eight hundred and sixteen; and all the provisions of the act, en- District ofCotitled " An act to provide additional revenues for defraying the j"^^*" expenses of government and maintaining the public credit, by Assessment laying a direct tax upon the District of Columbia," passed on the larding"!)''1 twenty-seventh day of February, in the year one thousand eight y)bor,"jh hundred and fifteen, except so far as the same have been varied by subsequent acts, shall be held to apply to the assessment and collection of the direct tax which is hereinbefore laid upon the said district.

$ 5. That whenever the secretary of the treasury shall be TJ"• ■<«TM«»»y

, ■' p * e °' ,no Ireasu

duly advised of the assumption, by any state, of the payment of ty being duly its quota of the said direct tax, he shall give directions to the advised of ">•

r L i i /• F • r i • assumption "f

assessors ot such state to suspend the further execution of their iisnuoiaofdircspective offices in relation to this act: Provided, That, if any reelhJ state, so assuming the payment of its quota of said direct tax, &c. shall fail to pay the same at the lime fixed upon for such pay- *"rovw°; *"7

I r L I II- i r s,ale assum_

ment, the secretary ol the treasury shall instruct the assessors of ing to pay, said state to proceed in the execution of their respective duties TM*^"^,]n in relation to this act. are to proceed,

$ 6. That if either the states of Ohio or Louisiana shall pay Ohio or limits quota of the direct tax, according to the provisions of the ?'ana paying act, entitled " An act to provide additional revenues for defray- 'jTM1 ing the expenses of government, and maintaining the public and^uai procredit, by laying a direct tax upon the United States, and to ^"chwerVof provide for assessing and collecting the same," the legislature |'^J>ublic thereof shall be, and they are hereby, authorized and empower- voi.'fi. P. ed to collect, of all the purchasers of public lands under any ,451law of the United States, a just and equal proportion of the quota of said states respectively, the compact between the United States and the said states to the contrary notwithstanding. [Approved, March 5, 1816.]

Chap. 25. An act granting bounties in land an I extra pay to certain Canadian volunteers. Act of 1816,

ch. 16. act of

$ 1. Be it enacted, 4 c. That all such persons as had been citi- *f'''f lssf79" zens of the United States, anterior to the late war, and were, at its ch. isa.' commencement, inhabitants of the province of Canada, and who, citizens of the during the said war, joined the armies of the United States, as Un'tcdstates,

. ° . 7 J ..... . . . 1 1 • anterior to tho

volunteers, and were slam, died in service, or continued therein warofisis, till honourably discharged, shall be entitled to the following '^'"t .

r i1 j • i • n 1 1 1 • 1 Canada at its

quantities of land, respectively, to wit: hach colonel, nine nun- commencedred and sixty acres; each major, to eight hundred acres; each haer"n'eaj0ined captain, six hundred and forty acres; each subaltern officer, to the armies or four hundred and eighty acres; each noncommissioned officer, s,a,Yam'&c musician, or private, to three hundred and twenty acres; and Quantity to the bounties aforesaid shall extend to the medical and other staff, oach pcreonwho shall rank according to their pay. And it shall be lawful claims may for the said persons to locate their claims in quarter sections, »«located m upon any of the unappropriated lands of the United Stales, with- "„ in the Indiana Territory, which shall have been surveyed prior jwjj^jTM^ to such location, with the exception of salt springs, and lead Indiana Termincs therein, and of the quantities of land adjacent thereto, jj[TMy^Jjicl' which may bo reserved for the use of the same, by the president surveyed,

except tait of the United States, and the section number sixteen, in every spTMg», &C. township, to be granted to the inhabitants of such township, for «?ion°&°cf.M tne usc °f public schools; which locations shall be subject to the president such regulations, as to priority of choice and the manner of loscribe1"0" cation, as the president of the United States shall prescribe. Secretary or <$, 2. That the secretary for the department of war, for the time in^toTuics of being, shall, from time to time, under such rules and regulations, ercKribed° b" 88 to ev'^ence' as lne president of the United States shall prethoSprosidentf scribe, issue to every person coming within the description afore**•... said, a warrant for such quantity of land as he may be entitled 1819." P" to by virtue of the aforesaid provision; and in case of the death

of such person, then such warrant shall be issued to his widow,

or if no widow to his child or children. Three months A 3 f|ial tne treasurer of the United States be, and he is here

auditional pay . , • , , . 1^1 r

to Canadian by, authorized and required, to pay to each of the persons afore

cordin""^'10 sa'a"> three months' additional pay, according to the rank they

rank. ° respectively held in the army of the United States during the late

'war. [Approved, March 5, 1816.]

r Repealed. Chap. 30. An act to change tlic mode of compensation to the members of the senate aiid Vol. iii.n. house of representatives, and (he delegates from territories.

1*17. 1657.

Annual, in- $ 1. Be it enacted, SfC. That, instead of the daily compensacompcnsatioii',lon now a"owed by law, there shall be paid, annually, to the

senators, representatives, and delegates from territories, of this

and every future congress of the United States, the following To the presi- sums, respectively: that is to say, to the president of the senate scnatjf&c. pro tempore, when there is no vice president, and to the speaker

of the house of representatives, three thousand dollars each; to To senators, each senator, member of the house of representatives, other than ifve^'anTo-ci-,nc speaker, and delegate, the sum of fifteen hundred dollars: elates, &,c Provided, nevertheless, That in case any senator, representative, proportional or delegate, shall not attend in his place at the day on which da rfbi" con8ress snannvene, or shall absent himself before the close «ence, unless °f the session, a deduction shall be made from the sum which sT^n'raed by wou'c' otherwise be allowed to him, in proportion to the time of

his absence, saving to the cases of sickness the same provisions Allowance to as are established by existing laws. And the aforesaid allow*

iuVpa'id"!!* ance s',a" De cer,'fietl ancl Pa'd in the same manner as the heretofore, daily compensation to members of congress has heretofore been. [Approved, March 19, 1816.]

Vol. ii. p. 856. Chap. 31. An act to alter the times of holding the circuit and district courts of the United

States for the district of Vermont.

creuit court § ]. Be it enacted, &c That the circuit court of the United

to beholden on ry . , . . * » _. . -it • t i _

the 2ist of estates within and for the district of Vermont, instead of the first May- day of May, shall hereafter be holden on the twcnly-lirsf day District court °^ ^a-' > and tne district court of the United States, within and to be holden for the said district, instead of the seventh day of May, shall M,y.e 2"h °f hereafter be holden on the twenty-seventh day of May, at the

place now fixed by law for holding the said courts. iuHstrnd'pro- $ 2- That all indictments, informations, suits, or actions and proceedings, of every kind, whether of n civil or criminal nature, oeedings, of now pending in the said courts, respectively, shall have day in "^^m" court and be proceeded in, heard, tried, and determined, on the court,be. on days herein appointed for holding the said courts respectively, J^p^",!,'*" in the same manner as they might, and ought to have been done, had the said courts been holden, respectively, on the .first and seventh days of May, as heretofore directed 'jy law.

$ 3. That all writs, suits, actions, recognisances, or other pro- ^7*u"rn»bie ceedings, which are or shall be instituted, sued, commenced, and to be tried, had, or taken, to the said circuit court, to have been holden as ^.onxhe

dsTS litrein

heretofore on the first day of May next, or to the said district r

court, to have been holden as heretofore on the seventh day of May next, shall be returnable to, entered in, heard, tried, and have day in, court, in each of the said courts, respectively, to be holden at the times hereinbefore directed, in the same manner as might and ought to have been done had the said courts been holden, respectively, on the first and seventh days of May, as heretofore directed by law.

$ 4. That if at any time hereafter, the day or days prescribed d.^b.'su^! by this act for holding either of the said courts shall be a Sun- day, court to day, such court shall commence and be holden on the following foilowf". d»y day. [Approved, March 22, 1816.]

Chap. 52. An act relative to evidence in coses of naturalization. Vol. ii.p.850.

vol. tii. p.

$ 1. Beit enacted, fyc. That the certificate of report and re- 197Sgistry, required as evidence of the time of arrival in the United ^ece0"{fia:*d* States, according to the second section of the act of the four- rc^sfry"TM teenth of April, one thousand eight hundred and two, entitled 2ctrofi4th "An act to establish an uniform rule of naturalization, and to April, 1803, repeal the act, heretofore passed on this subject;" and also a an.da5*1"%

■f . r , 11 . J /..■■ cate of the de.

certificate from the proper clerk or prothonotary, of the declara- ciaration of in. lion of intention, made before a court of record, and required as ,en"?.n>°? f

1 15 j. • ,. in e ■ 1 1 11 pl'canon lor

the first condition, according to the first section of said act, shall citizenship, by be exhibited by every alien, on his application to be admitted a ^"""is'th8 citizen of the United States, in pursuance of said act, who shall June, is«, have arrived within the limits, and under the jurisdiction, of the United States since the eighteenth day of June, one thousand voTiv.'p,' ^ eight hundred and twelve, and shall each be recited at full length s,44in the record of the court admitting such alien; otherwise he shall not be deemed to have complied with the conditions requisite for becoming a citizen of the United Slates; and any Admissions, pretended admission of an alien, who shall have arrived within ^jj"^'^^ the limits and under the jurisdiction of the United States, since dm, ar«Cof' the said eighteenth day of June, one thousand eight hundred and no validity, twelve, to be a citizen, after the promulgation of this act, without such recitaJ of each certificate at full length, shall be of no validity or effect under the act aforesaid.

$ 2. That nothing herein contained shall be construed to ex- ^"'^"s^"^' elude from admission to citizenship, any free white person who from°admis-" was residing within the limits and under the jurisdiction of the sj?" J^0"TM11United States at any time between the eighteenth day of June, whTtcpewon one thousand seven hundred and ninety-eight, and the fourteenth [J;*idj|JftTMduhin day of April, one thousand eight hundred and two, and who, hav- states' *

b^tweon tho ing continued to reside therein, without having made any de* i798°andJ"ii« deration or intention before a court of record, as aforesaid, may i«h of April, be emitted to become a citizen of the United- States according 1802.&C. lo tne act 0f ,ne twenty-sixth of March, one thousand eight hundred and four, entitled " An act in addition to an act, entitled Vol. ii. p. 942. « An act to establish an uniform rule of naturalization, and to 1ein0n"o°i» rePea' lne acls heretofore passed on that subject." Whenever a.fiii'ifiid any person, without a certificate of such declaration of intention, tificale'm"! as a'oresa'^> sna" niake application to be admitted a citizen of provethiirrc- the United States, it shall be proved, to the satisfaction of the kMhe ulli" court' ,nat 'he applicant was residing within the limits and unAprii,i802, der the jurisdiction of the United States before the fourteenth day of April, one thousand eight hundred and two, and has continued to reside within (he same, or he shall not be so admitted. gvce8,dTMrcefor And the residence of the applicant within the limits and under mmiboprov- the jurisdiction of the United States, for at least five years im?o t^namcd*' mediately preceding the time of such application, shall be provin the record, ed by the oath or affirmation of citizens of the United States; Continued ro-which citizens shall be named in the record as witnesses. And «!aied?n'tho0 such continued residence within the limits ancl under the jurisreeordofad- diction of the United States, when satisfactorily proved, and the °"' place or places where the applicant has resided for at least five years, as aforesaid, shall be stated and set forth, together with the names of such citizens, in the record of the court admitting the applicant; otherwise the same shall not entitle him to be considered and deemed a citizen of the United States. [Approved, March 22, 1816.J

Expired. Chap. 35. An act relating to settlers on the lands of tho United Slates.

Vol. iii. p.

'"nI69i084 $ *• -B* if enacted, fyc. That any person or persons who, bePersons occu- ^ore tn0 ^rst ^a7 °^ February, one thousand eight hundred and pying lands, sixteen, had taken possession of, occupied, or made a settlement CiMicd'statcs, on> any lands ceded or secured to the United States, by any allowed, on treaty made with a foreign nation, or by a cession from anystnto !reg!rter? xh(i United States, which lands had not been previously sold, to remain ceded, or leased, by the United States, or the claims to which lands had not been previously recognised or confirmed by the United States, and who, at the time of passing this act, does or do actually inhabit and reside on such lands, may, at any time prior to the first day of September next, apply to the proper register or recorder, as the case may be, of the land office established for the disposal, registering, or recording, of such lands; and, where there is no register or recorder, to the marshal, or to such person or persons as may be, by the registers, recorders, or marshals, respectively, appointed for the purpose of receiving such applications; stating the tract or tracts of land thus occupied, settled, and inhabited, by such applicant or applicants, and requesting permission to continue thereon; and it shall thereupon be lawful for such register, recorder, or marshal, respectively, to permit, in conformity with such instructions as may be given by the secretary of the treasury, with the approbation of the president of the United Slates, for that purpose, such applicant or applicants to remain on such tract or tracts of land, pro

vided ihe same shall, at that time, remain unsold by the United States, not exceeding three hundred and twenty acres for each Not exceeding applicant, as tenants at will, on such terms and conditions as ^""pp*** shall prevent any waste or damage on such lands, and on the ex- cui.&c. press condition that such applicant or applicants shall, whenever such tract or tracts of land may be sold or ceded by the United Stales, or whenever, from any other cause, he or they may be required, under the authority of the United States, so to do, give The applicant quiet possession of such tract or tracts of land to the purchaser poAcssion*' or purchasers, or to remove altogether from the land, as the case »henrequirmay be: Provided, however, That such permission shall not be proviso; the granted to any such applicant unless he shall previously sign a »ppi"cantto declaration, stating that he does not lay any claim to such tract "iTM "hlul"*" or tracts of land, and that he does not occupy the same by vir- no claim, tue of any claim, or pretended claim, derived, or pretended to be derived, from any other person or persons; And provided also, pro»iso; lead That in all cases where the tract of land applied for includes m"^H «»it either a lead mine or salt spring, no permission to work the same "P""6'" shall be granted without the approbation of the president of the United States.

& 2. That all the applications made, and permissions granted Applications, by virtue of the preceding section, shall be duly entered on teredonbooki. books, to be kept for that purpose, by the registers, recorders, and marshals, aforesaid, respectively; and they shall be entitled fcesto receive, from the party, for each application, fifty cents, and for each permission, one dollar.

■§> 8. That this act shall continue and be in force for the term Thi«actlimit

, * , . . . . . ed to the '.'aill

ol one year, any law to the contrary notwithstanding. \Approv- March, mi. ed, March 25, 1816.]

Chap. 39. An act to limit the right of appeal from the circuit court of tho United
States for the District of Columbia.

§ I. Be it enacted, fyc. That no cause shall hereafter be re- J^,*|iJ!"i,""., moved from the circuit court of the United States for the District in dispute i» of of Columbia to the supreme court of the United States by appeal 'j^j'"^0' or writ of error, unless the matter in dispute in such cause shall be of the value of one thousand dollars or upwards, exclusive of costs.

§ 2. That when any person or persons, body politic or corporate, Appeals maT shall think him, her, or themselves, aggrieved by any final judg- parScS JJJJj menl, order, or decree, of the said circuit court, where the jnat- ]mp°rhl*ncl J"" ter in dispute, exclusive of costs, shall be of the value of one hun- matTer'in diidred dollars, and of less value than one thousand dollars, and jj"]'^*1^,, shall have prayed an appeal, or shall desire to sue out a writ of Ue, '"petition error to the supreme court of the United States, such person of »°»jadgeof

', , r ,. . . ■ .. .' *.. . . the supreme

persons, body politic or corporate, may exhibit a petition, in court, fce. writing, accompanied by a copy of the proceedings complained of, and an assignment of the errors relied on, to any judge of the said supreme court, who, if he should be of opinion that such errors, or any of them, involve questions of law of such extensive interest and operation as to render the final decision of them by the said supreme court desirable, may thereupon, at his discretion, and upon the terms and conditions prescribed by law, by Vol. III. 174

« ForrigeFortsett »