5 They knew to whom their trust was given,
They could not doubt his word;
Before them beamed the light of heaven,
The presence of their Lord.

S. M.


Thanks for all Saints.


1 FOR all thy saints, O God,
Who strove in Christ to live,
Who followed him, obeyed, adored,
Our grateful hymn receive.

2 For all thy saints, O God,
Accept our thankful cry,

Who counted Christ their great reward,
And strove in him to die.

3 They all, in life and death,
With him, their Lord, in view,
Learned from thy Holy Spirit's breath
To suffer and to do.

4 For this, thy name we bless,
And humbly beg that we
May follow them in holiness,
And live and die in thee.

C. M.


"We look for new heavens and a new earth."

1 WE wait in faith, in prayer we wait,

Until the happy hour

When God shall ope the morning gate,

By his almighty power.


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2 We wait in faith, and turn our face
To where the daylight springs;

Till Christ shall come earth's gloom to chase,
With healing on his wings.

3 And even now, amid the gray,
The East is brightening fast,
And kindling to that perfect day
Which never shall be past

4 We wait in faith, we wait in prayer,
Till that blest day shall shine,
When earth shall fruits of Eden bear,
And all, O God, be thine!

5 O, guide us till our night is done!
Until, from shore to shore,
Thou, Lord, our everlasting sun,
Art shining evermore!


The Christian Zion. Psalm 48.

C. M.

1 WITH stately towers and bulwarks strong,
Unrivalled and alone,
Loved theme of many a sacred song,
God's holy city shone.

2 Thus fair was Zion's chosen seat,
The glory of all lands;
Yet fairer, and in strength complete,
The Christian temple stands.

3 The faithful of each clime and age
This glorious Church compose;
Built on a rock, with idle rage
The threatening tempest blows.

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4 In vain may hostile bands alarm,
For God is her defence;
How weak, how powerless each arm,
Against Omnipotence!

7s. M.


Future Glory of the Church. Psalm 67.

1 ON thy Church, O Power Divine,
Cause thy glorious face to shine;
Till the nations from afar
Hail her as their guiding star;
Till her sons, from zone to zone,
Make thy great salvation known.


2 Then shall God, with lavish hand,
Scatter blessings o'er the land;
Earth shall yield her rich increase,
Every breeze shall whisper peace,
And the world's remotest bound
With the voice of praise resound.

L. M.


• Final Acceptance of all the Righteous.

1 FROM north and south, from east and west,
Advance the myriads of the blest:
From every clime of earth they come,
And find in heaven a common home.


2 In one immortal throng we view
Pagan and Christian, Greek and Jew;
But, all their doubts and darkness o'er,
One only God they now adore.

3 Howe'er divided here below,
One bliss, one spirit, now they know;
Though some ne'er heard of Jesus' name,
Yet God admits their honest claim.

4 On earth, according to their light,
They aimed to practise what was right;
Hence all their errors are forgiven,
And Jesus welcomes them to heaven.





Offering of Children in Baptism.

1 SEE Israel's gentle Shepherd stand,
With all-engaging charms;

C. M.


Hark! how he calls the tender lambs,
And folds them in his arms!

2 "Permit them to approach," he cries,
"Nor scorn their humble name;
For 't was to bless such souls as these
The Lord of angels came."

3 We bring them, Lord, in thankful hands,
And yield them up to thee;
Joyful, that we ourselves are thine,
Thine let our offspring be.

4 If orphans they are left behind,
God's guardian care we trust:
That care shall heal our bleeding hearts,
If weeping o'er their dust.

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