4 Each golden hour of beaming light

Is gilded by thy rays;
And dark affliction's midnight gloom

A present God surveys.

5 Full in thy view through life I pass,

And in thy view I die;
And, when each mortal bond is broke,

Shall find my God is nigh.

H. M.



God's Fidelity to his Promises.


The promises I sing

Which sovereign love hath spoke ;
Nor will the Eternal King

His words of grace revoke;
They stand secure, Not Zion's hill
And steadfast still; Abides so sure.


The mountains melt away

When once the Judge appears,
And sun and moon decay

That measure mortal years ;
But still the same,

The promise shines In radiant lines, Through all the flame.

3 Their harmony shall sound

Through mine attentive ears,
When thunders cleave the ground,

And dissipate the spheres ;
Midst all the shock I'stand serene,
Of that dread scene, Thy word my rock.


The Mighty God our Refuge.

1 THE Lord Jehovah, slow to wrath,
In awful glory holds his seat;
In storms and whirlwinds hides his path,
And treads the clouds beneath his feet.

L. M.

2 He chides the sea, and it is dry!
He smites the streams, they waste away!
Carmel's and Bashan's pastures die,
And flowers of Lebanon decay.

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C. M.

3 The mountains shake beneath his look;
Hills melt, earth's old foundations burn:
What might can stand his fierce rebuke,
Which bids the rocks to overturn!

4 How safe are they who trust his power,
Who fix their hearts and hopes above!
He is their shield in danger's hour,
And heals their sorrows with his love.


Eternal Dominion of God.


1 GREAT God, how infinite art thou!
How frail and weak are we!
Let the whole race of creatures bow,
And pay their praise to thee.

2 Thy throne eternal ages stood,
Ere seas or stars were made:
Thou art the ever-living God,
Were all the nations dead.

3 Eternity, with all its years,

Stands present in thy view;
To thee there's nothing old appears;

Great God! there's nothing new.
Our lives through varying scenes are drawn,

And vexed with trifling cares, While thine eternal thought moves on

Thine undisturbed affairs.

5 Great God, how infinite art thou !

How frail and weak are we!
Let the whole race of creatures bow,

And pay their praise to thee.

L. M.


Deliverances acknowledged.
i God of my life! whose gracious power

Through varied deaths my soul has led,
Or turned aside the fatal hour,

Or lifted up my sinking head!
2 In all my ways thy hand I own,

Thy ruling providence I see:
Assist me still my course to run,

And still direct my paths to thee. 3 Whither, O whither should I fly,

But to my loving Father's breast,
Secure within thine arms to lie,

And safe beneath thy wings to rest ? 4 I have no skill the snare to shun,

But thou, O God! my wisdom art;
I ever into ruin run;
But thou art greater than my heart.

5 Foolish and impotent and blind,
Lead me a way I have not known;
Bring me where I my heaven may find,
The heaven of loving thee alone.


God our Almighty Help. Psalm 127.

1 VAINLY, through night's weary hours,
Keep we watch lest foes alarm;
Vain our bulwarks and our towers,
But for God's protecting arm.

8 & 7s. M.

2 Vain were all our toil and labor, Did not God that labor bless; Vain without his grace and favor

Every talent we possess.


3 Vainer still the hope of heaven, That on human strength relies;. But to him shall help be given

Who in humble faith applies.

Seek we then the Lord's anointed,

He shall grant us peace and rest; Ne'er was suppliant disappointed Who through Christ his prayer addressed

C. M.


Universal Goodness of God.

1 LORD, thou art good! all nature shows
Its mighty Author kind:

Thy bounty through creation flows,
Full, free, and unconfined.


. The whole in every part proclaims

Thy infinite good-will;
It shines in stars, and flows in streams,

And bursts from every hill.
3 We view it o'er the spreading main,

And heavens which spread more wide; It drops in gentle showers of rain,

And rolls in every tide. 4 Long hath it been diffused abroad,

Through ages past and gone; Nor ever can exhausted be,

But still keeps flowing on. 5 Through the whole earth it pours supplies,

Spreads joy through every part: O may such love attract my eyes,

And captivate my heart!
6 My highest admiration raise,

My best affections move!
Employ my tongue in songs of praise,

And fill my heart with love!

L. M.

Goodness of God to Soul and Body. Psalm 103.
Bless, O my soul, the living God,
Call home thy thoughts that rove abroad;
Let all the powers within me join

In work and worship so divine.
2 Bless, O my soul, the God of grace;

His favors claim thy highest praise;
Why should the wonders he hath wrought
Be lost in silence, and forgot?

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