A Clumsy Hoax, 502

A Foreigner's Account of Us :--the Trinity House, 57, 147

American Monitors, 250

A Modern British Governor of Jamaica, 426

An Evil and its Antidote, 611
A New Motive Power: Danford's Steam Generator,-Probable Revo-

lution in Steam, 281
Anti-Fouling Composition for Ships' Bottoms, 26
A Recent Rotatory Gale in the Atlantic, 234
Atlantic Ocean: Equatorial Currents, 159
A Turret Navy for the Future. An Appeal by Rear-Admiral Halsted

to the Parliament of 1866, 213

A Typhoon in May in the China Sea, 429

Australia,-East Coast, 501

Australian Hydrography. Gulf St. Vincent-Port Wakefield, 555

A Visit to the wolf Rock Lighthouse, Cornwall, 449

Avoiding a Storm, 154

A Word or Two about Fogs at Sea, 505

Ballasting Boats, 439
Bay of San Giovanni di Medua, Adriatic, 111
Bottle Papers, Atlantic, 276
Breakwater for Torbay; Copy of Memorial to the House of Commons,

Collision between the Dover Mail Steamer “ Samphire" and an Ame-

rican Barque off Dover, 54
Court-Martial on Mr. Gordon, 223
Deep-water Sounding Machine. Proposed by Lieut. C. Fitzgerald,

of H.M.S. “Cordelia," 425

Electric Telegraph Cable, 569

Electro-Negative Fog, 512

Extraordinary Voyage, 223

Extraordinary Voyage across the Atlantic, 559

Fig Island Beacon, U.S. America, Savannah River, Georgia, 274

Formation of an Atlantic Cyclone, 309

Fresh Water for Ships, 224

Friendly Islands: Disney and Culebras Reefs. By Commander

G. H. Parkin, H.M.S. “Falcon," 50

From Pekin to Che-foo, by River and Canal, 267

Gleanings from Notices to Mariners, published by the Hydrographic

Office, Paris, 108, 164

Grants for Harbours of Refuge, 422

Harbour of St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, 326

H.M.S. “Curaçoa" at the South Sea Islands, 334

H.M.S. “Waterwitch" and her Hydraulic Power, 609

Hydrography of the China Seas, 551

Jamaica : its Fortunes and Misfortunes, 337

Lifeboat Oars, 374

Lights and Beacons for Newcastle Harbour, 274

Lights on the coast of America, 110

List of Lighthouses. Lightvessels, and Lighted-beacons discontinued

or destroyed on the Southern Coast, but which have been re-esta-

blished by the Lighthouse Board up to the 1st of May, 1866,


Local Attraction with a vengeance, 558

Lying-to in a Storm, 492

Magnetic Variation, Disagreement of Chart and Compass, 393
Marianas Islands : Piedras de Torres, Guguan, Alamagan, and Pagan,


Marina Rock, Torres Straits, 501

Memorandum on Point Lemantin Lighthouse, Port-au-Prince, 236

Merely a “Casnalty," but still a Fact, 433

Middle Island, Chalky Inlet, 327, 387

Modern Novel Ships, 245

Mogador.—From the Anuario de Madrid, 1865, 515, 582

More Facts from Jamaica, 417

Nautical Notices, 47, 107, 159, 218, 273, 325, 385, 435, 499, 550,

605, 680

Nautical Patents, 686

Naval and Military Engineering,-Portsmouth and its Neighbour-

hood, 667

New Books :

Cast away on the Auckland Isles. From the private journal of

Capt. Thomas Musgrave, 223

Mission Life in the Islands of the Pacific; being a Narrative of

the Life and Labours of the Rev. A. Buzacott, Missionary of

Rarotonga, &c. 447

Navigation, with Great Circle Sailing, 392

Notes on Health in Calcutta and British Ships. By W.H. Pearse,

M.D., 392

The Harmonies of Nature, or the Unity of Creation. By Dr.

G. Hartwig, Author of the Sea and its Living Wonders, 446
The Wreck of the “Homeward Bound;" or, the Boat of Mercy.

By Nicholas Michel, 167
Venetian Lite. By Mr. W. D. Howells, 504
Waterloo : a Lay of Jubilee for June 18, 1815, 167

New Build and Rig for Fishing Vessels, 331

New Charts, 55, 112, 168, 224, 280, 336, 392, 448, 504, 560, 616,


Newfoundland, East Coast, 500
New Zealand, North Island, 327
Notes about Novelties, 558, 613, 683

On Measuring the Speed of Sailing or Steaming, 231

On the Cause of Wrecks on the Blackwater and Arklow Banks of

Vessels bound from Liverpool to the Southward, and How they

may be avoided, 152

On the Normal Circulation and Weight of the Atmosphere in the

North and South Atlantic Oceans, from Meteorological Registration

on Five Voyages to India. By Capt. Henry Toynbee, 22
On the Variations of the Reading of the Barometer and the Weather

in the Months of September, October, and November, 1865. By

James Glaisher, Esq., F.R.S., 472

Our Iron-clad Navy, 676

Our Merchant Service Afloat: Hints to Passengers, 146

Our Merchant Shipping : Deep-lading, 649

Our Sailors' Wants, and How to meet them, 32, 174

Oyster Culture in the Exe, 673
Pacific Dangers to Navigation, 617
Particulars of Lights recently established, 107, 159, 218, 273, 325,

385, 435, 499, 550, 605, 681

Phillip's Hog, 558

Piracy in the China Seas, 43, 277, 544

Position of Antipodes Island, 47

Promiscuous Manning of our Merchant Shipping a Cause of Wreck,


Promotion in the Navy, 215

Relighting of the Cape Florida Lighthouse, United States of America,

Coast of Florida, 377

Remarks on Lying-to in a Storm, 397

Remarks on Mr. Hopkins' Lecture on the Compasses of Iron Ships,


Reminiscences of Japan, 289, 363, 399, 493, 628
Rewards to Lifeboats' Crews, 38
Royal National Lifeboat Institution, 102, 156, 391, 432, 502, 541,


Steam across the Pacific, 241

Steam Communication between San Francisco and China, 244

Successful Deposit of the Atlantic Cable, 482, 522

Table Bay Breakwater, 596

Terrestrial Magnetism with reference to the Compasses of Iron Ships :

their Deviation and Remedies, 180

The American Iron-clad “Monadnock,” 330

The Atlantic Cable, 381

The Bombardment of Valparaiso, 320

The British Iron-clad Fleet, 221

The China Regatta, 527

The Chronometer Journal in Diagram, 454

The Collision between H.M.S. “Amazon” and the “ Osprey,” 442

The Gunboat “Opossum” amongst Pirates, 332

The Haunted Ship, 295

The Hydraulic Steamship, 247

The Iron-cased Turret Ship“ Bellona,” 329

The Jamaica Massacres, 1, 64, 132

The Jamaica Negroes under the late Government, 477

The Last of the “ Duncan Dunbar,” 77

The Lifeboat Work, 196

The Lights of the Irish Channel, 580

The Little Minch Channel, 561, 621

The Liverpool Mercantile Marine Associatien, 645

The Loss of H.M.S.“ Bulldog," 104
The Loss of the “ London," 220
The Marianas Islands, 205, 253, 297, 462
The Mariner's Compass again, 89
The “ Miantonomob,” 387
The “ Nautilus," 275
The “Nautilus” and her Propelling Power, 372
The “Nautilus." Part I. Homeward Bound, 408, 487, 534, 598,

The Proposed Tunnel between England and France, 444
"The Recent Gales and their Effects, 95
The Reorganization of the French Fleet, 51
"The Rocas and the Wreck of the “Duncan Dunbar,” 16
"The Routes across the Equator: Proposed Light on N.E. Angle of

Bonavista, 86
The “Samphire” and the “Fanny Buck :" Collision in Dover Strait:

Decision, 105

'The Shortcomings of the Merchant Service, 310

The Solar Eclipse of April last, 229

The United States Squadron in the Pacific, 222

The Variation Chart, 672

The Visit of the French Fleet 300 Years ago, 389

The Wreck Register and Chart for 1865, 661

The Wrecks of Torbay : Propssed Breakwater, 113

Turret Ships at Home and Abroad, 123

Venice: Notes of a Voyager, 350, 589

Volcanic Eruption at Santorino, 216

Voyage of the “ Pioneer,” No. 1. 530

War-ships and Monitors, 675

Wreck and Wrong at Sea, 170, 316

Wreck of the Steamer “European:" Position, 327

included among the duties of naval officers. And how such proceed



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