The total number of arrivals in the year 1839, was 1,065 vessels—357,659 tong thus showing an increase already, this year, of 65 vessels—30,789 tons.

Comparative Statement of Clearances.

Vessels. 1840_October 3,.....

911 1839–October 5,.....


[blocks in formation]

Increase in favor of 1840,...

91 33,906 The total amount of clearances in 1839, was 1,120 vessels369,689 tons.

The following statement shows the quantity of four exported from the port of Que. bes, from the opening of the navigation to the 3d November, inclusive : To Liverpool...

bbls. 63,944 To London,..

12,507 To Hull,..

5,735 To Bristol,

1,609 To Glasgow,

19,594 To Greenock,

14,253 To other ports,....

629 Total to the United Kingdom,...,

118,271 To the lower ports and West Indies, ...........

13,281 Total exported,..........

131,552 In 1839, the total export of four was as follows: To Great Britain,......

bbls. 13,823 To Ireland,...

100 To British North American Colonies,

30,851 To British West Indies,.

2,028 To Cuba,....

1,625 Total in 1839,

48,427 Showing an increase, already, in favor of 1840, of 83,125 barrels.

OIL IMPORTED INTO THE UNITED STATES. A Table, exhibiting the quantity of Sperm Oil imported into the United States in each

year, from 1815 to 1839, inclusive, with the average price per gallon.

[blocks in formation]

It will be seen by the following statement of the Whale Fishery of the United States for 1839, that the imports of sperm oil exceed those of 1838 by 12,164 bbls., while it VOL. IV.NO. I.


falls short of 1837, 41,005 bbls. The imports of whale oil for 1839 fall short of 1838 by 5,187 bbls., and exceed those of 1837 by 8.413 bhls.

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BEACONS ON THE GOODWIN SANDS The following has been transmitted to the Department of State by the consul of the United States at London :

Trinity House, London, 21st October, 1840. Safety Beacon.-Notice is hereby given, that a beacon has been experimentally pla: ced upon the southeastern part of the Goodwin Sands, with the object of affording means of safety to persons who may unfortunately suffer shipwreck upon parts of these dangerous Sands, from which this beacon is accessible at low water; and mariners are hereby cautioned, that being situate a considerable distance within the southeastern edge of the sand, this beacon is not, on any account, to be regarded as a beacon of direction; and they will observe that from it,

The South Sand Head light vessel bears SW. by W. westerly. Distant about 67 miles.

The South Foreland upper lighthouse, WSW. I W.
The Gull light vessel, NW. # N. northerly. Distant about 3f miles.
The Goodwin light vessel, NE. by N. Distant about 5f miles.

Warning Beacon.—Notice is also given, that a beacon for direction is now preparing, and will be placed with all practicable expedition upon the Eastern Spit of the Goodwin Sands, which forms the south point of the Swatchway, leading the Trinity Bay from the eastward : farther particulars respacting which will be duly notified.

CAPE OF GOOD HOPE CHARGES AND CUSTOMS' DUES. Port Charges at Table and Simon's Bays, (Algoa Bay free.)—On vessels touching for refreshment only, 2 d. per ton. On vessels touching for the purpose of trade, 410 per ton. For a copy of the port regulations, 3s. For a port clearance, 7s. 6d.

Custom House Dues at the Ports of Table Bay, Simon's Bay, and Port Elizabeth.For the entrance or clearance of a vessel, 6s. Landing or shippi

cargo, 158. Lands ing or shipping part cargo, 78. 6d. For the clearance of a coaster, Is. 6d. Landing or shipping cargo of the same, 3s. Permit to land or ship merchandise under £7 10s., 9d. Permit to land or ship merchandise above £7 10s., 1s. 6d. For manifest of export cargo, ls. 6d. For manifest stamps on goods outwards, from 1 to 10 tons; 7s. 6d. ; from 10 to 20 tons, 15s.; from 20 to 50 tons, £1 10s. 50 tons and upwards, £2 5s.—(Goods inwards exempt from stamps.) It is not the practice to charge double tonnage dues on ships which do not land and ship a greater quantity than five tons of cargo.


NAVIGATION OF STEAM VESSELS. The following official notice, for the benefit of mariners, has been transmitted to the Department of State, at Washington; by the consul of the United States at London :

TRINITY House, London, Oct. 30, 1840. The attention of this corporation having been directed to the numerous, severe, and in some instances fatal, accidents which have resulted from the collision of vessels navigated by steam; and it appearing to be indispensably necessary, in order to guard against the recurrence of similar calamities, that a regulation should be established for the guidance and government of persons intrusted with the charge of such vessels ; and

Whereas the recognised Rule for sailing vessels is
That those having the wind fair shall give way to those on a wind;

That, when both are going by the wind, the vessel on the starboard tack shall keep her wind, and the one on the larboard tack bear up, thereby passing each other on the larboard hand;

That when both vessels have the wind large or a-Beam, and meet, they shall pass each other in the same way on the larboard hand, to effect which two last-mentioned objects the helm must be put to port;

And as steam vessels may be considered in the light of vessels navigating with a fair wind, and should give way to sailing vessels on a wind on either tack, it becomes only necessary to provide a rule for their observance when meeting other steamers or vessels going large :

Under these considerations, and with the object before stated, this board has deemed it right to frame and promulgate the following rule, which, on communication with the lords commissioners of the admiralty, the elder brethren find has been already adopted in respect to steam vessels in her majesty's service, and they desire earnestly to impress upon the minds of all persons having charge of steam vessels the propriety and urgent necessity of a strict adherence thereto, viz :


When STEAM VESSELS on different courses must unavoidably or necessarily cross so near that, by continuing their respective courses, there would be a risk of coming in collision, each vessel shall put her HELM TO PORT, so as always to pass on the LARBOARD side of each other.

A STEAM VESSEL passing another in a narrow channel must always leave the vessel the is passing on the LARBOARD hand.

By order,

J. HERBERT, Secretary.


CENSUS OF NEW YORK, 1830-1840.
A Table, exhibiting the population of ench county in the State of New York, derived

from the official statement, compared with the census of 1830.
1840. 1830.


1840. 1830.


68,546 53,220 Onondaga,..

67,914 58,973 Allegany, 40,920 26,276 Ontario,

43,501 40,288 Broome, 22,348 17,579 Orleans,

25,015 17,732 Cattaraugus, 28,803 16,724 Oswego,

43,820 27,119 Cayuga, 50,362 47,948 Otsego,

49,412 51,372 Chatauque, 47,641 34,671 Putnam,.

12,825 12,628 Chemung,


30,324 22,450 Chenango, 40,778 37,238 Rockland,

11,874 9,388 Clinton, 28,176 19,344 Richmond,

10,985 7,082 Cortland, 24,605 23,791 Rensselaer,..

60,303 49,424 Columbia, 44,237 39,907 Saratoga,.

40,540 38,679 Dutchess, 52,488 50,926 Schenectady,

17,233 12,347 Delaware, 35,363 33,024 Schoharie,

32,351 27,902 Erie, 62,153 35,719 Seneca,...

24,868 21,041 Essex,.. 23,611 19,287 St. Lawrence,

56,693 36,354 Franklin, 16,460 11,312 Steuben,

45,991 33,851 Fulton, 18,038 new Suffolk,

32,469 26,780 Genesee, 59,650 32,147 Sullivan,

15,630 12,364 Greene, 30,446 29,525 Tioga,..

20,350 27,690 Herkimer, 37,378 35,870 Tompkins,

38,113 30,545 Hamilton, 1,907 1,925 Ulster,

45,724 36,550 Jefferson, 61,054 48,093 Westchester,


36,456 Kings,.. 47,613 20,535 | Washington,

41,095 42,635 Lewis, 17,849 15,239 Wayne,

42,160 33,643 Livingston, 35,710 27,729 Warren,

13,470 11,796 Monroe,.... 64,912 49,855 Yates,...

20,412 19,089 Madison,

40,007 39,038 Montgomery,.. 35,801 43,715

2,429,481 1,918,608 New York, 312,932 202,580

1,918,608 Niagara,.

31,114 18,482 Orange,

50,733 45,866 Increase in 10 years, 510,873 Oneida,

85,326 71,326 The whole population of New York is 2,429,481; being an increase since 1830, of 510,873; equal to the entire population of Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Dela.


White population, 2,378,212; of whom 1,207,323 are males, and 1,170,889 females.

Colored population, 49,965; of whom 23,739 are males, and 26,226 are females. Among the latter are three slaves, residing in Kings county. In 1830, the colored population in the state was 44,945; of whom 76 were slaves. Increase of the colored population in ten years, 5,020. The number of pensioners in the state for revolutionary or military services, is 4,029 Colleges or universities,..

12 Students in do., ............

5,985 Academies and grammar schools,...

501 Students in do........

36,653 Primary and common schools.........

10,871 Children in do.....

501,956 Scholars at public charge,


White persons over 20 years of age who cannot read and write, forty-tnree thousand seven hundred and fifteen.

The southern district of the state comprises the counties of New York, Greene, Ulster, Sullivan, Columbia, Putnam, Westchester, Richmond, Suffolk, Kings, Queens, Rockland, Orange, and Dutchess. Of the 708,434 white persons in said district, 13 males and 9 females are 100 years old or upwards; and of the 37,234 colored persons, 5 males and 27 females. The number of white deaf and dumb persons in said district is 361; blind, 241; insane and idiots at public charge, 304; do, at private charge, 348. Colored deaf and dumb in said district, 15; blind, 33; insane and idiots, 49.

CENSUS OF MASSACHUSETTS, 1840, A Table, showing the population of the several counties and towns in the Commonwealth

of Massachusetts, as existing on the 1st day of May, 1810, as published by John P. Bigelow, Esq., the Secretary of that Commonwealth, agreeably to the direction of the Governor and Council. COUNTY OF SUFFOLK. Towns. Pop./ Towns.

Pop. , Torons. Population.Wayland, 951 Wilmington,

831 Boston,

83,979 W. Cambridge, 1,338 Woburn, 2,931 Chelsea,

2,182|Westford, 1,426

1,053l 46 towns. 104,451 2 towns.




Ashburnhar, 1,653/N. Brookfield, 1,468 Amesbury, 2,580 Marblehead, 5,539|Athol,

1,568 Oakham,

1,030 Andover, 4,951 Methuen, 2,232 Auburn, 619 Oxford,

1,666 Beverly, 4,686 Middleton, 612 Barre,

2,738 Paxton,

665 Boxford, 908 Newbury, 3,889| Berlin,

772 Petersham, 1,812 Bradford, 2,153 Newburyport, 7,12,1 Bolton, . 1,182 Pbillipsion, 877 Danvers, 5,140 Rockport, 2,738 Boylston, 812 Princeton, 1,332 Essex, 1,432 Rowley, 1,230|| Brookfield, 2,306 Royalston,

1,635 Georgetown, 1,553 Salem, 15,162 Charlton, 2,060 Rutland, 1,275 Gloucester, 6,394 Salisbury, 2,696 Dana,

685 Shrewsbury, 1,473 Hamilton, 823 Saugus, 1,202 Douglas, 1,603 Southborough, 1,134 Haverhill, 4,373 Topsfield, 1,067|| Dudley, 1,333 Southbridge, 1,991 Ipswich, 2,958 Wenham, 693 Fitchburg, 2,570 Spencer,

1,557 Lynn, 9,075 W. Newbury, 1,553 Gardner, 1,238 Sterling,

1,653 Lynnfield, 689

Grafton, 2,887 Sturbridge, 1,886 Manehester, 1,2661 28 towns. 94,748 Hardwick, 1,775 Sutton,

2,330 Harvard, 1,571 Templeton, 1,745 COUNTY OF MIDDLESEX.

Holden, 1,880 Upton, 1,478 Acton, 1,126| Littleton, 929| Hubbardston, 1,764 Uxbridge, 1,948 Ashby, 1,242 Lowell, 20,981 Lancaster, 2,013 Warren, 1,280 Bedford,

901 Malden, 2,350 Leicester, 1,656 Webster, 1,346 Billerica, 1,527 Marlborough, 2,092 Leominster, 2,000 Westborough, 1,616 Boxborough, 440 Medford, 2,275 Lunenburg, 1,218 West Boylston, 1,202 Brighton, 1,405 Natick, 1,282 Mendon, 3,536 Westininster, 1,660 Burlington, 510 Newton,

3,027|| Milford, 1,795 Winchendon, 1,679 Cambridge, 8,127 Pepperell, 1,541 Millbury, 2,129 Worcester, 7,060 Carlisle, 563 Reading,

2,187|New Braintree, 763 Charlestown, 10,872 Sherburne, 1,014 Northborough, 1,221 55 towns. 93,462 Chelmsford, 1,595 Shirley, 966 Northbridge, 1,336 Concord, 1,800 South Reading, 1,500 Dracut, 2,222 Stoneham, 1,007 Dunstable, 587 Stow, 1,205|Amherst 2,415]Granby,

930 Framingham, 2,965 Sudbury, 1,376 Belchertown, 2,505 Greenwich, 850 Groton, 2,035 Tewksbury, 880|Chesterfield, 1,204 Hadley, 1,840 Holliston, 1,734 Townsend, 1,764 Cummington, 1,214 Hatfield, 915 Hopkinton, 2,262 Tyngsborough, 820 Easthampton, 724 Middlefield, 1,395 Lexington, 1,559 Waltham, 2,593 Enfield, 931 Northampton, 3,672 Lincoln, 711 Watertown, 1,896|Goshen, 563 Norwich, 746


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