voyage of the two. I have detached . Fenix, of 48 guns--in need of captain Moore in the Marlborough, thorough repair.

with the London, Monarch, and Amazona, of 44 guns-in need Bedford, to attend the Portuguese of ditto.

fleet to

o the Brazils... I have thought Perola of 44, guns -in need of it my duty, in addition to the usual ditto.

order to take the above ships unTritao, of 40 guns—past repair. der his orders, to give captain Moore Veney, of 30 guns--past repair. one to hoist a broad pendant after (Copy) W. SIDNEY SMITH. passing Madeira, in order to give

him greater weight and consequence Hibernia, at sea, lat. 37. 47. long. in the performance of the important 14. 17. Dec. 6, 1807.

and unusually delicate duties I have Sir,

confided to him. I feel the most I have the satisfaction to acquaint perfect reliance in that officer's you, for the information of my lords judgment, ability, and zeal. commissioners of the Admiralty, The Portuguese ships did not, that I succeeded in collecting the after their reparation, want more whole of the Portuguese ficet, ex. provisions or slops from us than the cept a brig, after the gale, and that list'enclosed, which I supplied from the weather was such as to allow this ship and the Conqueror.. the necessary repairs and such dis. This dispatch will be delivered by tribution of supernumeraries and re. captain Yco, of his majesty's sloop sources to be made, as to enable Confiance, who has shewn great vice-admiral Don Manuel d'Acunha, address and zealin opening the comsotto-mayor,

to report to me yester munications by flag of truce, which day all the ships capable of per it was the interest of those in power forming the voyage to Rio Janeiro, who were against the measure of except one line-of-battle ship, which emigration, to

Lord he requested might be conducted to Strangford speaks of his conduct in an English port. I meant to es. terms of warm approbation ; on this cort bor part of the way, but she ground I beg leave to recommend did not quit the fleet with me last him to their lordships, to whom his night as settled. I hope, however, general merits as an officer are al. she may arrive safe, as she is not in ready well known. Having been a bad state, being substituted for in Lisbon without restraint during the Martivo de Freitas, which was the intercourse, he is qualified to at first destined to go to England, answer any questions their lordships in consequence of a fresh arrange- 'may wish to put to him. ment made yesterday, on the latter I have the honour to be, &c. being found in the best state for the



S. d.

March 26.
For raising .1,500,000 by annuities, for the service

of Ireland.

1,500,000 0 0

April 23.
That the charge of the pay and cloathing of the militia

of Great Britain be defrayed out of the land tax. That the charge of the allowances to adjutants and ser.

jeant-majors of the militia of England disembodied,

be defrayed out of the land tax. That the allowances to certain subaltern officers of

the militia in Great Britain be defrayed out of the

land tax. That the charge of the pay and cloathing of the militia

of Ireland, and allowances to subaltern officers, be defrayed out of the consolidated fund of Ireland.



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on do.

INDIA ACCOUNTS. Papers presented to the House of Commons, April 24, 1807,[per Act 33

Geo. Ill. cap. 52, sec. 156.) relating to the Commerce and Revenues of

the East India Company. Amount of Proceeds of the Sale of Goods and Merchandize of the East-India

Company in Great-Britain, sc. for the Current Year.

d. Cash in treasury, 1st


*161,736 14 March, 1806, including

Freight and demorage . 1,689,040 9 duty on tea

669,794 6 Goods and stores Company's goods sold . 5,294,384 13 ported

2,270,7937 8 Board of Ordnance for

India debt

50,223 19 5 saltpetre

160,000 Bills of exchange from Private-trade goods sold 2,114,269 8 10


342,885 1 8 Charges and profit on do. 153,462 19 Ditto

China 641,994 16 Customs 73,380 195 Bullion exported

514,432 16 Freight

on do. 119,784 18 10 Charges on merchandize, One year's interest re

including s pra cargoes, ceived of the Bank of

commission, and inteEngland, Company's

rest on loans, &c. 623,652 14 11 share of annuities trans.

Dívidends on stock and ferred to Bank, by 33d

interest on bonds 770,429 19 1 Geo. III. cap. 47

36,226 15 10 Bonds paid off and paid in Government, on account

on sales

216,600 of what due to the Com.

Proprietors of private pany


2,169,021 15 Almshouses at Poplar 2,416 18 Pay to marine and military Persons returned from

officers on furlongh, and India


141,319 15 Bonds issued

517,000 Duty on tea paid 3,184,417 6 7 Duty on tea received.

3,120,290 12 3
Balance in favour, 1st

12,776,548 16 March, 1807

511,978 16 £.13,288,527 12 4

£.13,388,597 1%

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Statement of their Bond Debts and Simple Contract Debts, with the Rates of

Interest and the amount; and the State of Cash remaining in their Trea. sury, und other Effects, appertaining to the Company in Great Britain, and afloat, Ist March, 1807.

Bonds bearing interest . . £.2,882,775 | Due from government to the
Bonds not bearins interest 15,517 Company

.. £.1,207,569 Bills of exchange unpaid from

Cash, balance 1st March, 1807 311,979 China 788,700 Goods sold not paid for

207,509 Ditto India

282,073 Board of Ordnance for salt. Ditto on account of petre delivered

106,598 Indian debt

1,440 Goods in England unsold 6,875,158 Customs and excise on goods

Cargoes from England pot arsold, and customs on goods

rived in India and C ina at unsold

809,756 the dates of the several quick Bank, for a loan on mortgage


4,689,794 of annuities that may be sold

Exports paid for, exclusive of per act of 1788, at 4l. per

bullion, season 1806-7 1,366,917 cent. per ansum,

700,000 Impress and war allowances Do. for a loan on bond, at

paid owners of ships not arper cent, 100,000 rived iu England

610,473 Do, for interest ou above loans 42,666 Value of slips, sloops, and vesFreight and demorage

184,000 sels, exclusive of those staSupracar2oes commission on

tioned abroad

100,400 all goods sold and unsold 80,000 Value of the Fast-lodia house Proprielo's of private Irade on

and warehouses

1,024,960 goods sold :

235,836 Due from government for Almshouses at Poplar

69,723 stores and supplies to his ma. Interest on piilitary and con

jesty's troops, &c.

2,450,000 tingent funds, more than ap

Owing from sundry persons re. plied

520 turned from India, and iu Warrants passed the court un.

India, to be repaid in Enpaid 80,400 gland

51,583 Owing for teas returned by buyers, and resold 971

£.19,259,466 Interest on bonds

71,097 Dividends on stock.

63,174 East-India House, Owing in department of con

March 24, 1807. mittee of shipping, exclusive ot'exports.

120,560 New or increased salaries, establic Do. for exports of former sea

ments, or pensions, payable in Greatsons

32,930 Britain, chiefly for Fast-India College, Do. to warehouse contingrat

4,5041. 10s. fund



Accomptant-general. Balance in favour 12,663,969




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The following public Bills receited An act to declare ihat certaia

the Royal Assent in the First and provisions of an act of the last ses.
only Session of the Third Parlia. sion of the last parliament, intitled,,
ment of the United Kingdom of An act to permit the free inter-
Great Britain and Ireland, cum. change of every species of grain
mencing on the 19th day of Deo between Great Britain and Ireland,
cember 1806, and ending April shall extend to grain, the produce
29, 1807.

of those countries only.

An act to continue for the term
January 6, 1807.

of 7 year's certain acts of the par. An act to revive and make per. liament of Ireland, for preventing petuai and to amend an act, made the importation of arms, gunpow. in the 42d year of his present ina. der, and ammunition, and the majesty, for the further regulation of king, removing, selling, and keepthe trials of controvertel elections ing of gunpowder, arms, and amor returns of members to serve in munition, without licence. parliament, and for expediting the An act for allowing the expor. proceedings relating thereto, tation annually of a limited quan. Junuary 16.

tity of worsted yarn to Canada. An act for raising the sum of An act for raising the sum of 10,500,0001. by loans or exchequer 1,000,0001. by treasury bills for bills, for the service of Great Bri- the service of Ireland for the year tain for the year 1807.

1807. January 22.

Ao act to authorize his majesty, An act for continuing and grant. until the 25th day of March 1808, ing to his majesty certain duties to make regulations respecting the upon malt in Great Britain, for the trade and conmerce to and from service of the year 1807.

the Cape of Good Hope. An act for continuing and grant. An act to abolish certain ollices ing to his majesty a duty, on pen. in the customs of Ireland ; and to sions, offices, and personal estates, abolish or regulate certain other in England ; and certain duties on offices therein. sugar, malt, tobacco and souff, in An act for investing certain com. Great Britain, for the service of missioners appointed for the exa. the year 1807.

mination of accounts and expendi. February 19.

ture relating to the office of bar. An act to continue during the rack.master-general, with certain present war and until one year after powers and authorities necessary for the termination thereof by the rati. the examination of such accounts fication of a definitive treaty of and expenditure. peace, an act made in the 44th year An act to amend scveral acts, for of his present majesty, for empow. regulating the trial of controverted ering his majesty to accept the sor ek ctions or returns of members to rices of such parts of his militia serve in parliament, so far as the forces in Ireland, as might volun. sane relate to Ireland.. tarily offer themselves to be cm An act to continue for the term ployed in Great Britain.

of 7 years, certain acts for the bet.

*3 A 2


TABLE of the Number of Bankruptcies, in England, from Dec. 1806 to Nov. 1807, inclusive.

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