by Cabot, Marshfield, and Plainfield. From Vergennes, by Panton, to Westport, in the state of New York. From Stockbridge to Randolph. In Maine. From Alna, by East Pittston, to Whit- In Maine. field. From Alna to Gardiner. From Sedgwick to Deer Island. From Ellsworth, by Jordan's River School House, in Trenton, to the towns of Eden and Mount Desart. From Waldoborough, by Union, Hope, Searsmont, and Belmont, to Belfast. From Gardiner, by Pitiston, Whitfield, Malta, and Jefferson, to Waldoborough. From New Poriland, by Kingfield, to Freeman. From Hallowell, by Molta, to Harlem. In Massachusetts. From Spring- In Massachufield, by Wilbraham, to Stafford Springs, in Connecticut. From se Sandwick, by Coatuit village, in West Barnstable, Thomas D. Scudder's, Yarmouth, and Dennis, to Harwick, on the south side of Cape Cod. From Gloucester, by Essex, to Ipswich. From Hanover, by Hanson, to East Bridgewater. From Northfield, by Vernon, to Brattleborough, in Vermont. From Salisbury to Amesbury. From Taunton, by Raynbam, to East Bridgewater. In Connecticut From Derby, by Huntington, 10 Newtown. In ConnectiFrom Woodbury, by Roxbury, to Warren. From Hartford, by ul. East Windsor, Ellington, Somers, Wilbraham, and Ludlow, to Belchertown, in Massachusetts. From New Haven, by Oxford, Southbury, Woodbury, and Washington, to Warren. From Norwick to Colchester. In New York. From Batavia to Ridgeway. In New York. From Windham, by Roxbury, to Stamford. From Hopkinton to Keene. From Mount Hope to Bloomingsburg. From Moscow, by York, Caledonia, and Scottville, to Rochester. From Dover to Sharon, in Connecticut. From Porter, by Twelve Mile Creek, to Eighteen Mile Creek. From Skeneatelas, on the east side of Skeneatelas lake, by Spafford and Scott, to Courtland village. From Luzerne, by Edinburgh, to Galway. From Newton, by Catharine, and Cayuta, to Ithica. From Bath, by Upper Addison, Troupsburgh, Deerfield, and Elkland, to Batchelorville, in Pennsylvania. From Constantia, by Cicero, and Salina, 10 Onondago. From Reading to Dresden, on Seneca lake, thence, along the lake, by Benton, to Geneva. From Goshen, by Scotchtown, to Bloomingsburgh. From Poughkeepsie, by New Paltz, and Bruynville, 1o Bloomingsburgh. From Sullivan, by Cazenovia, and Woodstock, 10 De Ruyter. In Pennsylvania. That the post In Pennsylvaroute from Philadelphia to Athens pass by Romig's Ferry and the mouth of Durham Creek, to Easton. Froin Bedford to Somersel. From Harrisburgh, by Corbett's Mills, Jonestown, and Rohrersburg, 10 Hamburg. From Catawisse, by Mifflinburg, to Nescopeck. From Liverpool, by Mount Pleasant Mills, Freeburg, Middleburg, and New Berlin, to Mifflinburg. From Reading, by Morgantown, to Downington. From Emaus to Millerstown. From White Horse, by Berlin, Connelsville, Middletown, Merrilistown, Jefferson, Waynesburgh, and Morrisville, to Grave Creek Flatis, in Virginia. From Stroudsburgh to Orwigsburgh. From New Hope, by Lumberville, and Erwinna, to Romig's Ferry, near the mouth of Darham Creek. From Kuiztown, by Mariztown, New Goshenhoppen, Seemanytown,Joseph Williams', and Centre Square, to White Marsh. In Maryland. From Che-In Maryland. sapeake, by Port Deposite, to Conewingo. From Charlotte Hall,

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th of Dorrville, and Erwirela to Orwigsburghe

In North


by the Three Notched Road, to Fenwick's távern. From Havre In Virginia. de Grace to Woodlawn. In Virginia. Frum Bath Courthouse,

by M'Clintock's and Anthony's Creek, to Lewisburg. From Staunton, by Greenville, and Fairfield, 10 Lexington. From Shepherdstown, by Leetown, and Smithfield, to Winchester. From West Liberty to Wellsburg.' From-Lexington, by the Calf Pasture, to Faucetis, in Bath county. From Timber Ridge, by North River, to Moorefield. From Petersburg, by Southerland's tavern, Lombardy, and Dennis's tavern to Jennings's Old Ordinary. In North Carolina. From Williamsborough, by Lynnsville, to Clarkesville, in Virginia. From Fayetteville, by Waynesborough, to Stantonburg. From · Wadesborough, by Edward Winfield's, Culpepper's store, Jacob Austin's, Charles T. Alexander's, and Maxwell's store, to Charlotte. From Charlotte, by Azrai Cockburn's and Willian Taylor's, to Wadesborough. From Newbern, by Sireet's Bridge, Croom's Ferry, Hookerstown, Snowhill, and Stantonburgh, 1o Smithfield. From Lawrenceville, by M'Neill's store, and Nicholas Nalle's, to Pittsborough. From Pittsborough, by D. Moffill's, to Lawrenceville. From Oxford, by Cannon and Young's Store, to Clarkesville, in Virginia. From Danville, by William Rawling's and Troublesome

Iron Works, to Salem. From Haysville, by Hawkins Mills and In South Chalk Level, to Williamsborough. In South Carolina. From

Columbia, by Richard Harrison's store, to Bechamsville. From
Georgetown, by Black River, Bull Creek, and Pee Dee Ferries, to
Conwayborough. From Conwayborough, by Little River and
Smithville, to Wilmington, in North Carolina. From Chester-
Courthouse, by Cedar Shoals and McDonald's Ferry, to Lancaster
Courthouse. From John Thompson, junr.'s, by Richard Howard's,
to Godfrey's Ferry, on Big Pee Dee River, or near the same. That

the mail from Lumberton, 1o Marion Courthouse, pass by the most In Georgia. eligible route, omitting Barfield's, if necessary. In Georgia. From

Hartford, by Jacksonville, to Perry's Mills, in Tatnall county.
That the .mail route from Augusta to Savannah shall pass by

Waynesborough. From Powelton, by Mount Zion and Eatonton, In "Ohio.

to Monticello. In Ohio From Coshocton to Wooster. From Neville to Bethel. That the mail from Marietta to Woodfield go by Regnier's Mills, in the town of Aurelius. From Feestown, by Bethel, Williamsburg, Lebanon, and Ridgeville, to Dayton. From Lebanon, by Springsborough and Ridgeville, to Xenia. From West Union, by Decatur, Ripley, Bridgewater, Bethel, and Newtown, to Cincinnati. From Greenville to Winchester, in Indiana. From Irville to Mount Vernon. From Piketon, by Robert Bennet's and Asa Boynton's, to Burlington, on the north

side of the Ohio river. From Norwalk, in the county of Huron, In Kentucky. to Lower Sandusky, in the state of Ohio. In Kentucky. From

Falmouth, by Theobald's, to Fredericksburg. From Whitley Courthouse, by Col. Ross's, to Monticello. That the post road from Mount Sierling to Prestonburg pass by the Olyinpian Springs and Beaver Iron Works, in Bath county. That the post road from the Great Crossings to the mouth of Cedar Creek), pass by Hesslersville, in Owen county. From Richinond to £still Courthouse. From Smithland, by America, in Illinois, to Cypress, in

Kentucky. From Richmond, by Big Hill, to Hazle Patch. From Estil Courthouse, to Patrick's Salt Works, on the north fork of Kentucky river. Froin New Castle, by Westport and Bethlehem, to Charlestown, in Indiana. From Stamping Grounds to Heslersville. From Frankfort, by Heslersville, to Port William. From Shelbyville to New Castle. In Tennessee. From Knox- In Tennessee. ville, by Morgan Courthouse, to Overton Courthouse. From Morgantown, by Pumpkintown, by the town of Calhoun, to Ross's, on the south side of Tennessee river. From Murfreesborough to Shelbyville. From Carthage, by Lancaster, and Harmony Grove, to Statesville. From Kingston, by William White's, on Popular Creek, 1o Clinton. From Monroe, by Gainesborough, Williamsburg; and Beech Hill, to Carthage. From Reynoldsburgh to the Lower Chickasaw Bluffs. Froni Nashville, by Harpeth and New Hope, to Fayetteville. From Greenville to Greenville College, in the county of Greene. From Sparta, by Allen's Ferry and Liberty, to Statesville. From Chickasaw Lower Bluff io the post of Arkansas. In Indiana. From Pales- In Indiana. tine , by Hindostan, 10 Portersville. From Madison to Versailles. From Lawrenceburg, by Aurora, Hanover, and Rising Sun, fo Vevay. In Illinois. From Kaskaskias, by the Irish settlement, In Ilinois. Covington, Carlisle, and Perrysville, to Vandalia. From Illinois · Saline, in Gallatin, to Golconda. From York, by Aurora, to

Terre Haute. From Montgomery, by Brownsville, and Gill's Ferry, to Jackson, in Missouri territory. The mail from Cape - Girardeau to Salem, Kentucky, shall pass by America. From Carmi, by Mount Vernon, to Carlisle. From Carmi to Wayne Courthouse and Jefferson Courthouse. From Palmyra, by Wayne Courthouse, Jefferson Courthouse, and Covington, to Belleville. From America to Jonesborough. In Mississippi. From Natch- In Mississippi. ez, by Franklin, Monticello, Covington, Wayne, and Winchester, to Fort St. Stephens. From Fordsville to Shieldsborough. In Alabama, From Tuscaloosa, by Marion County Courthouse, In Alabama. to Columbus. From Burnt Corn Spring, by Conecuh Courthouse, to Fort Crawford. From Huntsville, by Jackson Courthouse, and Lawrie's Ferry, to Ross's and Washington, in Tennessee. From Cabawba, by Portland, Canton, Prairie Bluff, Black's Bluff, and Foster's, io Fort Claibornc. From Mooresville, by Milton's Bluff, Courtland, Bainbridge, and Big Spring, to Russellville, in Franklin county. From Cahawba, by Joseph Brilton's Old Town, Falls of Cahawba, King and Smith's store, Shelby Courthouse, David M.Laughlin's, St. Clair Courthouse, Vincent Bennett's, the Cherokee nation, by Ross's and James Parlerson's, to Washington, in Tennessce. From the town of Cahawba to the Falls of Cahawba, and to Tuscaloosa. From Courtland, to Moulton. From St. Clair Courthouse to Carolsville. In Missouri Territory. From New Madrid to Point Plea- In Missouri sant. From Louisiana, by Hannibal, to Palmyra. From Lou- territory. jsiana to New London. That the post road from Cape Girardeau, to Winchester, pass by Edward Tanner's. From St. Charles, by Martbasville, Montgomery Courthouse, Loutre Island, Cote Sans Dessein, Nashville, Smithton, John Grayum's, Franklin, Spanish Needle Prairie, Chareton, William W. Mon. VOL. III.


The next



roe's Grand River, Bloomfield, Missouriton, and Bluffton, to

Fort Osage. From Fort Osage, by Mount Vernon, Tabbo, LilIn Michigan tle Osage Bottom, and Jefferson, to Chareton. In Michigan Terntory. ritory. From Detroit, by Pontiac, Mount Clemens. (Approv

ed, May 13, 1820.] Obsolete.

Chap. 101. An act fixing the time for the next meeting of congress.

§ 1. Be it enucted, 8c. That, after the adjournment of the premeeting of congress to be sent session, the next meeting of congress shall be on the second on the 2d Mon- Monday of November next. [Approved, May 13, 1820.) day of Nov. Cuap. 102. An aci to limit the term of office of certain officers therein named, and for other

purposes. District attor. $1. Be it enacted, &c. That, from and after the passing of this neys, collectors of customs, act, all district attorneys, collectors of the customs, naval offi. &c. to be ap- cers and surveyors of the customs, navy agents, receivers of pubpointed for 4 years, remov. lic moneys for lands, registers of the land offices, paymasters in able at plea- the army, ihe apothecary general, the assistant apothecaries ge

neral, and the commissary general of purchases, to be appointed under the laws of the United States, shall be appointed for the term of four years, but shall be removable from office at plea

sure. Commissions 82. That the commission of each and every of the officers of officers, now in office, named in the first section of this act, now in office, unless vacatto cease ed by removal from office, or otherwise, shall cease and expire If on or before in the manner following: All such commissions, bearing date on soth Sepi... or before the thirtieth day of September, one thousand eight 1814, ai their dates ensuing, hundred and fourteen, shall cease and expire on the day and &c.

month of their respective dates, which shall next ensue after the If after 30th thirtieth day of September next; all such commissions, bearing Sept. 1814,

efore ist date aster the said thirtieth day of September, in the year one Oct. 1816, at thousand eight hundred and fourteen, and before the first day of suing, &c. ** October, one thousand eight hundred and sixteen, shall cease

and expire on the day and month of their respective dates, which

shall next ensue after the thirtieth day of September, one thousAll others, four and eight hundred and twenty-one. And all other such comtheir dates. missions shall cease and expire at the expiration of the term of

four years from their respective dates. The president $ 3. That it shall be lawful for the president of the United authorized from time to States, and he is hereby authorized, from time to time, as in his time, to regu- opinion the interest of the United States may require, to regulate and increase the late and increase the sums for which the bonds required, or bums in bonds which may be required, by the laws of the United States, to be required from officers of the given by ibe said officers, and by all other officers employed in

the disbursement of the public moneys under the direction of the war or navy departments, shall be given ; and all bonds given in conformity with such regulations shall be as valid and effectual, to all intents and purposes, as if given for the sums re

spectively mentioned in the laws requiring the same. Commissions S 4. That the commissions of all officers employed in levying to be made out or collecting the public revenue, shall be made out and recordand recorded ed in the Treasury department, and the seal of the said departdepartment."ment affixed thereto; any law to the contrary notwithstanding :

U. States.

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ture before


er 30th

and certify u

Provided, That the said seal shall not be affixed to any such Proviso ; precommission before the same shall have been signed by the pre

e sident's signasident of the United States. [Approved, May 15, 1820.)

sealing Chap. 107.. An act providing for the better organization of the treasury department. Vol. I. P. 464.

Vol. iii.p. 81. Be it enacted, &c. That it shall be the duty of such offi- 1630...

An officer, to cer of the treasury department as the president of the United be designated States sball, from time to time, designate for that purpose, as the by the presi-.

dent, as agent agent of the treasury, to direct and superintend all orders, suits, of the treasuor proceedings, in law or equity, for the recovery of money, chat-ry, to superintels, lands, tenements, or hereditaments, in the name, and for the for the recoveuse, of the United States.

ry of money, $ 2. That, from and after the thirtieth day of September next, if any collector of the revenue, receiver of public money, or Sept. 1820, ofother officer, who shall have received the public money before it ficers receive

ing public mois paid into the treasury of the United States, shall fail to render ney before it his account, or pay over the same in the manner, or within the is paid into

the treasury, time, required by law, it shall be the duty of the first comptrol- and failing to ler of the treasury to cause to be stated the account of such col- lector, receiver of public money, or other officer, exhibiting truly troller to stało the amount due to the United States, and certify the same to the amor agent of the treasury, who is hereby authorized and required 10 And the agent

rin and to issue a warissue a warrant of distress against such delinquent officer and lo

rant of distress his sureties, directed to the marshal of the district in which such against delin

ent and delinquent officer and his surety or sureties shall reside ; and gur

sureties, to the where the said officer and his surety or sureties shall reside in marshal. different districts, or where they, or either of them, shall reside in a district other than that in which the estate of either may be situale, which may be intended to be taken and sold, then such warrant shall be directed to the marshals of such districts, and to their deputies, respectively; therein specifying the amount with which such delinquent is chargeable, and the sums, if any, which have been paid. And the marshal authorized to execuie Marshal or such warrant shall, by himself or by his deputy, proceed to levy and des collect the sum remaining due, by distress and sale of the goods and collect by

distress and and chattels of such delinquent officer, having given ten days. sale of goods previous notice of such intended sale, by affixing an advertise- and chattels

of delinquent. ment of the articles to be sold at two or more public places in

Ten days' nothe town or county where the said goods or chaltels were taken, or in the town or county where the owner of such goods or chat- iwo or more

iont public places, tels may reside; and if the goods and challels be not sufficient pube to satisfy the said warrant, the same may be levied upon the

Goods, &c. person of such officer, who may be committed to prison, there to being insuffiremain until discharged by due course of law. Notwithstand- cient, the per

son of the offiing the commitment of such officer, or if he abscond, or if goods cer is liable. and chattels cannot be found sufficient to satisfy the said warrant, the marshal or his deputy may and shall proceed to levy Warrant re

maining unsaand collect the sum which remains due by such delinquent offi- tisfied by procer, by the distress and sale of the goods and chattels of the cello surety or sureties of such officer, having given ten days' previous quent, &c.

The Ten days' nonotice of such intended sale, by affixing an advertisement of the tic articles to be sold, at two or more public places in the town or two or moro

ceed to levy

ice of sale, at

ast delin

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