After sotii >§> 9. That, after the thirtieth day of June next, in all cases of jfTdi^l?-' entry °^ merchandise for the benefit of drawback, the time of iowedloragiv- twenty days shall be allowed, from the date of the entry, for givLTbonda? «ng the exportation bonds for the same: Provided, That the exVoLiii.p.' porter shall, in every other particular, comply with the regulap"viso; the tions and formalities heretofore established for entries of exportauporterto ijon for the benefit of drawback.

"guCbn? $ G. That the duty on the tonnage of vessels, and the bounputy on ton- tieS) advances, and drawbacks, in the case of exporting pickled &Ton0lS",«- fish, of the fisheries of the United States, in the case of Ameriportation of can vessels employed in the fisheries, and in the case of exportation refined ing sugar refined within the United States.-shall be and continue ""uV'sce'""" tne same as the existing law provides: Provided always, That MCti'Mpro- this provision shall not be deemed in any wise to impair any *m1ir "he" r'S''ts and privileges which have been, or maybe, acquired by righu'of for- any foreign nation, under the laws and treaties of the United e^gn nations, states relative to the duty of tonnage on vessels, pouting laws $ 7. That the existing laws shall extend to, and be in force io be in force for> the collection of the duties imposed by this act, on goods, uon'of duties" wares, and merchandise, imported into the United States; and tortherecoTe- for tne recovery, collection, distribution, and remission, of all iti.0TM"*TM"' fines, penalties, and forfeitures; and for the allowance of the and allowance drawbacks and bounties by this act authorized, as fully and ef

of drawbacks. _ ,, .- i . . . /

fectually as if every regulation, restriction, penalty, lorfeiture, provision, clause, matter, and thing, in the existing laws containActs.&c.con- ed, had been inserted in, and re-enacted by, this act. And that icI ^epeaJed a" acts' an<* Par,s °^ acts> wn'ich are contrary to this act, and no

more, shall be, and the same are hereby, repealed. The act of 3d § 8. That the act passed the third day of March, one thousrep^uu'ngVhe an<* e'Snt hundred and fifteen, entitled "An act to repeal so several acts much of the several acts imposing duties on the tonnage of ships '^sonThiMon- an(* vessels, and on goods, wares, and merchandise, imported nago oi ships, into the United States, as imposes a discriminating duty on tongoods1&c°ap- na8e between foreign vessels and vessels of the United States, piicabie to the and between goods imported into the United States in foreign luhed by'ihis vessels and vessels of the United States," shall apply and be in act,&c. full force as to the discriminating duties established by this act on the tonnage of foreign vessels, and the goods, wares, and merchandise, therein imported. [Approved, April 27, 1816.]

Vol.ii. p. 1515. Chap. 110. An actio fix the commissions of the collectors ofthe direct tax and internal durol.'iii.p. ' llcB' ana" 10 rev've ana* continue in force " An act further to provide for the collection of du1654 lies on imports and tonnage." .

Commission. § \. Beit enacted, <$-c. That the collectors of the direct tax to be allowed and internal duties shall be allowed, in lieu of the commissions ore'of direct'" authorized by any existing law, in each calendar year, the foltaxand inter-lowing commissions upon moneys accounted for and paid by "nmoneysUp* ,nem 'i'0 the treasury, from and after the thirty-first day of Depaid into the cember, one thousand eight hundred and fifteen; that is to say: Ihe'si'sTof cr six per centum upon all sums until the same shall amount to forU^'fce'5' TM tv thousand dollars; three per centum upon all sums above forr" ty thousand, until the same shall amount to one hundred thousand, dollars; and two per centum upon all sums above one hundred thousand dollars : Provided, That the entire amount of comminions allowed during such year, in any collection district, "o^"'s0s""n,° shall not, exclusive of the commission allowed to the collectors e{|"jjJ designated by the secretary of the treasury to receive the lists oneyear°«of taxes due on the properly of nonresidents, exceed five thous- elusive, &c and dollars: And provided, Thai the said allowance exceeding ^^"x° five thousand dollars, shall be made only in the calendar years ceding sooo in which the collector shall have receipted for the lists of taxes. do"*- <§, 2. That all the provisions of the "Act to fix the compensa- Tho provis

■ . • T M ■!■ c i ii t i i- lonsofaclof

lions, and increase the responsibility, of the collectors ol the ui- sd March, rect tax and internal duties, and lor other purposes connected 'd1*'^"""",". with the collection thereof," passed the third of March, One cept those in thousand eight hundred and fifteen, excepting those contained in ^l6l5ec* the first section thereof, be, and the same are hereby, continued Voi.u.p.1524. in force.

<j 3. That the act, entitled "An act further to provide for the Mhcyi0|]*1 collection of duties on imports and tonnage," passed on the third co"jnUed (ill' day of March, one thousand eight hundred and fifteen, be, and ^March> the same is hereby, revived, and made of force until the end of Vo] '.. the next session of congress, and no longer. [Approved, April isis. 27, 1816.]

Chap. 120. An act making appropriations for rebuilding lighthouses, and for completing the Obsolete, plan of lighting ihem according to the improvements of- Winslow Lewis, for placing beacons and buoys, for preserving Little Gull island, and for surveying ihe ccast of the United States. i

$ ]. Beit enacted, fyc. That the sums hereinafter mentioned Sums appro* be, and the same are hereby, appropriated for the following pur- fjgiTi'houf^, poses, to wit: For rebuilding the lighthouse on Point Judith, Rhode Island, seven thousand five hundred dollars. For com- Fiuingup plcting the fitting up of all the lighthouses with Winslow Lewis's i^^",,,. improvements, in addition to the sums heretofore appropriated provements, for that purpose, sixteen thousand dollars. For the construction ^q1^, j',11''" of works deemed necessary for the preservation of Little Gull iand." Island, thirty thousand dollars. For rebuilding the lighthouse on New Point Comfort, Virginia, seven ihousand dollars. For rebuilding the lighthouse on Baker's Island, Massachusetts, four thousand dollars. For the following objects, being the balances of former appropriations for the same purposes, carried to the surplus fund: For erecting lighthouses at the mouth of the Mississippi, and at or near the pilch of Cape Look Out, North Carolina, thirty-four thousand nine hundred and ninety-five dollars. For rebuilding a lighthouse at Naushawn Island, near Tarpaulen Cove, Massachusetts, two ihousand four hundred and seventyfive dollars. For erecting a beacon and placing buoys near the Beacons and entrance of Savannah river, two thousand four hundred and buoys' ninety-four dollars and eighty-five cents. For placing buoys and beacons at or near the entrance of the harbor of Beverly, Massachusetts, three hundred and forty-one dollars and ninety-five cents. For erecting two lights on Lake Erie, to wit: at or near ^j*1^TM Bird Island, and on or near Presque Isle, one thousand five hundred and ninety dollars. For placing beacons and buoys on Bue0ac>on^(1 Georgetown Bar, in Winyaw Bay, and South Carolina, one thous- lighthouses,

and five hundred dollars. For rebuilding the Daldhead lightSurrejing the house in North Carolina, fifteen thousand dollars. For defraycoa,t- ing the expense of surveying the coast of the United States, fiftyfour thousand seven hundred and twenty dollars and fifty-seven Repairing cents. For repairing piers in the harbor of Newburyport, MasProviso; ju- sachusetts, a sum not exceeding seven hundred dollars. Providri»diction u> ed, That the jurisdiction of the site where such piers are erected b. 6r«t ceded. shaM ^ first ceded ,Q ,he United Slates> [Approved, April 27,


Chap. 121. An act to authorize the building of three lighthouses, viz: one on Race Point, one on Point Gammon, and one on the island of Petite Manon, in the state of Masaachu


As »ood as $ 1. Be it enacted, fyc. That, as soon as a cession shall be made wt"*«dM s,ate °^ Massachusetts to the United States, of the juris

ts juriadic- diction over the land sufficient for the purpose, the secretary of tar 'ofthr" lne treasury sna" be, ar|d he is hereby, authorized to provide, by treasury is to contract, to be approved by the president of the United States, contract "for for building three lighthouses, to wit: one on Race Point, one buiiding'a on Point Gammon, in the town of Yarmouth, and one on the Race PoinTM 's'and called Petite Manon, near Naraguages river, in the state one on Point of Massachusetts; and to furnish the same with all necessary supineTM"' "pitiie Pnes> an<f a's0 10 agreer the salaries or wages of the persons Manon, &c. who shall be appointed by the president for the superintendence and care of the same; and the president shall be authorized to make the said appointments. 8000doiis.aP- § 2. That the sum of eight thousand dollars be, and the same uwYlgfa'hou'i. 's hereby, appropriated, out of any moneys in the treasury not «■ and pur- otherwise appropriated, for the purposes aforesaid, and also for UadT&c?'*°* purchasing such lots of land as shall be required for the erection of the said light houses and other buildings necessarily connected therewith.

The light of $ 3. That the secretary of the treasury be, and he is hereby, hoiaoVobcM- authorized 4o cause the light of Scituate light house to be extintinguishod. guished, should the extinguishment thereof be deemed expedient

for the safety of navigation on that coast. [Approved, April 27,


Chap. 133. An act to authorize the sale oflands forfeited to the United Slates, in the district of Ji'tl'ersonville, at the land office in said district.

Thereistcr § Be it enacted, fyc. That the register and receiver of the and*receiver land office for the district of Jeffersonville be, and they are herefaXr'jefier- by> authorized to expose to public sale, to the highest bidder, at sonviiiedis- the land office aforesaid, any tract or tracts of land which may hereafter become forfeited to the United States for nonpayment, under such terms and conditions as are, or may be, prescribed by law.

So much of <§, 2. That so much of any former act of congress as requires ureses the the register and receiver of the district aforesaid to expose to register and public sale, at the court house of the county in which the said Jeffe'no'nviiie land office is established, any tract or tracts of land which may dOTe'&c°re become forfeited to the United States for nonpayment, be, and pealed.0'TM" the same is hereby, repealed. [Approved, April 27, 1816.]

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Chap. 127. An act providing for cases of lost military land warrants and discharges fur faithful services.

$ 1. Be it enacted, «$-c. That when any soldier of the regular •T^^arl*** army, having obtained a military land warrant, shall have lost, or ha^nYobTM'shall hereafter lose, the same, or the said warrant shall have been, ^7i«rt*tht« or may be, by accident, destroyed, every such soldier shall, upon &c proof thereof, to the satisfaction of the secretary of war, be entitled to a patent, in like manner as if the said warrant was produced.

$ 2. That in all cases of discharges from the military service Wlien >' »pof the United States, of any soldier of the regular army, when it utMacUonof shall appear to the satisfaction of the secretary of war that a cer- the secretary

of wfl r t n n I

tificate of faithful services has been omitted by the neglect of certificates of the discharging officer, by misconstruction of the law, or by any faithful servi

. i i' i ■ ■ ■■■ . i cos, in cases of

other neglect or casually, such omission shall not prevent the discharge issuing of the warrant and patent as in other cases. And when [r°rTM TM "j^ it shall be proved, as aforesaid, that any soldier of the regular b.eno-nmed army has lost his discharge and certificate of faithful service, the JgcI,eglecl' secretary of war shall cause such papers to be furnished such Upon proof of soldier of the regular army as will entitle him to his land warrant ^jj^"g°f * and patent: Provided, Such measure be justified by the time of his &x.' enlistment, the period of service, and the report of some officer of lite? the corps to which he was attached. [Approved, April 27,1816.]

Chap. 131. An act to authorize the surveying and making a road in the territory of Illinois*

$ 1. Be it enacted fyc. That the president of the United States LaSdTM1 be, and he is hereby, authorized to appoint three commissioners, appoint three who shall explore, survey, and mark, in the most eligible course, cr^XoarJ a road from Shawanee town, on the Ohio river, to the United ,Byr"pl°^ States' Saline, and to Kaskaskia, in the Illinois territory ; and '^*y' said commissioners shall make out accurate plats of such surveys, sionersTo"s accompanied with field notes, and certify and transmit the Same TMtg8"1cs\c to the president of the United States, who, if he approves of said r*8 p *csurvey, shall cause the plats thereof to be deposited in the office of the treasury of the United States, and the said road shall be considered as established and accepted.

<§. 2. That the said road shall be opened and made under the bemad^a.* direction of the president of the United States, in such manner th« president as he shall direct. shi" d,recl

•§> 3. That the said commissioners shall each be entitled to re- ^h^ehdo"8ceive three dollars, and their assistants one dollar and fifty cents, missioner, and for each and every day which they shall be necessarily employed £J5°dollirand

• . I I ■ i i ■ :j i i r . i _ w cents to

in the exploring, surveying, and marking, said road: and, for the purpose of compensating the aforesaid commissioners and their •"■,>&cassistants, and opening and marking said road, there shall be, and hereby is, appropriated the sum of eight thousand dollars, p^p)rd»tl0*d'*p" to be paid out of any moneys in the treasury not otherwise appropriated. [Approved, April 27, 1816.]

Chap. 132. An act providing for the sale of the tract of land at the British fort of the Miami of the lake, at the foot of the rapids, and for other purposes.

§ 1. Be it enacted, fyc. That so much of the tract of land of Jj0,TMTM^' twelve miles square, at the " British fort of the Miami of the lake, land, 1Z miles •quare, at the at the foot of the rapids," ceded by the YVyandots, Delawares, ^"'Miami'o^ Shawanees, Ottawas, Chippewas, Paltawatimas, Miamis, Eel rivtheiake, as^ er, Weeas, Kickapoos, Piankeshavvs, ami Kaskaskias, tribes of ihVlndian X Indians to the United States, by the treaty of Greenville, of the,ate. third of August, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-five, shall, under the direction of the surveyor general, be laid off into town lots, streets, and -avenues, and into out lots, in such manProviso; as to ner nnfj 0f such dimensions, as he may judge proper: Provided,

the quantity to , . ., _' .. '* i .iT .-. r i i

belaid off. lhe tract so to be laid off shall not exceed the quantity of land contained in two entire sections, nor the town lots one quarter When the sur- 0f an acre eacn When the survey of the lots shall be coinplet

vey of the lots i ,!

has been com-ed, a plat thereof shall be returned to the surveyor general, on

plated, a plat wl,jch lne town |ots anrJ oU*.IOtS shall, reSOdCtivelv, be desists to be re- 1,11 '■ p

tumeJ,&c. nated, by progressive numbers, who shall cause two copies to bo made, one to be transmitted, with a copy of the field notes, to the commissioner of the general land office, and the other to the register of the land office at Wooster. Previously to <§, 2. That, previously to the disposal at public sale of the bethefractal forementioned tract of land, the surveyor general shall, and he is the surveyor ^ere^y directed to, resurvey and mark the exterior lines of the gen*raiTu7u> sn'd tract, conformably to the survey made in December, one mark the exte ,n0usant^ eight hundred and five, by virtue of the act of the third ■ rior iincs,°oM* of March, one thousand eight hundred and five, and also to Voi.ii. p. 981. cause divisional lines to be run through each section and fractional section binding on the said river, so that each subdivision may contain, as nearly as may be, one hundred and sixty acres wbfirvc"/- each- And in like manner to cause the "Great Island," lying ed, and divid- at the foot of the rapids, in the said river, to be surveyed, and, equai'parts. by lines running north and south, to divide the same, as nearly as may be, into six equal parts; that is to say: that part of the said island, described in the survey of the said cession as lying in township number three, in four parts ; and that part of the Proviso; no said island lying in township number four, into two parts: Prointerference in vided, That in running the subdivisional lines no interference visional linos'" shall be made affecting or impairing the rights of persons to &c whom letters patent have been granted for land lying within the

limits of the said twelve miles square, nor affecting the selection or location hereafter to be made under the direction of the sectional 5"b" rclai7 °^ warr military purposes: Provided also, That, in line's'not to no case, shall the subdivisionai lines be so run as to extend to, bwUfthe'18 or en,brace, the bed of the river, which shall be deemed, and is river" 8 hereby declared to be,, a public highway: And provided also, Proviso; tho That the whole expense of resurveying and marking the exterior pense "sur- 'ines ot the said cession, and of the subdivisionai lines of the secveying, resur- tions lying adjacent to the river, shall not exceed three dollars veymg, &c. ^ everv mj|e actually surveyed, resurveyed, and marked, by virtue of this and the preceding section. All tho land > * 3 That all the land contained within the aforesaid cession

within the _ * . 1 1 ■ r 4* r

cessiotvof 12 of twelve miles square, not excepted by virtue of any section ot "otee'ceUpted, lnis act» sna"> witn the exception of number sixteen, which shall &c.tobeoffer-be reserved in each township, for the support of schools within wSiur^tS. tne same> and wiln tne exception also of the salt springs and land reserved for the use of the same, be offered for sale to the high

« ForrigeFortsett »