inNowYork. Hamilton village. From Hampton to Utica. From Vernon to Sconandoa. From Bloomfield, by Pittsford, to Charlotte. From Great Barrington, Mass. by West Stockbridge, Canaan, Chatham, and Nassau, to Albany. From Geneva, by Seneca, Phelps, Farmington, Palmyra, and Perrinton, to Pittsford. From Batavia to Bergen. From Batavia to Attica. From Essex Courthouse, by Bosworth's tavern, to Chesterfield. From Denmark, by Leraysville, to Wilna. From Naples, by Gorham, to Canandaigua. From Troy to Schenectady, on the turnpike road. From Rhinebeck, by North East and Amenia, to Sharon. From West North East to Attleborough. From Lisle to Caroline. From Binghampton, by Lille, to Homer. From Lenox, by Clockvill, Peterborough, Morris's Flats, and Eaton, to Log City. From Albany, by Bethlehem, Rensellearville, Blenheim, to Maryland or Susquehannah bridge, on the turnpike road. From Catskill, by Greenville, Broome, Middleburg, Cobleskill, and Sharon, to Cherry Valley. From Jericho to Musqueto Cove, in Oyster Bay. From Leicester, by Perry, East Nunda and West

inNew Nunda, to Oleon or Hamilton Village. In New Jersey. From Freehold, by, Squancum, Manasquan, Tom's River, Cedar Creek,

in Penn.yWa- a^d Manahawk in, to Tuckerton. In Pennsylvania. From Philadelphia to West Chester. From Quakertown, by Springtovvn, to Durham. From Harrisburg, by Cumberland, to York Haven. From York, by M'Call's Ferry, to Mount Pleasant. From Carlisle to Newville. From Columbia to Marietta. From Tunckhannock, by Springfield, Four Corners, to Montrose. From Montrose to Binghampston. From Athens, by the turnpike road, to Ithica. From York, by Lower Chanceford, to Bellair. From Lititz to Emaus. From Somerset, by Jones' Mills, Mount Pleasant, and Stewart's, to Pittsburg. From Pittsburg, by Elizabethtown, Freeport, Perryopolis, and Middletown, to Uniontown. From Beavertown, by Brighton, to Greersburg. From Beavcrtown to Butler. From Butler, by Lawrenccburg, to Kittaning. From Meadville to Kinsman, Ohio. From Mountpleasant, in Wayne county, to Schohockting post office, New York. In the

in Columbia. District of Columbia. From Georgetown, by Captain John's

In Virginia. Mill, Seneca Mills, and Barnestown, to New Market. In Virginia. From Norfolk, by the falls of Roanoake, Warrenton, North Carolina, Wrilliamsborough, Oxford, Daniel's Store, Red House, and Milton, to Dannville, Virginia; from thence, by Jamestown, North Carolina, Germantown, Iluntsville, Wilkesborough, and Ashe Courthouse, Elizabcthtown, to Jonesborough, Tennessee. From Danville to the Lead Mines. From South Quay, by the Isle of While Courthouse, to Smilhfield. From Richmond, by the United States' Arsenal, and Jefferson, to Cartersville. From Richmond, along the turnpike, and Three Notched Road, to Mifton. From Fauquier Courthouse, by Thornton's Gap, to New Market. From Blacksburg, in Montgomery county, by Christiansburg, to Franklin Courthouse. From New London, by Clayton's Store, Staunton River, Anthony's Ford, Newbill's and John Smith's, to Pittsylvania Courihouse. From Lilly Point to Halcyonville. From Abingdon to Russell Courthouse. From Clarksburg, by Preston, Bulltown, Salt Works, and Lewis Courthouse, to Charleston. From Tyler Courthouse to Sistersville. From Preston, by Buckhanon's, to Booth's Ferry. From Morgantown, by Crab Orchard, to Kingwood. From Kingwood, by the Swamps, Harden's Cove, Glady Creek, Hunter's Fork, and Leading Creek, to Beverly. From Clarksburg, by Booth's Ferry, and Leading Creek, to Beverly. From Middleburg, by Rectortown, Oak Hill, along Manassah Road, by Front Royal, to Stoverstown. From Wheeling, by Alexandria, to Washington, Pennsylvania. In North Carolina. From Salem to Mount Piz- inNoreh gah. From Raleigh, by Delk's and Alston's, to Hillsborough. CirohnaFrom Mason Hall, by Cannon's Mills and the Shallow Ford, on Haw River, to Greensborough. From Snow Hill, by Hookerstown, to Kinston. From Currituck Courthouse to Knot's Island. From Currituck Courthouse to Powell's Point. From Lewisburg, by William's Store, Ransom's Bridge, and Moon's*Store, to EnMeld. From Duplin Courthouse to Newbern. In South Caroli- in Somh na. From York Courthouse, by Harmony, George Caruth's, and CaroUnaRutherfordton, to Asheville, North Carolina. From Cambridge to Hickory Grove. From Andersonvijle, by Beaver Dam, to Houstonville. From Pendleton Courthouse to Socony. In Geor- In Georgia. gia. From Milledgeville, by Eatonton, and Garner's Ferry, to Greensborough. From Milledgeville to Monticello. From Montgomery C. H. by Tatnall C. H. to Darien. In Ohio. From in Ohio. Marrietta, by Brown's Mills and Oliver's Settlement, to Lancaster. From Lancaster, by Royaltown, Circleville, to Washing-v ton. From Marietta, by Bellepre, Wilkesville, Jackson Courthouse and Piketown, to West Union. From New Salem, by Rumley, New Hagerstown, Leesburgh, New Philadelphia, and Paintville, to Wooster. From Columbus, by Mount Vernon, Loundenville, Wooster, and Harrisville, to Granger. From Delaware, by Oxford, Florida, and Lexington, to Mansfield. From Hamilton, by Jacksonborough, to New Lexington. From Coschocton to Newark. From Troy to Dark Courthouse. From Granville, by Johnstown, Sunsbury, and Berkshire, to Worlhington. From Warren, by Parkman, Burton, and Chardon, to Painesville. From Warren, by Newton, to Canton, in Starke county. From Youngstown to Ncwbedford, Pennsylvania. From Ravena, to Burton. From Stow, by Medina Courthouse, to Huron Courthouse. From Brookfield to Mercer, Pennsylvania. From Marrietta, by Toulman's and Lexington, to Woodfield. From West Union, by the mouth of Brush Creek and Sandy Spring, to Vanceburgh, in the state of Kentucky. In Indiana, in Indiana. From Hartford to Rising Sun. From Lawrenceburg, by the Rising Sun, to Vevay. From Corydon, by Elizabeth and Lico.nia, to Elizabethtown, Kentucky. From Fort Harrison, through Monroe county and Lawrence county, to Brownstown. From Peola, by Orleans, to Lawrence Courthouse. From Salem, by Bono, to Monroe Courthouse. From Madison, by Graham's, to Brownstown. From Vevay, by Edenborough, Ripley Courthouse, to Brookvillo.^ From Ccnterville, to Jacksonborough. From Lexington, by'Provine's New Washington, Bethlehem, and New Loudon, to Lexington. From Ripley Courthouse, by Vernon, to Brownstown. From Jeflersonville to New Albany.

In Missouri lorrilorjr.

In Missouri Territory. From St. Genevieve to St. Michael. From Jackson to Belt's Ferry. From St. Genevieve, by Potosi, to Franklin, Howard county. From Franklin, Howard county, to Chariton. From St. Louis, by Florisant, to St. Charles. In in Kentucky. Kentucky. From Hopkinsville, by Williams and Boyd's Landing, to Long Creek, Caldwell county. From Columbia to Hazel Patch. From Danville, by Lancaster, to Somerset. From Bowling Green to Sparta. From Lewisville, by Woodsonville, Glasgow, Burksville, and Seventy-Six, to Monticello. From Lewisville to Hardensburgh. From Elizabethtown to Bowling Green. From Newburgh, by Ewingsville, toClarkesville. From Port Royal, by Ewingsville, to Hopkinsville. From Glasgow, by Tornpkinsville, to Burksville. From Barbourville, by Whitley Courthouse, to Somerset. From Flemingsburgh, by the mouth of Fleming arid Carlisle, to Millersburgh. From Paris by North in Tonnossce. Middleton, to Owensville. In Tennessee. From Murfreesborough, by Lebanon and Gallatin, to Glasgow, Kentucky. From Lebanon, by Trowsdale's Ferry, to Mount Richardson. From Lebanon, by Marysville, in Wilson county, to Liberty. From Greenville, by Newport, Dandridge, and Hill's to Knoxville. From Winchester, by Marion Courthouse, to Pikeville. From Rogersville, By M' Cann's Store, and Black Water Salt Works, to Lee Courthouse, Virginia. From Blountville to Paperville, l„ MiMissippi. on Sinking Creek, in Mississippi. From Natchez, by Sweazy's Ferry, Woodville, and Pinkneyville, to St. Frnncisville, in the state of Louisiana. In Alabama. From Fort Claiborne, by Fort Montgomery, to Blakely. From Huntsville, by Milton's Bluff, Falls of Black Warrior, and French Settlement on Black Warrior, to St. Stephens. ' Fiom Huntsville to Cotton Port, in Limestone county, by Pulasky, to Columbia, in Tennessee. From Fort Mitchell, by Fort Bainbride, Fort Jackson, Burnt Corn Springs, Fort Claiborne, and the town of Jackson, to St. Ste

Ehcns. From Fort Jackson, by Cahaba Valley, to the Falls of lack Warrior. From St. Stephens, by Winchester, to Ford, on Pearl river, in Mississippi. From Mobile to Blakejy. In Illinois. From Belville, by William Padfield's and the seat of Justice of Bond county, to Palmyra, in the Illinois Territory. From Edwardsville to the seat of Justice of Bond county. From Kaskaskia by Wideman's, on Kaskaskia river, to Belville, St. Clair county. [Approved, April 20, 1818.J

f n Alabama.

In Illinois.

Vol. ii. p.

600 dolls, ad-
ditional to
each of tho
judges of
iho circuit
court for tho
district of Co-

Chap. 89. An act to increase tho salaries of the judges of the circuit court for the district of


§ I. Be it enacted, <$-c. That, in addition to the compensation heretofore allowed by law to the judges of the circuit court for the district of Columbia, the sum of five hundred dollars per annum be paid to the chief justice of the said court, and the same sum per annum to each of the assistant judges of said court, payable quarter yearly; the first quarterly payment to be made on the fust day of April, one thousand eight hundred and eighte [Approved, April 20, 1818.] •

Chap. 98. An act to increase the duties on certain manufactured articles imported into the Vol.iii. p.

United States. 1587. 1706.


-§> 1. Be it enacted, fyc. That from and after the thirtieth day Duties, &c. to of June, one thousand eight hundred and eighteen, the duties now £*M»after'1 in force upon the articles hereinafter enumerated and described, at their importation into the United States, shall cease; and Duties in lieu, that, in lieu thereof, there shall be thenceforth laid, levied, and &cv collected, upon the snid articles, at their importation, the several and respective rates or duties following, that is to say: on Articles from articles manufactured from copper, or of which copper is the cow"material of chief value, twenty-five per centum ad valorem; on ^jj'p'ad silver plated saddlery, coach and harness furniture, twenty-five" cry' c' per centum ad valorem; on cut glass, thirty per centum ad Cutgiass. valorem; on tacks, brads, and sprigs, not exceeding sixteen 16 ounces to the thousand, five cents on every thousand thereof; *' and on tacks, brads, and sprigs, exceeding sixteen ounces to Tacks. &c. the thousand, the same duty as on nails; brown Russia sheet- "ceedingiB

',. '. . .' . . - ... oi. to lOOO.i

ings, not exceeding fifty-two archmes in each piece, one dollar Brown Russia and sixty cents per piece; white Russia sheetings, not exceed- sheetings, ing fifty-two archines in each peace, two dollars and fifty cents ,'nec'{U)|!,",s,a per piece.

$ 2. That on addition of ten per centum shall be made to the Addition ofio several rates of duties above specified and imposed, in respect ^"articles' to all such goods, wares, and merchandise, which, after the said are imported thirtieth day of June, one thousand eight hundred and eighteen, ofthaU. shall be imported in ships or vessels not of the United States: state*. Provided, That this additional duty shall not apply to goods, I*"TM0! «i»

, i j. ■ . j • L. i . r .i_ additional du

wares, and merchandise, imported in ships or vessels not of the tynottoappiy United States, entitled by treaty, or by any act or acts of con- tomerchan

t i ■ i f tf • j « L dise imported

gress, to be entered in the ports of the United blates, on the in foreign *et. payment of the same duties as are paid on goods, wares, and ",el,tre.,tltIej[c merchandise, imported in ships or vessels of the United States.

<§> 3. That there shall be allowed a drawback of the duties, by DTM;ubtaec£°rf this act imposed, on goods, wares, and merchandise, imported the goods are into the United States, upon the exportation thereof within the "l^"^in"ilh* lime, and in the manner, prescribed in the fourth section of the &c. act, entitled " An act to regulate the duties on imports and ton- Ahct 1°o71816' nage," passed on the twenty-seventh day of April, one thousand eight hundred and sixteen.

■§> 4. That the existing laws shall extend to, and be in force The existing for, the collection of the duties imposed by this act, on goods, |*rw"h,n wares, and merchandise, imported into the United States; and tion of the du-. for the recovery, collection, distribution, and remission, of all a„dfTSeaifines, penalties, and forfeitures; and for the allowance of the lowanccof drawbacks by this act authorized, as fully and effectually as ifdrawback»every regulation, restriction, penalty, forfeiture, provision, clause, matter, and thing, in the existing laws contained, had been inserted in, and re-enacted by, this act. And that all acts, and Acts.&c. parts of acts, which are contrary to this act, shall be, and the this'acifre^ same are hereby, repcalgd. [Approved, April 20, 1818.] pealed.


Chap. 96. An act to increase the pay of the militia while in actual


service, and for other

The pay of the militia called into the service of the United States against the Seminole Indians, to be, the highest allowed, &c.

Widows and orphans of militia called in

$ 1. Beit enacted, <£c. That the monthly pay of the militia, which have been called into the service of the United States since the first day of September, eighteen hundred and seventeen, or which hereafter may be called into the said service, in prosecuting the war against the Seminole tribe of Indians, shall be the highest allowed by law to the militia in the service of the United States during the late war with Great Britain.

$ 2. That the widows and orphans of the militia who have been called into [the] service of the United States since the said first day of September, eighteen hundred and seventeen, or who hereafter may be called into the said service, in prosecuting said war, and who may have died or been killed, or hereafter may die or be killed, in such service, shall be entitled to the same half-pay, for five years, and pensions allowed by the laws now in force, to the widows and orphans of the militia who died or were killed in the service of the United States during the late war with Great Britain. [Approved, April 20, 1819.]


Chip. 97. An act respecting the organization of the army, and for other pur|>oses.

<§> I. Beit enacted, fyc. That hereafter the company officers of the corps of artillery shall consist of one captain, two first lieutenants, and two second lieutenants; and in the corps of light artillery, the company officers shall consist of one captain, one first lieutenant, and two second lieutenants; and one of the second lieutenants in each company shall act as a conductor of artillery, as in the case of the corps of artillery, whose duty it shall be to receipt and account for all ammunition, implements, and cannon; and for the performance of these services they shall be allowed, each, ten dollars extra per month.

$ 2. That, to each regiment of infantry, riflemen, and to each battalion of the corps of artillery, and to the regiment of light artillery, there shall be attached one armorer, with the pay and emoluments allowed to armorers employed by the ordnance department.

$ 3. That, in all cases during the late war, where an officer or soldier has been delayed the receipt of his pay and emoluments, or any part thereof, by having been transferred from one corps to another, or omitted to be returned on the muster roll, pay roll, or receipt roll, or from any other cause whatever, upon a satisfactory evidence of the justice of such claim, the same shall be adjusted and paid. [Approved, April 20, 1818.]

Chap. 98. An act to increase the duties on iron in bars and bolts, iron in pigs, castings,

nails, and alum.

<$> 1. Be it enacted, fyc. That, from and after the thirtieth day of June, one thousand eight hundred and eighteen, the duties now by law levied, collected, and paid, on iron in pigs, iron castings, nails, on iron in bars and bolls, excepting iron inanufacturDutiesiniiou et^ ^ r0"'nS> an^ on alum, imported into the United States, &c. 'shall cease and determine; and there shall be levied, collected,

against the Seminole Indians, entitled to half-pay and pensions.

Vol. iii. p. 1809.

Company officers of artille

Uompany officers of light artillery. Conductor of artillery, &c.

Eitra pay to ^conductors of artillery.

One armorer to each regiment of infantry, riflemen,

Where, in cases, etc. the pay, Sc. of officers and soldiers has been delayed, &c. it is, on evidence, to be adjusted and

Vol. iii. p. 1942.

The existing duties on the articles enumerated to cease after 30th June, 1818.

« ForrigeFortsett »