A History of the Native States of India, Volum 1

Thacker Spink, 1888

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Side 35 - East India Company are by us accepted and will be scrupulously maintained, and we look for the like observance on their part.
Side 410 - Her Majesty being desirous that the Governments of the several Princes and Chiefs of India, who now govern their own territories, should be perpetuated, and that the representation and dignity of their Houses should be continued...
Side 388 - ... and, after due representation, shall refuse to enter into amicable explanation, or shall deny the just satisfaction or indemnity which the contracting parties shall have required, then the contracting parties will proceed to concert and prosecute such further measures as the case shall appear to demand. For the more distinct explanation of the...
Side 35 - We desire no extension of our present territorial possessions ; and, while we will permit no aggression upon our dominions or our rights to be attempted with impunity, we shall sanction no encroachment on those of others. We shall respect the rights, dignity, and honour of native princes as our own...
Side 396 - Pindarees, and to destroy and prevent the revival of the predatory system In every part of India ; the following Articles have been agreed on for the purpose of giving effect to the mutual wishes of the two States : Article 1.
Side 388 - ... Honourable Company, hereby declares that the British Government will never permit any power or State whatever to commit with impunity any act of unprovoked hostility or aggression against the rights...
Side 381 - Peishwa to certain lands in Malwa, and elsewhere, shall be established as heretofore, and in case any difference should arise respecting those rights, it is agreed that the honourable Company shall mediate, arbitrate, and decide according to the principles of justice between his Highness and the Maharajah, and whatever shall be thus decided, will be agreed to by both parties, and will be carried into execution.
Side 410 - Be assured that nothing shall disturb the engagement thus made to you, so long as your House is loyal to the Crown and faithful to the conditions of the Treaties, grants or engagements which record its obligations to the British Government.
Side 389 - Nizam engages neither to commence nor to pursue in future any negotiations with any other power whatever without giving previous notice, and entering into mutual consultation with the Honourable East India Company's Government...

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