A Christian Knight's: Prayer Book and Devotional Guide

AuthorHouse, 20. jan. 2001 - 108 sider
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From the author of The Third Shift: Managing Hard Choices in Our Careers, Homes and Lives as Women: a new guide for women executives and their companies

After decades in which women have been killing themselves trying to break into the executive suite, thousands of carefully recruited, groomed and talented women are "opting out" and leaving corporate America. What went wrong? More to the point, what can be done to stem this growing "talent stampede"?

Based upon a unique study of dozens of executive women and senior human resources professionals, Bolton identifies why three distinct groups of women are looking for new kinds of career satisfaction that call for serious, yet feasible workplace reform:

"Gamers:" --Younger " Gen X" women seeking better work-life balance:

"Traders:" Mid-career executives looking for new challenges and assignments:

" Faders:" Baby Boomers transitioning from conventional, full-time corporate careers.

In clear, business-like prose, Bolton demystifies this "talent stampede" and delivers on the promise of a retention partnership, describing in detail over one dozen affordable, sensible practices that companies must take to retain their precious female talent.

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