5 And if we change our place,
Yet shall we never cease

Praising His name;
But still the offering
Of praise to Him shall bring,
And without ceasing sing

Worthy the Lamb !"

VI.-7, 6.
O Jesus Christ, most holy-

Head of the Church, Thy bride,
In us each day more fully

Thy name be magnified !
O may, in each believer,

Thy love its pow'r display,
And none amongst us ever

From Thee, our Shepherd, stray!

VII.—8, 7. I "ABBA,” Father,-Lord! we call Thee,

(Hallow'd name !) from day to day;'Tis Thy children's right to know Thee,

None but children, “Abba,” say. This high glory we inherit,

Thy free gift, through Jesus' blood; God the Spirit, with our spirit,

Witnesseth we're Sons of God

2 Abba's purpose gave us being,

When in Christ, in that vast plan, Abba chose the church in Jesus,

Long before the world began;
O what love the Father bore us!

O how precious in His sight!
When He gave His church to Jesus !

Jesus, His whole soul's delight !

3 Though our nature's fall in Adam,

Seem'd to shut us out from God,
Thus it was His counsel brought us

Nearer still, thro' Jesus' blood;
For in Him we found redemption,

Grace and Glory in the Son,
O the height and depth of Mercy !

"Christ and the elect are one."


i Richest stores of Heav'nly blessings

God has giv'n in Christ, His Son-
With the Holy Spirit's power,

Safe to lead His children on.
"Abba," Father, makes all certain,

E'en by word, and oath, and blood ;--
Abba saith, “They are My children,"

And they say, "Our Abba 's GOD."

2 Hence, through all the changing seasons,

Trouble, sorrow, sickness, woe, Nothing changeth God's affection,

Abba's love shall bring us through. Soon shall all the blood-bought children,

Round the throne their anthems raise ; And, in songs of rich salvation,

Shout to Abba endless praise.


'Abba,” Father! Lord, we'll call Thee,

Abba 'll sound through all the host; All in heav'n and earth adoring,

Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!

IX.-7, 6.

| ERE God had built the mountains,

Or rais'd the fruitful hills,
Before He fill'd the fountains,

That feed the running rills;
In Thee, from everlasting,

The wonderful I AM
Found pleasures never wasting,

And Wisdom is Thy name.

2 When like a tent to dwell in,

He spread the skies abroad,
And swath'd about the swelling

Of ocean's mighty flood:
He wrought by weight and measure;

And Thou wast with Him then:
Thyself the Father's pleasure,

And Thine, the sons of men.

3 Thus Wisdom's works discover

Thy glory and Thy grace,
Thou everlasting Lover

Of our unworthy race!
Thy gracious eye survey'd us

Ere stars were seen above;
In wisdom Thou hast made us,
And died for us in love.

I COME, let us join our cheerful songs

With angels round the throne: Ten thousand thousand are their tongues,

But all their joys are one.



'Worthy the Lamb that died,” they cry,

To be exalted thus:" “Worthy the Lamb,” our lips reply,

For He was slain for us."

3 Jesus is worthy to receive

Honour and pow'r divine:
And blessings more than we can give,

Be, Lord, for ever Thine.

4 Let all that dwell above the sky,

A joyful anthem raise,
Join to exalt Thy glories high,

And speak Thine endless praise.

5 Redeem'd creation join in one,

To bless the sacred name
Of Him that sits upon the throne,

And to adore the Lamb.

XI.-10, 10, 11, 11.

I Though troubles assail,

And dangers affright,
Though friends should all fail,

And foes all unite:
Yet one thing secures us

Whatever betide,
The Scripture assures us,

The LORD will provide.

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