Close of the Year.

1 O GOD! to thee our hearts would pay

Their gratitude sincere,
Whose love hath kept us, night and day,
Throughout another year.

C. M.

2 Of every breath, and every power, Thou wast the gracious source; From thee came every happy hour

Which smiled along its course.


3 And if sometimes across our path
A cloud its shadows threw,
Thou didst not waft it there in wrath,
But loving-kindness true.

4 For joy and grief alike we pay
Our thanks to thee above;
And only pray to grow each day
More worthy of thy love.

C. M.


Reflections for a New Year. Psalm 90.

1 REMARK, my soul, the narrow bounds
Of the revolving year;

How swift the weeks complete their rounds!
How short the months appear!

Dec 31, 6ir.


2 So fast eternity comes on,
And that important day,
When all that mortal life has done
God's judgment shall survey.

3 Yet like an idle tale we pass
The swift advancing year;
And study artful ways to increase
The speed of its career.

4 Waken, O God, my trifling heart,
Its great concern to see;
That I may act the Christian part,
And give the year to thee.

5 Thus shall their course more grateful roll, If future years arise;

Or this shall bear my peaceful soul
To joy that never dies.

L. M.


For the Beginning or End of the Year.

1 My helper, God! I bless his name;
The same his power, his grace the same:
The tokens of his friendly care
Open, and crown, and close the year.
2 I midst ten thousand dangers stand,
Supported by his guardian hand;
And see, when I survey my ways,
Ten thousand monuments of praise.


3 Thus far his arm hath led me on;
Thus far I make his mercy known;
And, while I tread this desert land,
New blessings shall new songs demand.


Prayer for the Slave.

1 LORD! deliver; thou canst save;
Save from evil, Mighty God!
Hear, O hear the kneeling slave!
Break, O break the oppressor's rod.

78. M.

2 He, whose ear is everywhere,
Who doth silent sorrow see,
Will regard the captive's prayer,
Will from bondage set him free.


3 From the tyranny within,

Save thy children, Lord! we pray;
Chains of iron, chains of sin,
Cast, for ever cast away.

4 Love to man and love to God
Are the weapons of our war;
These can break the oppressor's rod,-
Burst the bonds that we abhor.

C. M.


The Redeeming Power of Love.

1 O NOT to crush with abject fear The burdened soul of man Did Jesus on the earth appear,


And open Heaven's high plan: He came to bid him find repose, And God his Father know; And thus with love to raise up That once were bowed low.

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2 O not in coldness nor in pride
His holy path he trod;"

'T was his delight to turn aside
And win the lost to God,
And unto sorrowing guilt disclose
The fount whence peace should flow,
And thus with love to raise up those
That once were bowed low.

3 O not with cold, unfeeling eye
Did he the suffering view;
Not on the other side pass by,

And deem their tears untrue:
'T was joy to him to heal their woes,
And heaven's sweet refuge show,
And thus with love to raise up those
That once were bowed low.


Who is thy Neighbor?

1 WHO is thy neighbor? He whom thou
Hast power to aid or bless;
Whose aching heart or burning brow
Thy soothing hand may press.

C. M.

2 Thy neighbor?


T is the fainting poor, Whose eye with want is dim;

O enter thou his humble door,
With aid and peace for him.

3 Thy neighbor? He who drinks the cup
When sorrow drowns the brim;
With words of high, sustaining hope,
Go thou and comfort him.

4 Thy neighbor? 'T is the weary slave, Fettered in mind and limb;

He hath no hope this side the grave;
Go thou, and ransom him.

Thy neighbor? Pass no mourner by;
Perhaps thou canst redeem
A breaking heart from misery;
Go, share thy lot with him.

C. M.


Do good to the Poor for Christ's Sake.

1 LORD, lead the way the Saviour went,
By lane and cell obscure,

And let our treasures still be spent,
Like his, upon the poor.


Like him through scenes of deep distress
Who bore the world's sad weight,
We, in their gloomy loneliness,
Would seek the desolate.

For thou hast placed us side by side
In this wide world of ill;

And that thy followers may be tried,
The poor are with us still.

4 Small are the offerings we can make;
Yet thou hast taught us, Lord,

If given for the Saviour's sake,
They lose not their reward.

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