L.-8, 6.
For ever blessed be the Lord,

Our Saviour and our shield;
Who sends His Spirit with His word,

To arm us for the field.

2 When Sin and Hell their force unite,

He makes His church His care; Instructs us for the heav'nly fight,

And guards us through the war.

3 His help against the hostile Pow'rs

Doth our weak courage raise ; He makes the glorious vict'ry ours

Then His shall be the praise.

LI.-8, 6.
I Let sinners boast of sinful joys,

The poor delights of sense ; 'Tis Christ our inmost thoughts employs,

We draw our comforts thence.

2 With sweet contentment now we bid

Farewell to pleasures here; With Christ in God our life is hid,

And all its springs are there.

3 'Tis now conceal'd and lodg'd secure

In God's eternal Son;
From age to age it shall endure,

Though to the world unknown. 4 Then Lord, remove whate'er divides

Our lingering souls from Thee; 'Tis fit that where the Head resides

The members too should be.

1 Jesus only-He can give

Peace and comfort while we live ;
Jesus only can supply
Boldness if we're call'd to die;
Jesus shall our treasure be,
Through His own eternity:
He is now our nearest Friend,
And His love will never end !

LIII.-8, 7.
| Happy they who trust in Jesus;

Sweet their portion is, and sure,
When the foe on others seizes,
God will keep His own secure.

Happy people;
Happy, though despis’d and poor.

2 Since His love and mercy found us,

We are precious in His sight;
Thousands now may fall around us,
Thousands more be put to flight,

But His presence
Keeps us safe by day and night.

3 Lo! our Saviour never slumbers,

Ever watchful is His care;
Though we cannot boast of numbers,
In His strength secure we are.

Sweet their portion,
Who our Saviour's kindness share.

4 As the bird beneath her feathers,

Guards the objects of her care,
So the LORD His children gathers,
Spreads His wings and hides them there:

Thus protected,
All their foes they boldly dare.

LIV.-8, 7.
| Hark! ten thousand voices crying

“Lamb of God l" with one accord;
Thousand thousand saints replying,

Wake at once th’ echoing chord.

2 “Praise the Lamb,” the chorus waking,

All in heav'n together throng;
Loud and far each tongue partaking

Rolls around the endless song.

3 Grateful incense this, ascending

Ever to the Father's Throne; Ev'ry knee to Jesus bending,

All the mind in heav'n is one.

4 All the Father's counsels claiming

Equal honours to the Son,
All the Son's effulgence beaning,

Makes the Father's glory known.

5 By the Spirit all pervading,

Hosts unnumber'd round the Lamb, Crown'd with light and joy unfading,

Hail Him as the great “ I AM."

6 Joyful now the new creation

Rests in undisturb'd repose,
Blest in Jesu's full salvation,

Sorrow now, nor thraldom knows.

7 Hark! the heavenly notes again!

Loudly swells the song of praise ;
Throughout creation's vault, Amen!

Amen! responsive joy doth raise.

LV.-8, 6. | HOSANNA to the King of kings!

The great incarnate Word! Ten thousand songs and glories wait

To crown our coming Lord. 2 Thy vict'ries and Thy endless fame

Through the wide world shall run ; And everlasting ages sing

The triumphs Thou hast won.

LVI.-6, 6, 8, 6.
| ARISE, ye saints, arise,

The Lord our leader is:
The foe before His banner flies,

For victory is His.

2 Behold, He leads the way!

We'll follow where He goes,
We cannot fail to win the day

Since He subdues our foes.

3 Lead on, Almighty Lord,

Lead on to victory: Encourag'd by the bright reward,

With joy we follow Thee.

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