3 When He liv'd on earth abased,

“Friend of Sinners” was His name; Now above all glory raised,

He rejoices in the same :
Saints He calls His “ brethren, friends,"
And to all their wants attends.

4 01 for grace our hearts to soften;

Teach us, Saviour, love for love ;
We, alas ! forget too often,

What a Friend we have above:
Thus may all Thy saints be taught,
How to love Thee as they ought.

XIV.-8, 8, 6. bis.
1 We bless Thee, O Thou great Amen!
Jehovah's pledge to sinful men,

Confirming all His word !
Doubtful no promises remain,
For all are Yea, and all Amen,

In Thee, our faithful Lord.

2 How great the grace of God to bless
By Thee, the Lord our righteousness!

By Thee, we say again:
For to us all things thus are sure,
Through life, in death, and evermore,

By Thee, the Great Amen.

3 O faithful Witness of our God,
Who cam'st by water and by blood !

In Thee (the Holy One)
God's record doth for ever stand,
Of life eternal, from His hand,

To all in Thee the Son.

4 Gladly His promises we hear,
For God's "Amen” dispels all fear,

His faithfulness it proves;
And while such grace from God is shown,
To His Amen, we add our own :

For our Amen He loves.


1 Children of God, in age or youth, Who live by Christ, the God of truth

Secure in Him remain;
Make Him what He is made to you,
Your Alpha and Omega too,

God's Christ is your Amen.

2 Nor less above, ye heav'nly host !
To Father, Son and Holy Ghost,

Give praise for ransom'd men;
For now to you, by them's made known,
The richest wisdom ever shown,

Thro' Christ, the Great Amen.

Secur'd in Him, the Church on High,
And saints below, may boldly cry,

Praise to our God Amen!
To God in Christ all praise be giv'n-
For evermore on earth, in heav'n,

Amen! Amen! Amen!

1 BRETHREN, let us join to bless

Jesus Christ, our joy and peace !
Let our praise to Him be giv’n,
High at God's right hand in heav'n.

2 Master, lo! to Thee we bow,

Thou art Lord, and only Thou:
Thou the virgin's blessed seed,
Thou the Church's glorious Head.

3 Thee the angels ceaseless sing,

Thee we praise, The Priest and King;
Worthy is Thy name of praise,
Full of glory, full of Grace !

4 Joyful tidings Thou hast brought,

Of salvation, by Thee wrought: Wrought for all Thy church, and we Worship in their company.


5 We, Thy little flock, adore

Thee, the Lord, for evermore!
Ever resting in Thy love,
'Till we join with those above.

XVII.-8, 7.

I SAVIOUR, come, Thy Saints are waiting,

Waiting for the nuptial day,
Thence their promis'd glory dating;
Come, and bear Thy saints away.

Come, Lord Jesus,
Thus Thy waiting people pray.

2 Base the wish, and vain th' endeavour,

While on earth to find our rest;
Till we see Thy face, we never
Shall or can be fully blest;

In Thy presence
Nothing shall our peace molest.


3 Lord, we wait for thine appearing ;

Tarry not" Thy people say;
Bright the prospect is, and cheering
Of beholding Thee that day;

When our sorrow
Shall for ever pass away.

4 Till it comes, O keep us steady,

Keep us walking in Thy ways;
At Thy call may we be ready,
And our Heads with triumph raise ;

Then with angels
Sing Thine everlasting praise.


How good is the God we adore,
Our faithful unchangeable Friend,
Whose love is as great as His power,
And knows neither measure nor end !

'Tis Jesus, the First and the Last, Whose Spirit shall guide us safe home; We'll praise Him for all that is past, And trust Him for all that 's to come.

XIX.-8,7. 1 Hall, Thou once-despised Jesus!

Hail, Thou Galilean king ! Thou didst suffer to release us;

Thou didst free salvation bring; Thro' Thy death and resurrection,

Bearer of our sin and shame! We enjoy Divine protection,

Life and glory through Thy name.

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