, and .the moft celebrated Hiftories of this Kingdom, in all Languages, whether Ecclefiaftical or Civil, with the Effigies of the Kings and Queens.
Side 374 - ... their endeavours : but were ready to turn their backs, when thofe, who kept the baggage, and remained for referves, advanced to their relief. At...
Side 264 - ... of Vienna, which could not have held out twenty-four hours longer ; the confederate troops joined the imperialifts at the foot of the Kalemberg, or mountain of Kalem, amounting by computation, in the whole, to fixtyfive thoufand men. In their march over this mountain, 'the prince of Saxe...
Side 353 - Tranfilvania, at jNtffa. ; which being a place open to the attack of the enemy, he fortified as well as he could. Mean time the pafs of...
Side 374 - Held was yielded to the imperiaiifts, yet they received here their greateft lofs ; for this action coft the life of the duke of HolJlein, fergeant-general, with a deluge of blood, to fubdue the already conquered enemy. The remainder of the Turkifb • * cavalry, among whom was the...
Side 316 - Family were met on their way near that City, by two Thoufand of the Hungarian Nobility, all well mounted with a fplendid Equipage, in the Plains of...
Side 268 - ... 2000 halberts : 400 fcythes and tickles : 5600 barrels of guns, for the Janizaries : 2000 plates of iron, for covering targets : 1 23 hundred weight of greafe and tallow : 230 powder horns : 2600 bags for powder : four pair of fmiths bellows : 8000 carts : 1000 great bombs : 18,000 cannon balls : 180 cannon

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