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MEASURING CORN. The following rule for ascertaining the quantity of shelled corn in a house of any dimensions, is by Wm. Murray, Esq., of South Carolina, and was read before the St. John's Colleton Agricultural Society, and communicated by them for publication in the Southern Agriculturalist. Rule.—Having previously levelled the corn in the house so that it will be of equal depth throughout, ascertain the length and breadth and depth of the bulk; multiply these dimensions together, and their products by 4, then cut off one figure from the right of this last product. This will give so many bushels and a decimal of a bushel of shelled corn. If it be required to find the quantity of ear corn, substitute 8 for 4, and cut off one figure as before.

Example.—In a bulk of com in the ear measuring 12 feet long, 11 feet broad and 6 feet deep, there will be 316 bushels and 8-10ths of a bushel of shelled com, or 633 and 6-lOths bushels of ear corn, as:


The decimal 4 is used when the object is to find the quantity in shelled com, because that decimal is half of the decimal 8, and it requires two bushels of ear corn to make one of shelled com. In using these rules a half a bushel may be added for every hundred; that amount of ears results from the substitution of the decimals.

AMERICAN COTTON.—RUSSIAN PORTS. The Chamber of Commerce and Manufactures of Amsterdam has published a notice to the effect, that according to arrangements made by the emperor of Russia, in concert with the Danish government, American cotton, no matter under what flag, and coming from any European port excepting those of the Mediterranean, will be henceforth admitted into the Russian ports in the Baltic, without being furnished with clean bills of health, delivered by the Danish quarantine officers. The American origin of the cotton must be proved by the requisite certificates delivered by the Russian consuls in the ports from which it is consigned, or, in the absence of consuls, by certificates of the local authorities.



Census of each town and county in the State of New Hampshire, for 1840, compared with that of 1830, derived from official returns.

Towns. 1830.

Allenstown, 483

Andover, 1,324

Boscawen, 2,093

Bow, 1,065

Bradford, 1,285

Canterbury, 1,663

Chichester, 1,084

Concord 3,727

Dunbarton, 1,067

Epsom, 1,418

Franklin, 1,370

Henniker, 1,725

Hooksett, 880

Amherst, 1,657

Antrim 1,309

Bedford 1,554

Brookline 627

Deering 1,227

Franccstown, 1,540

Goffstown, 2,213

Greenfield, 946

Hancock, 1,316

Hillsboro' 1,792

Hollis 1,501

Hudson, 1,282

Litchfield, 505

Lyndeboro', 1,147

Manchester, 887

Mason, 1,433

Albany, 325

Alton, 1,993

Barnstead, 2,047

Barrington, 1,895

Brookfield, 671

Centre Harbor, 577

Chatham, 419

Conway, 1,601

Dover, 5,549

Durham, 1,606

Eaton, 1,432

Effingham 1,911

Farmington, 1,464


Gilmanton 3,816

Gilford 1,370

Lee, 1,009

Madbury, 510

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'Separated from Effingham after the census of 1830 was taken.

Alstead 1,559

Chesterfield 2,046

Dublin, 1,218

Fitzwilliam, 1,229

Gilsum 642

Hinsdale, 937

Jaffrey, 1,354

Keene, 2,374

Marlborough, 822

Marlow, 645

Nelson, 875

Richmond, 1,301

Alexandria, 1,083

Bath 1,626

Bethlehem, 665

Bridgewater, 783

Bristol 799

Campton, 1,318

Canaan, 1,428

Coventry, 441

Dame's Gore,

Danbury, 785

Dorchester, 702

Ellsworth, 234

En6eld, 1,492

Franconia, 443

Grafton 1,207

Groton, 689

Hanover, 2,361

Haverhill, 2,153

Hebron, 538

Hill 1,090

Holderness 1,429

Aeworth, 1,401

Charlestown, 1,778

Claremont, 2,526

Cornish, 1,687

Croydon, 1,057

Goshen 772

Grantham, 1,079

Langdon, 667

Lempster, 999

Bartlett, 644

Berlin, 73


Carroll, 108

Clarksville, 88

Colcbrook 542

College Grant,

Columbia, 422

Crawford's Grant,

Dalton, 532

Dummer, 65


Errol 30

Gorham, Ill

Hart's Location, Hale's Location, Indian Stream,

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Atkinson, 558

Brentwood 891

Candia, 1,362

Chester, 2,089

Danville 528

Deerfield, 2,086

Derry, 2,178

East Kings' 442

Epping, 1,268

Exeter, 2,759

Gosport 103

Greenland, 681

Hampstcad, 913

Hampton, 1,103

Hamp. Falls, 582

Kensington, 712

Kingston, 929

Londonderry, 1,469

New Castle, 850

Countiet. 1840.

Rockingham, 44,552

Strafford 58,916

Merrimack, 34,619

Hillsborough 37,762

Cheshire, 27,016

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Increase in ten years,

In the foregoing there are 2 males and 7 females over 100 years, 94 males and 167 females between 90 and 100. The oldest person is a female 110 years of age, residing in Brookfield. Total number of males, 139,326; females, 145,155. There are 67,935 engaged in agriculture, 1,382 in commerce, 17,706 in manufactures and trades, 497 in navigation of the ocean, 209 in navigation of lakes and rivers, 1,422 in the learned professions, 1,403 pensioners, 179 deaf and dumb, 154 blind, 177 insane and idiots at public charge, 308 insane and idiots at private charge, 2 universities and colleges with 430 students, 68 academies with 5,746 scholars, 2,110 common schools with 81,890 scholars. Only 927 persons over twenty years of age, who cannot read or write.

Colored persons—males, 249; females, 281; who are included in the foregoing total number.

The population of the state in 1800 was 183,858; in 1810,214,460; in 1820,244,161; in 1830, 269,633. The population in 1840 is 284,480. The gain in the ten years previous to 1830, was 24,152; the gain in the last ten years was only 14,848.

The increase in twenty-three manufacturing towns, viz: Exeter, Newmarket, Salem, Dover, Gilford, Meredith, Rochester, Somersworth, Concord, Hooksett, Northfield, Pittsfield, Goffstown, Manchester, Milford, Nashua, Petersborough, Fitzwilliam, Keene, Claremont, Wendell, Bristol and Littleton, is 15,055, being more than the entire increase of the state.

The increase of forty-four agricultural towns is 7,062.

Fifty-five towns present a diminution each of over fifty persons.

It may be remarked, that for a larger portion of the increase of the manufacturing towns, there will be a corresponding decrease in most of the towns surrounding them— going to show that the manufacturing villages engross the business and population of the towns in their vicinity.


1. A Table, showing the official value of the Exports and Imports of Great Britain for the last eighty-two years, from 1760 to 1841. Compiled with care for the MerChants' Magazine, by Mr. S. F. Urquhart, author of the " Historical and Mercantile Guide."


BANK OF ENGLAND. Quarterly Average of the Weekly Liabilities and Assets of the Bank of England, from the 18th of August to the 10th of November, 1840, both inclusive.


Circulation, .£16,798,000 Securities £22,319,000

Deposits, 6,896,000 Bullion, 3,729,000

£23,194,000 £26,048,000 VOL. IV.—NO. III. 36

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