preceding his election, and the last year thereof an inhabitant of the city or county in which he shall be chosen ; unless he shall have been absent on the public business of the United States, or of this state. No person, residing within any city, town, or borough, which shall be entitled to a separate representation, shall be elected a member for any county; nor shall any person, residing without the limits of any such city, town or borough, be elected a member therefor.

In obedience to the 4th section of the first article of the constitution, it has been enacted, That until the next enumeration of taxables and apportionment thereon made, the House of Representatives, at a ratio of two thousand five hundred and forty-four, shall consist of one hundred members, and are as follows, viz:

Present Members.

Philadelphia City.-Charles H. Kerk, c. J. Ingersoll, Anthony Lausatt, Thomas M. Pettit, Charles Brown, Samuel B. Davis, Henry Simpson.

Philadelphia County—John Carter, Daniel K. Miller, Thomas J. Heston, James Goodman, William Wagner, Franklin Vansant, John Felton, Richard Peltz.

Bucks—Benjamin Reigle, John Yardley, Albert Smith, John Keller.

Chester-Thomas Ashbridge, Arthur Andrews, Nathan Pennypacker, Benj. Griffith.

Lancaster--Benjamin Linville, Samuel Hathorn, John Long, Daniel Hamacher, Samuel Landis, Samuel Parke.

York—George Fisher, Andrew M‘Conkey, John Rankin.

Cumberland-William Alexander, Peter Lobach,

Perry James Black.

Berks—Paul Geiger, John Wanner, John Stauffer, John Potteiger.

Schuylkill-Samuel Huntzinger.

Northampton, Wayne and Pike-David D. Wagener, Samuel Stokes, M. Robert Butz, Thomas Fuller.

Lehigh-Peter Knepley, Chris. Pretz.
Northumberland--Henry Frick.
Union-Philip Rhule, Ner Middleswarth.
Columbia–Uzal Hopkins.

Washington-William Waugh, William Patterson, Wallace M Williams.

Westmoreland-John Kuhns, Samuel Hill, John C. Plumer.

Armstrong-Hugh Reed.
Indiana and Jefferson-William Houston.
Fayette Joseph Eneix, E. P. Oliphant.

Bedford-Nathaniel P. Fetterman, G. R. H. Davis.

Franklin-Frederick Smith, John Cox.

Montgomery—Adam Slemmer, John Shearer, Philip Hoover.

Dauphin-Christian Spayd, William Rutherford.

Lebanon--William Reilly.

Luzerne-George Denison, Benjamin Dorrance.

Susquehanna-Almon H. Reed.

Bradford and Tioga--John Laporte, John Beecher.

Huntingdon--John Blair, John Williamson. Beaver-John R. Shannon, Samuel Power.

Allegheny--James S. Craft, John Arthurs, William Kerr, William Hayes.

Butler--William Purviance.
Mifflin-John Cummin, Ephraim Banks.
Delaware--John Lindsay.

Somerset and Cambria---John Gebhart, Peter Livergood.

Lycoming, Potter, and M Kean-Solomon Bastress, William Piatt.

Greene-Barnet Whitlach.

Adams-James M‘Sherry, Andrew Mar. shal.

Centre and Clearfield-Henry Petriken, Bond Valentine.

Crawford—Stephen Barlow.
Venango and Warren-John Galbraith.
Mercer-Walter Oliver.

Thirty-three, the present number of Senators, and one hundred, the present number of Representatives, cannot be increased under the present Constitution. The number might however be reduced to fifteen Senators, and sixty Representatives ; but the increasing population, the various new objects of legislation, and a general anxiety on the part of the people to be represented, in a body in which so many of their rights are decided upon, will doubtless prevent the present number of Representatives in both branches from being reduced.

Election of Representatives. SECT. II. The Representatives shall be chosen annually by the citizens of the city of Philadelphia, and of each county respectively, on the second Tuesday of October.

SECT. V. The Senators shall be chosen for four years by the citizens of Philadelphia and of the several counties, at the same time and in the same manner, and at the same places where they shall vote for Representatives.

of the Returns of Elections. Act of the 15th of February 1799. Pur

don, 214. SECT. XII. As soon as all the votes shall be read off and counted, the judges of each district, in case the county be divided into districts, shall make out, under their hands, a fair statement and certificate of the number of votes, which shall have been given for each candidate, distinguishing the station or office he was voted for, which number shall be expressed in words at length, and not in figures only: and one of the said judges shall take charge of such certificate and produce the same in a meeting of one judge from each district within the same county, at the courthouse, and for the city and county of Philadelphia at the State House; and the judges

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