Washington Medical Annals, Volum 8

Vol. 1-11, no. 3 "including medical miscellany"

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Side 333 - The President of the American Gynecological Society has appointed a committee to report at the next annual meeting in Washington, on the present status of obstetrical teaching in Europe and America, and to recommend improvements in the scope and character of the teaching of obstetrics in America.
Side 179 - Hazen clearly indicate that where one death from typhoid fever has been avoided by the use of a better water, a certain number of deaths, probably two or three, from other causes, have been avoided.
Side 182 - You have erased from the calendar of human afflictions one of its greatest. Yours is the comfortable reflection that mankind can never forget that you have lived : future nations will know by history only that the loathsome smallpox has existed, and by you has been extirpated.
Side 183 - Since the greatest of our national assets is the health and vigor of the American people, our efficiency must depend on national vitality even more than on the resources of the minerals, lands, forests, and waters. The average length of human life in different countries varies from less than twenty-five to more than fifty years.
Side 172 - Koch's views on this subject are in substance as follows: (1) The tubercle bacilli of bovine tuberculosis are different from those of human tuberculosis. (2) Human beings may be infected by bovine tubercle bacilli, but serious diseases from this cause occur very rarely. (3) Preventive measures against tuberculosis should, therefore, be directed primarily against the propagation of human tubercle bacilli.
Side 433 - October 19, 1914, at 10 o'clock am, for the purpose of examining candidates for admission to the grade of assistant surgeon in the Public Health Service, when applications for examination at these stations are received in the Bureau.
Side 433 - B street SE., Washington, DC, Monday, January 20, 1908, at 10 o'clock am, for the purpose of examining candidates for admission to the grade of assistant surgeon in the Public Health and Marine-Hospital Service.
Side 192 - A disease, however much its cause may be adverse to the human body, is nothing more than an effort of Nature, who strains with might and main to restore the health of the patient, by the elimination of the morbific matter.
Side 101 - The sweat-glands are abundant over the whole skin, but they are most numerous on the palm of the hand and on the sole of the foot. They are...
Side 332 - Praise Your Brother Club" in the American Medical Association, with no dues or other requirements except that each member pledge himself never to speak unkindly or in criticism of a brother physician to the laity except that physician be also present. Let us renew our vows and wear buttons to show that we mean to keep them.

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