CCCXV.-8, 6.

1 AWAKE, ye saints, awake and watch,

The Bridegroom may be near;
How awful, should His coming catch

His people slumb'ring here !

2 They who are ready to attend

The Lord when He appears, With Him to glory shall ascend;

Eternal life is theirs.

3 With Him they shall sit down, and feast

On heav'n's unbounded store; Enjoy an everlasting rest,

And never hunger more.

4 When once the chamber door shall close,

'Tis sure beyond a doubt, No further hope remains for those

Who then are found without.

5 Awake, and be ye like to those

Who wait their Lord's return;
Awake, nor yield to that repose,

Whose end it is to mourn.


CCCXVI.-8, 7.

Jesus comes by crowds attended,

Heav'n the dazzling train supplies:
Call the dead ; the night is ended ;
Bid the sleeping dust arise:

Let the ransom'd
Join the Saviour in the skies.

2 'Tis the day so long expected;

Shout, ye saints, and triumph now;
See your Lord, by man rejected ;
Many crowns adorn His brow;

'Tis His triumph:
Ev'ry knee to Him shall bow.


1 Jesus, we hail Thee Israel's King;

To Thee our tribute, Lord, we bring;
Nor do we fear to bow the 'knee;
They worship God, who worship Thee.

2 Hail ! Israel's King, enthron'd in light,

Whose glory never shone more bright
Than when, by faithless friends betray'd,
Thy foes insulting homage paid.

3 Then did admiring angels see

Divine forbearance, Lord, in Thee;
With emphasis pronounce Thee good;
And heav'n and earth contrasted stood.

4 An object of contempt beneath,

And judg'd by men to suffer death;
By angels own'd, admir'd, ador'd,
The great, the everlasting Lord !

5 Reign, mighty Lord, for ever reign!

Thy cause throughout the world maintain;
Let Israel's God His triumphs spread,
And crowns of glory wreath His head!

CCCXVIII.—7, 7, 7, 7, 8, 8.

1 Sing aloud to God, our strength;

He has brought us hitherto;
He will bring us home at length;

This the Lord our God will do:
Doubt not, for His word is stable;
Fear not, for His arm is able.

2 Sing aloud to God, our strength;

Sing with wonder of His love;

Who can tell its breadth and length ?

Who below, or who above? Who its depth and height can measure ? "Tis a rich unbounded treasure !

3 Sing aloud to God, our strength;

He is with us where we go ;
Fear we not the journey's length,

Fear we not the mighty foe:
All our foes shall be defeated,
And our journey be completed.

CCCXIX.-8, 7, 8, 7, 7, 7.

1 In our Lord we have redemption,

Full remission in His blood;
From the curse entire exemption,

From the curse pronounc'd by God:
What a Saviour Jesus is !
O what love, what love is His !

2 Praise be His, all praise transcending,

Praise on earth, and praise in heav'n;
Praise through ages never-ending,

To the Lamb of God be giv'n:
He alone the Saviour is,
Everlasting praise be His.


1 Ours is a pardon bought with blood,

Amazing truth! the blood of One Who, without usurpation, could

Lay claim to heav'n's eternal throne.

2 No victim of inferior worth

Could ward the stroke that justice aim'd; For none but He, in heav'n or earth,

Could offer that which justice claim'd.

3 But He, the Lord of glory, came;

On yonder cross He bow'd His head; He suffer'd pain, He suffer'd shame,

And lay a pris'ner with the dead.

4 But lo! He rises from the grave,

And bears the greatest, sweetest name ; The Lord, almighty now to save,

From sin, from death, from endless shame.


I SAVIOUR, through the desert lead us,

Without Thee we cannot go ;

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