the North of Germany and of the inspector Etienne Mentor, were the Brunswick states, so we bave resolved ministers charged with the execution to pay out of our treasury for the ne of these sanguinary orders in the cessaries for our troops, according to quarters of Des Cayes. They were the peace establishment, and leaving already employed in taking measures the extraordinary expences of a state for executing ihen, when, being deof war to be defrayed by the country; tected in their abominable projects, while we, on another hand, shall take they were both arrested by order of care in general, that its revenues, du- the brave Ouagnac. The inhabitants ring our

administration, after deduct- of the towu of Des Cayes, finding suping the expences of goveroment, shall port in this amiable chief and his only be appropriated to its advan- troops, rosé en masse, and swore to die tage.

with arms in their hands. “We further proinise, that our “Colonel Francis Yeune, informed troops shall observe the strictest dis- of the movements which took place cipline; that attention shall be given in the town of Des. Cayes, appeared to all just complaints; and in general, in the midst of his fellow-citizens, coothat every quiet and peaceable inha-firmed them in these noble resolubitant shall be maintained in bis pro- tions, and departed to propose in his perty and rights, and, in case of need, division those sublime principles which be vigorously protected; but that, on were to ensure the triumph of imothe contrary, those who may refuse cence. To arrive, address bis comto conform theinselves to the dispopanions in arms, and to dispose them sitions concluded on, and the measures to adopt his sentiments, were for him which have been taken, or who may only the work of a moment. dare to connteract them in anywise,

The minister of war, apprised by will have to reproach themselves the colonel of the disposition of the for the rigid and disagreeable conse- inhabitants and troops, although ill, quences whiidlı will unavoidably result quitted his bed to put himself at the to them.

head of this holy insurrection. His “Given under the signature of our whole suite followed him, and his zeał own hand, at Berlin, the 27th of Jan- was well rewarded by the gratitude vary, 1806.

of his fellow-citizens. Soon after ge(L. S.) “FREDERICK WILLIAM. nerals Ferou and Vaval followed his VON HARDENBURG." generous example. Colonel Brune

also conducted bin self perfectly in

this crisis. Revolution in St. Domingo. Nar “After having formed all his dis

ratire of the Haytian Campaign positions, the minister set out from against Tyranny, from the 13th to L'Anse a Veau, with the 15th and the 16th of October, 1806. 16tb demi-brigade, and advanced to

wards Mirajoune. On the next day "A horrible crime was about to be he had a conversation with general committed in the department of the Gayon, who was encamped at Little south; thousands of victims were on Goave, and finding him favourable to the point of being sacrificed to the his designs, every thing was agreed suspicion, or the ferocity rather, of upon; but still this generał would not Dessalines. General Moreau, and the conclude any thing uotil the arrival


of general Petion, with whose senti- general Petion, in the name of their ments he was previously acquainted. constituents, that the deaths of DessaColonel Lamane, and all the troops lines and Germain were necessary for of his division, were also of the same the preservation of liberty; that the inclination. General Ambroise, though soldiers were resolved to do their duty; iucli indisposed, and scarcely able to that the planters would take care of stand, repaired, notwithstanding, to the plain, and that they would besides Leogane, on the first intelligence of engage to keep the tyrant ignorant of these movements, in order to be able the measures which it was necessary to confer with general Petion on the to adopt against him. They kept their part he was to take. They scarcely words; Dessalines crossed the plain, met, when they fully agreed. without receiving information from

"On the 15th, at noon, general any one of the disposition of the army. Petion arrived at Little Goave, where This event confirms the observation, he was received by the army with the that tyrants have numbers of flatterers, enthusiasm he merited. The two di- but no friends. visions having joined, marched direct “Dessalineș, who was ignorant of for great Goave, where general this, and who had not the least susGermain waited for his brigade, picion of our arrival at Port-auHaving been surrounded, he affected Prince, pursued his journey with the to decide in our favour; but it was most perfect security. At eight in the soon perceived that he only wished to morning he had reached our advanced gain time.

posts without perceiving it, and it was “The same day we proceeded to only when they proceeded to arrest Leogane; and the next morning, with bim, that he perceived he was not in the 11th, 12th, 15th, 16th, 21st, and the midst of his friends. He then 24th demi-brigades, and three squa- endeavoured to escape, and in the drons of dragoons, we were in pos- attempt received the blow which put session, at four o'clock, of Port-au- an end to his life and his crimes. ColoPrince,

nel Maardie, who wished to defend “The conduct of general Germain him, also fell on this occasion, but becoming more suspicious, and fears with general regret. On the part of being entertained that he would escape the enemy there were also a few perby night, he was arrested.

sons wounded; our loss was one man “At ten at night we were apprised killed. by a traveller of the approach of a “Such were the operations of the battalion of the 3d, from Archliaye, army. Four days were sufficient to and forming the advanced guard of crown it with perfect success. Dessalines. Everything was prepared “ This great event, which will confor their reception. They arrived, tribute an æra in human revolutions, and surrendered without the least re will proclaiın to the astonished world sistance, in consequence of the vigor. the energy of an oppressed people, ous measures adopted by general and attract to us the admiration and Gayon.

esteen) of all pations. “A deputation from the soldiers “On the 18th, at nine in the mornand planters of the plain of Cul de ing, Te Deum will be sung in celebraSac, cane at midnight to declare to tion of this memorable day, which

Uu 2


has been the fall of tyranny and tlie the freedom of commerce in our ports, resuscitation of liberty,

that it offers facilities to you which (Sigued) Gerin, minister of war and cannot be granted by any other gomarine.

vernment. It is of no consequence Petion, general comman- under what colours you may appear:

dant of the second division the protection of your property, the of the west.

security of your persons, and a rigid GAYON, VAVAL, generals maintenance of the laws, in every of brigade.

thing that relates to you, are gliaranBrunet, intendant general teed to you on the faith of govern

and head of the staff. ment. Solid regulations, and dictated Head-quarters,, Port-au-Prince, by wisdom-duties arranged in pro. 17th October, 1806."

portion to the difficulties that you may

experience in gaining our ports, are Address of the Government of Hayti equitably collected ; great dispatch to the Commerce of Neutral Na- of integrity in the direction of the

expediting your vessels; with men tions,

public offices-such are the changes “ The inhabitants of Hayti had on which you may have a perfect re. scarce delivered themselves from the liance. The government is firmly French yoke, than they had another persuaded, that where a reciprocal hydra to destroy, which they had advantage does not prevail, there can nourished, in their own bosom. be no commerce. It has already diTheir whole attention is now turned rected the suppression of exclusive to the cultivation of that valuable pro- consignments; of the tax on the price duce which the mercantile part of of articles; of the privileges granted Europe obtains at a great expence for the sale of coffee, as well as the from the most distant countries. Our obligation to take cargoes of sugar, persevering industry has procured us &c. Every one will be at liberty to a most abundant recompence for our sell and to buy on the conditions that laborious exertions. The riches of he shall judge most for his advantage. our soil offer a most pleasing prospect Those regulations, produced by ig. to your speculations. Our ware- norance, will no longer offer imhouses, filled with all the productions pediments to your speculations; your of the Antilles, only wait the arrival confidence will be no longer forced in of your mercantile fleets, to make an favour of individuals who were equally exchange for the manufactures of strangers to you, and to the welfare which we stand in need, of those of their country. Your friends, your which you require. If a system, un own particular factors, shall have the favourable to the progress of com- possession of your property; and the merce, has hitherto interposed to pre- government engages to grant them all vent its success among us, that disas- the protection which they can desire. trous influence will shortly cease, The The sanguinary horrors which have imposture is dissipated, the phantom too notoriously marked the comhas disappeared, and all the illusions mencement of a cruel reign, will no that hovered round it are dispersed. more renew the sad spectacle of scenes So far is our government, in its pre- that are past, Come with perfect sent regenerated state, from opposing confidence to traffic in our ports:


wards you.

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come and exchange the fruits of these favourable dispositions, which your industry for our riches; and your connections with us will conbe persuaded that you will never firm more and more. Whatever have cause to repent of a reliance may be the number of your vessels, ou our promises.

whatever inay be the extent of your At the same time, while the speculations for our ports, entertain government is exerting all its efforts not the least apprehension that you to procure you the advantages of a will not acquire a certain profit. brilliant commerce, it requires of An abundant harvest, commodities your agents the same loyalty and already prepared wait your coming, good faith, which it will exercise to- and the certainty of an immediate

It also expresses its sale of your cargo is assured you. hope, that the base conduct of the “ Given at the Cape, Oct. 24, privateers of Louisiana will not be 1806, in the third year of the inde: imitated, and that it will bave no pendence of Hayli. cause to regret that its too great “ The chief of the government of confidence has been abused.

Hayti, “ The ports are the Cape, Fort “ HENRY CHRISTOPHE. Dauphin, Port-de-Paix, the Go By his excellency the secretary naives, Saint Mark, Port-au-Prince, of the government, the Cayes, Jeremie, and Jacmel, " RONANEZ, the younger." where you may send your cargoes with the certainty of an advantageous return.

“ The well-known exaclness with Revolution in St. Domingo. Adwhich the government of Hayti ac

dress of the Army of Hayti to

the General in Chief, Henry quits ils engagements is a solemn pledge for the execution of the trea

Christophe. ties it may enter into with you. Notwithstanding the misfortunes “ Tyranny has been destroyed which preceded our independence, along with the tyrant ! Liberty reand the disastrous wars which it na- vives! Since the 17th we have been turally produced, the means of go- free---striking example of revoluvernment have never failed of keeping tions effected by Machiavelism, and pace with its wants. Such is the which proves that a people long in astonishing extent of our immense bondage, if once made acquainted resources, that even the vices of the with their own strength, though they preceding administration did not pre- may suffer themselves to be abused vent the liquidation of all its con- for a time, by those they believed tracts. Judge then what will now capable of putting them in the enbe our prospects as well as yours, joyment of their efforts, yet it will when a wise economy shall take the never be possible to shut their eyes place of prodigality, and an equitable against their true interests ; the incollection of the revenues will deter- cessant agitations which have suco mine the rights of government as ceeded each other have sufficiently well as those of individuals. Haste proved this, and that the object prothen to come and avail yourselves of posed had not yet been obtained

U u 3


8. d.

April 3.

€. For raising £.3,000,000, by loans or exchequer bills 3,000,000 0 0

May 8.
For raising £2,000,000 (Irish currency) by annuities

Irish Currency. or debentures, for the service of Ireland...

2,000,000 0 0 For raising £.500,000 (Irish currency) by treasury bills, for the service of Ireland...

500,000 0 0

June 30.
For applying £.4,500,000, part of the sum remaining

to be reccived on the 30th of May 1806, to complete
the sum of £.14,500,000 granted out of the pro.
duce of the war taxes for 1805.....

4,500,000 0.0

July 3.
For raising a certain sum by lotteries, to be applied

to the service of Great Britain and Ireland, in the
proportion of two-thirds for Great Britain, and
one-third for Ireland.

July 8.
For applying the sum of £.3,500,000 out of the mo.

pies that shall arise of the surplus of the consoli-
dated fund of Great Britain...

3,500,000 0 0 For applying £.18,000,000 arisen or to arise from the

duties and revenues charged by acts 43, 44, 45, and 46 Geo. III. for granting certain duties during the

18,000,000 0


January 1, 1807.
For continuing the duties on malt.
For raisiog four shillings in the pound upon pensions,

offices, and personal estates.
For continuing certain duties on sugar, malt, tobacco,

and snuff.

January 6. For raising 2.10,500,000 by loans or exchequer bills, for the service of Great Britain.

10,500,000 0 0 January 27.

Irish Currency. For raising £.1,000,000 Irish currency, for the ser. vice of Ireland..

1,000,000 0 0

March 5.
For raising £.14,200,000 by annuities, whereof the

charges of £.12,200,000 are to be defrayed on the
part of Great Britain, and of £.2,000,000 on the
part of Ireland, and for defraying the charges
created by the said £.12,200,000....

11,200,000 0 0


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