nected with the same, as shall be deemed proper. And when- Unexpended ever any moneys, appropriated to the department of war, or of TMa0"d7of,lnheh,, the navy, shall remain unexpended in the hands of the treasurer, tre»surer, u as agent of either of those departments, for more than two years and^v/d" afier the expiration of the calendar year in which the act of ap- partmenis, for. proprialion shall have been passed, or to which it refers, it shall ^o'years.&c. be the duty of the secretary of such department to inform the to b« carried

e i pft e • ■ r i to the surplus

secretary of the treasury of the fact, and the secretary of the fund, treasury shall thereupon cause such moneys to be carried to the proviso. account of the surplus fund: Provided, That when an act mak- transfer Jo suring an appropriation shall assign a longer duration for the com- P1,"" fund.un

,D . iP , ° 11,1 til expiration of

pletion of its object, no transler of any unexpended balance, to the time limuthe account of the surplus fund, shall be made until the expira- ed>&0tion of the time fixed in such act.

§ 3. That in the settlement of the accounts of the war depart- Expenditure* ment, for services or supplies accruing prior to the first of July, ^"under'the one thousand eight hundred and fifteen, the expenditures shall wardepanbe charged to arrearages; and the balances of public money u'julyTisis, hereafter recovered out of advances made in the war department, tobecLarged for services or supplies prior to the date aforesaid, shall be re- and'haia'cos turned to the treasury, and, by the secretary of the treasury, be £be returned, carried to the surplus fund.

<§> 4. That nothing contained in the act of March third, one Appropria

i j-iiii i* 'ii * p i lions for the

■thousand eight hundred and nine, entitled "An act further to service of one amend the several acts for the establishment and regulation of .ba

■ i ■ ii i ii i 6 i transferred to

the treasury, war, and navy, departments, shall be so construed, another as to allow any appropriations whatever for the service of one NTM"Cphpropriayear to be transferred to another branch of expenditure in a dif- tionsmthe ferent year, nor shall any appropriations be deemed subject to be ,hrTMtur°fr,ha's transferred, undyr the provisions of the above mentioned act, after agent, &c. to they shall have been placed in the hands of the treasurer, as besu,>je<:,>&cagent of the war or navy departments.

$ 5. That the above mentioned act of the third of March, one Ma'rch^sos thousand eight hundred and nine, shall be,and the same is here- amended, by, so amended, that the president shall be authorized to direct Branches of

c t p r , p ii expenditure in

a portion ol the moneys appropriated for any one of the follow- thewardeing branches of expenditure in the military department, viz: For pa"mentr,l,

.6 , , ' p p pJ , .•! i> portion of the

the subsistence of the army, for forage, for the medical and hos- appropriations pital department, for the quartermaster's department; to be ap- ^m°"en°ary plied to any other of the above mentioned branches of expendi- &c.' ture in the same department: And that the president shall be f'^uAiim"Jia' also further authorized to direct a portion of the moneys, appro- the navy do. priated for any of the following branches of expenditure in the p"!TM„nofahe naval department, viz: For provisions, for medicine and hospi-appropriations tal stores, for repairs of vessels, for clothing; to be applied to any other of the above mentioned branches of expenditure in the tho^president, jame department; and that no transfers of appropriation, from ^cniplled' or to other branches of expenditure, shall be hereafter made.

§ 6. That no contract shall hereafter be made by the secreta- No contracts

r . p i pit e e to be made by

ry of state, or of the treasury, or of the department of war, or of the secretaries the navy, except under a law authorizing the same, or under an ofdepanmcms

• .• i p 1/-1 . i „• l except under

appropriation adequate to its fulfilment; and excepting also, authority of a contracts for the subsistence and clothing of the army or navy, 'aw, or anodequate appro- and contracts by the quartermaster's department, which may be

e"*ep°,nicind made by I he secretaries of those departments.

Noian'dtoi>s § 7. That no lands shall be purchased on account of the Unit

S^except, ed States, except under a law authorizing such purchase.

*c. <j 8. That it shall be the duty of the secretary of the treasury

Uwireasury to annex to the annual estimates of the appropriations required

to annex to for the public service, a statement of the appropriations for the

maie»,ae«tate- service of the year which may have been made by former acts;

"riaiions'ror"" *n^' a'so' a 8,a,emenl °f ,ne sums remaining in the treasury, or

She'nrfice' in the hands of the treasurer, as agent of the war and navy de

of the year by payments, from the appropriations of former years, estimating

former acts, ■• «■ i i_ • L Mi L J r

and of the the amount ol those sums which will not be required to defray treuur* &c exPenses incurred in a previous year, and showing the whole amount which will be subject to the disposition of the executive government in the year to which the estimates apply. The 2.1 »ec- 4> &■ That the second section of the act, entitled "An act ,ion °f,he *P" making appropriations for the payment of the arrearages which act^OTmXa- have been incurred for the support of the military establishment of ihT?6ii?c'' Prev'ous to ,ne firsl day °f January, one thousand eight hundred Feb. 1818, re-and seventeen," passed on the sixteenth day of February, one v\*'l?i D thousand eight hundred and eighteen, be, and is hereby, repealled.'' ed. [Approved, May I, 1820.J

Vol.iii.p. Chap. Sli An act in addition lo an act, entitled "An act to provide for certain persona 1662. engaged in the land and naval service of the United Stales in the revolutionary war"

passed the eighteenth day of March, one thousand eight hundred and eighteen.

No person to § I. Be it enacted, fyc. That no person who now is, or hercsion, afterP" after may be, placed on the pension list of the United States, by payment of virtue of the act, entitled " An act to provide for certain persons

that due on i • L i , ■ i • * Tt • ■ «

4th March, engaged in the land and naval service of the United States in 1820,unless (he revolutionary war," passed on the eighteenth day of March,

he exhibits a . , i . ,' ' , . . . 0 , 7. / .'

•chcduic of one thousand eight hundred and eighteen, shall, alter the payta'e"ande T ment of that part of the pension which became due on the fourth come. day of March, one thousand eight hundred and twenty, continue

lo receive the pension granted by the said act, until he shall have exhibited to some court of record, in the county, city, or borough, in which he resides, a schedule, subscribed by him, containing ( . his whole estate and income, (his necessary clothing and bedding

b.t?din"gcx"d excepted,) and shall have (before the said court, or some one of OaiiT'o' the judges thereof,) taken and subscribed, and produced to the mation to'bo'" 8B|d court, the following oath or affirmation, to wit: 1, A B, do scJibodnd"ub" 80^emn^y swear, or affirm, (as the case may be,) that 1 was a reForm" o'r the sident citizen of the United States on the eighteenth day of oath, sec. March, one thousand eight hundred and eighteen, and that 1 have not, since that time, by gift, sale, or in any manner whatever, disposed of my property, or any part thereof, with intent thereby so to diminish it as lo bring myself within the povisions of an act of congress, entitled " An act to provide for certain^ persons engaged in the land and naval service of the United States in the revolutionary war," passed on the eighteenth day of March, one thousand eight hundred and eighteen; and that 1 have not, nor has any person in trust for me, any property, or securities, contracts, or debts, due to me; nor have I any income, other than what is contained in the schedule hereto anhexed and by me subscribed: Nor until such person shall A certiBed have delivered, or caused to be delivered, to the secretary of war, du?« and "oath", a copy of the aforesaid schedule and oath or affirmation, certified and opinion oi by the clerk of the court to which the said schedule was deliver- bedcuvered to ed, together with the opinion of- the said court, also certified by J>f"*"el,ry their clerk, of the value of the property contained in the said schedule: Provided, That, in every case in which the pensioner f^ofUMnimay be insane, or incapable of taking an oath, the court may re- ty or mcapaciceive the said schedule, without the aforesaid oath or affirma- ^emaybo"?^. tion, from the committee, or other person authorized to take care ceivedbythe

c ■ court. &c.

of such person.'

$ 2. That the original schedule and oath or affirmation shall Jjg'JEj.^ be filed in the clerk's office of the court to which the schedule filed in theofand oath or affirmation aforesaid shall be exhibited: And any p^Jj£" person who shall swear or affirm falsely in the premises, and be swearing thereof convicted, shall suffer as for wilful and corrupt perjury. ,uffe£&c.

$ 3. That, on the receipt of the copy of the schedule and oath, The ,eCretafy or uffirmation aforesaid, it shall be the duty of the secretary of of war may the war department to cause to be struck from the list of pen- pC"sion°iTtlhe sioners under the said act, the name of such person, in case the the names of said person shall not, in his opinion, be in such indigent circum- mhiToJiinion,

stances as to be unable to support himself without the assistance are not, &c of his country: Provided, That every person who shall have sorTM wlaPr£ been placed on the pension list in consequence of disability, from "squished known wounds received in the revolutionary war, and who shall avaUthem" have relinquished such pension in order toavail themselves of the »«'ve« of tha

, e .t L-ii-- j act of 18th

benefit of the provisions of the act to which this is an amend- March, ists, ment, who, by virtue of this section, may be stricken from the J."^^ Hs" pension list, shall be forthwith restored to the pension so reiin- under this sec. quished. [Approved, May 1, 1820.] £S£Jf&

Chap. 75. An act further to regulate the medical department of the army. 1^74TM° ^*

§ 1. Be it enacted, «$-c. That the apothecary general and as- Apothecary sislant apothecaries general shall severally give bonds to the Rj)i dearies' United States, with good and sufficient security, for the faithful general, to performance of their duties, in such sums as shall be required by {j^n^"^^^ the surgeon general of the army, under the direction of the war feedepartment. [Approved, May 8, 1820.]

Chap. 64. An act to establish additional land offices in the states of Alabama' and Illinois.

$ 1. Beit enacted, fyc. That, for the sale of the unappropriated public lands in the slate of Alabama, the following districts shall be formed and land offices therefor established: All the *n?, public lands, as aforesaid, bounded on the north by the line Tuscaloosa, which separates townships numbered fourteen and fifteen, in the district of Huntsville; on the south, by the line which separate* township twenty-two and twenty-three, in the district of Cahawba and the district east of Pearl river; and on the east and west, by the lines of the state of Alabama; shall form a district, for which a land office shall be established at Tuscaloosa. And all District, and the public lands, as aforesaid, bounded on the south by the ^"|Je0*^e M southern boundary of the state of Alabama ; on the wesf, by the courthouse.

line separating ranges four and five, east of the basis meridian, to the line separating townships five and six north, in the district of Cahawba; thence, enst, with said line, to the line separating ranges twenty and twenty-one; thence, north, with said line, to the line separating townships eleven and twelve; thence, east, with said line, to the eastern boundary of the stale of Alabama, and bounded on the east by the eastern boundary of said state; shall form a district, for which a land office shall be established at Conecuh courthouse. PartofShaw- $ 2. That so much of the public lands, heretofore included in tricMofol-'m a lne Shawneetown land district, as lies east of the third principal »ep»rateland meridian, north of the base line and west of the range line, bediatnct— tween ranges numbered eight and nine, east of the said third principal meridian, shall constitute a separate land district; Land office at and, for the sale of the public lands therein, there shall be a land Vandaiia. 0ffice established at Vandalia, the seat of government for the state of Illinois.

dUtrict'ii'uu ^ ®* ^ nat so mucn OI" ''ie public land as lies north of the base nois— line, east of the aforesaid range line, and west of the Big Wabash river, as lies in the state of Illinois, shall also constitute a Paieaiino" " seParale 'anc^ district; and, for the sale of the public lands, there shall be a land office established at the town of Palestine, on the said Wabash river.

A«£«ierand ^4. That there shall be a register and receiver appointed to each of the each of the aforesaid land offices, to superintend the sales of the land offices, public lands in their respective districts, who shall reside at the

with compel!- r, . . i • i • . .7 . , . , . ,

sation.&c. as places designated in their respective districts, at which the ofiii other cases. gces are fixed, give security in the same manner, in the same sums, and whose compensation, emoluments, and duties, and authority, shall, in every respect, be the same, in relation to the lands which shall be disposed of at their offices, as are or may be by law provided in relation to the registers and receivers of public moneys in the several offices established for the sale of the public lands.

■eleJmatf d» $ ®* That lne provisions of the second, third, and fifth, secact of3d Irons of the act, entitled "An act to designate the boundaries of applicable19' districts, and establish land offices, for the disposal of the public &c. sofar'as lands not heretofore offered for sale in the slates of Ohio and Inbeen changed', diana," approved March the third, eighteen hundred and nineAc. teen, be, and the same are hereby, made applicable to the aforeJils'" p' said districts and offices, so far as they are not changed by subsequent laws of the United States. [Approved, May 11, 1820.]

Vol. ii. p. _ Chap. 85. An act to revive the powers of the commissioners for ascertaining and deciding 1232. vol. iv. on claims to land in the district of Detroit, and for settling the claims loland al Green Bay p. 2105. and Praire des Chiens, in the territory of Michigan.

Powcrsoftho <j, i. £}e it enacted, &c. That the powers of the commissioners

commissioners , * . . » ~. r . . . •

for deciding on lor ascertaining and deciding on the rights of persons claiming Sn*'TM 'district 'ani*s m tne district of Detroit, as defined by the second section of Detroit, un- of an act, entitled " An act to authorize the granting of patents Aprri*ci8i^3dr 'and according to the surveys that have been made, and to revived. grant donation rights to certain claimants of land in the district of Detroit, and for other purposes ;" passed on the twenty-third of April, one thousand eight hundred and twelve, shall be, and are hereby, revived. And the said commissioners shall perform Coannianaavthe duties therein prescribed, in relation to the claims which fh"iui«JipTM have been filed with the register of the land office for the said dis- scribed— trict, in pursuance of the act, entitled " An act allowing further y^"''p" time for entering donation rights to lands in the district of Detroit." And the said commissioners shall also have power to ex- And to examamine and decide, according to the laws respecting the same, alld d.°:

'o i o 'cidc on claims

the claims which have been filed with the register of the land of- filed, &c. ficc and not heretofore decided on; and they shall transmit their ju'i,irl.and

. . *. r transcripts to

report, and transcripts ol their decisions, to the secretary of the be transmitted treasury, to be laid before congress, in the manner directed by J"; "h^86"^former laws providing for the adjustment of such claims.

Ǥ> 2. That the said commissioners shall be, and they are here- The commisby, authorized to employ, with the approbation of the secretary J/""-^"/,^ of the treasury, a person capable of translating the French lan

employ an

guage, as an agent, for the purpose of ascertaining the titles and fofasc^tainclaims to land at the settlements of Green Bay and Praire des h>g titles, &c. Chiens. It shall be the duty of the said agent to give public A?ent lo g'vo notice, at each of the said settlements, of ll>e time and place "","nd <tc. therein at which he shall attend for the purpose of receiving notices and evidences of titles and claims to lands within the same. And every person having title or claim to lands within the set- Claimant* to tlements aforesaid, shall produce the evidence of his title or ScncTaS?" claim to the said agent, who shall record the same in books to be kept for that purpose. And, after the said agent shall have Asent to reremained at the places aforesaid, a time sufficient for the inha- oommUsioabitants to produce the evidence of their claims, he shall makecr»>&c' his report thereof to the said commissioners, who shall have power to examine and decide on the claims so reported to them, according to the laws for adjusting and settling the claims to land in the district of Detroit, except, that which relates to donations of vacant land adjacent to the land confirmed shall not be considered applicable to claims in the settlements aforesaid. And the said commissioners shall transmit their report, and Commissiontranscripts of their decisions, to the secretary of the treasury, on Jjjj| JJLjJJJ1*" or before the first of October, in the year one thousand eight and tranhundred and twenty-one, to be laid before congress at their next ESSSwyof session thereafter, in the same manner as was directed by law in the treasury, respect to the claims lo lands in the district of Detroit. 'cTM'fre,s*

4 3. That the agent aforesaid shall take an oath for the faith- &o. ° ful'discharge of the duties enjoined on him; and he shall con^- ufoaShJand form, in discharging the said duties, to such general instructions conform to inas shall be given him by the secretary of the treasury; and the goodollil'for said coirfmissioners and agent shall each receive five hundred "j^'0"TM"' dollars, as full compensation for the services to be performed

agent, with

under this act, together with the recording fees to the agent, and jjjj r
allowance tb the register for a certificate of confirmation for do-
nation rights provided for by former laws. [Approved, May II,

Vol. III. 204

« ForrigeFortsett »