New Jersey—The Mode of Proceeding in New Jersey for the Recovery of Debts and Demands against Absconding and Absent, or Non-resident Debtors—Process—The Manner in which the Writ is Executed by the Officers—The Mode of Proceeding to Recover the Personal Estate of the Debtor and his Effects, in the Hands of a Third Person—When the Goods Attached by the Sheriff are Claimed by any Person—Action of the Court on the Return of the Writ—Duty of the Auditors—Rights and Obligations of the Creditors—Proceedings before Justices, by John Chetwood, Esq., attorney and counsellor at law, Newark, N. J. 253

Pennsylvania—The Case of Judgments obtained in other States, &c.—Promissory Notes—Bills of Exchange—Book Accounts, etc., to which there is no Defence— Cases in which the Liability is not contested, by P. P. Morris, Esq., of the Philadelphia Bar 448

Massachusetts—Attachment—Imprisonment for Debt—Discharge of the Debtor —Poor Debtor's Oath—Effect of the Oath—Charges of Fraud—Trustee Process and Foreign Attachment—Insolvent Law—Kinds of Insolvency—Effect of Petition—Choice of Assignee—Duty of Assignee—Debts Provable—Meetings of Creditors—Secured Debts—Preferred Creditors—Effect of Discharge—Objection to Discharge—Debts for Labor Privileged—Promissory Notes, by A. C. Spooner, Esq., counsellor at law, Boston, Mass 549


Life of Stephen Girard, by James H. Lanman, Esq 359

The Rothschilds, by Louis Harper, L.L.D 544

Isaac de Buirette and his sons, by Louis Harper, L.L.D 546


Action on a Guarantee—Action for Freight 81, 82

Illegality of Factors Pledging Notes for Goods sold by them, 82

Factors Selling Goods to Refund themselves for the Duties they Paid—Common

Carriers 83

Chattel Mortgages—Decision of the Court of Errors 173

Imprisonment for Debt in New Hampshire, 174

Law of Pennsylvania Commissioning Brokers 263

Imprisonment for Debt—Tariff—Woollen Goods 264

Liability of Tenants in Case of Fire—Collision—Bottomry 266

English Law of Wrecks—Salvage Services—Action for Freight 267

Legal Rate of Interest in the Different States and Territories 268

Punishment for Usury in the Different States and Territories 268

Statute Laws Relating to Vessels—Registered Vessels—Of the Transfer of Vessels —Enrolled Vessels—Coasting Trade—Vessels Engaged in the Fisheries, 372,374, 374

Procuring Goods by False Pretences 376

Decisions in the Supreme Judicial Court in Massachusetts—Trustee Law—Promissory Note—Assignment .............. 454

Decisions in the United States Courts—Salvage Service 457

Promissory Note Endorsements 458


Entz's Exchange and Trade between England and the United States 84

Lives of the most eminent French Writers 84

Cooper's Mercedes of Castile, or the Voyage to Cathay 85

Armstrong's Notices of the War of 1812 85

Anti-Bacchus, or the Evils of Intoxicating Drinks 85

Combe's Lectures on Phrenology 86

Mitchill's Geographical Works 86

Sacred Melodies, or Hymns for Youth 86

Goodrich's Token, and Atlantic Souvenir 87

Sears' Two Hundred Pictorial Illustrations of tho Bible 87

Bryant's Selections from the American Poets 87

Campbell's Centennial Address at Cherry Valley 88

Coui is' Physiology for Schools 88

Halleck's Selections from the British Poets - 88

Heroines of Sacred History—Young Ladies' Companion 88 Renwick's Application of the Science of Mechanics to Practical Purposes 175

Potter's Objects, Rules, and Principles of Political Economy 175

Life of John Wickliffe, D. D., by Margaret Coxe 175

Pierpont's Airs of Palestine, and other Poems 176

Patrick's Heart's Ease, or Remedy against all Troubles 177

Bradley's Treatise on the strength of Distilled Spirits, with Rules and Gauging.... 176

Renwick's First Principles of Chemistry 177

Life and Writings of Samuel Johnson, L. L. D 177

Irving's Life of Goldsmith, with Selections from his Writings 177

Keightley's History of England, from the earliest period to 1839 177

Distinguished Men of Modern Times 178

Noah's Translation of the Book of Jasher 178

Morris's American Melodies—The production of 200 Writers 178

Hope on and Hope ever—Strive and Thrive, etc., by Mary Howitt 178

Constance, or the Merchant's Daughter 178

Byrne's Observations on the best means of propelling Ships 269

Renwick's Life of De Witt Clinton 269

Goethe's Correspondence with a Child 270

Johnson's Religion in its relation to the present life 270

Thoughts in Past Years 270

Lyon's Vindication of Classical Studies 270

Letters of Mrs. Adams, the Wife of John Adams 271

Pilkington's Artist's Guide, and Mechanic's Own Book 271

Coleridge's Confessions of an Enquiring Spirit 271

Schmid's Providence Illustrated—Stories from the German 271

Mackenzie's Life of Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry 272

Patrick's Discourse concerning Prayer 272

Old Humphrey's Observations 272

Browne's Banking and Mercantile Tables 272

Sawyer's Merchants and Ship Masters' Guide 459

Riches without Wings, or the Cleveland Family 459

Hodge's Steam Engine—The Young Merchant—Boston Book 460

Poetry, and History of Wyoming 461

Walker's Addresses and Messages of the Presidents of the United Stales 461

Hayne's Discourse before the Howard Benevolent Society 461

Taylor's Natural History of Society in the Barbarous and Civilized State 462

Cunningham's Life and Land of Bums 462

Krummacher's Religious Works 463

Schlegcl's Lectures on the Philosophy of History 463

Ambon's Classical Dictionary 464

Remarks on Banks and Banking, and a Project for a National Bank 464

Sweetser's Digestion, and the Diseases incident to it 464

Emmon's Memoir of Nathaniel Bowditch 464

Bishop Wilson's Private Meditations, Devotions, and Prayers 465

Sutton's Godly Meditations on the Sacrament of the Lord'B Supper. 465

Writings of Charles Sprague. * 465

Carlyle's Heroes, Hero Worship, and the Heroic in History 465

Hague's Principles of Christian Union 465

Hale's History of the United Slates, from their Settlement as Colonies 466

Miss Martineau's Hour and the Man—My Son's Own Book 466

Sunday School Teacher's Companion 466

Birmingham's Life of Father Mathew 554

D'Israeli's Miscellanies of Literature 555

Hallam's Literature of the 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries 556

Goodrich's Universal History Illustrated 556

Stephens's Commentaries on the Laws of England 557

Life and Times of Martin Luther 557

Barns' Sermons on Revivals 557

Footc's Texas and the Texians 558

Turner's History of the Anglo-Saxons 558

Elizabeth Thornton 558

Blackatone's Commentaries 559

Sleeper's Tales of the Ocean 559

Bcrquin's Looking-Glass for the Mind 559 Lindley's Theory of Horticulture - ........ 560

Charlotte Elizabeth's Works _ 560

Reese's Plea for the Intemperate 560


Commercial Integrity 179

Making Conditions 179

Exclusion of the Inquisition from Antwerp 179

Curious Mode of Barter 179

Merchants of the Staple 273

Tom of Ten Thousand—an Anecdote of the South Sea Scheme 273

A Merchant Sovereign 273


Ingenious attempt to defraud Insurers „ 180

Beet Paper—Feathers 391

The Suit Trade 467

Mercantile Virtues Rewarded - 467

American Carpeting - 467

First American trade with China 468

Commercial Honesty, 468

Comparative loss on Gold and Paper as a Circulation 468

Marseilles Imperial Quilts 468

Question for Accountants, answered by E. S. Houghton 275

Measuring Com 277

American Cotton—Russian Ports 278

Palm Leaf Paper—Arkansas Coal—Havana Savings' Bank 582

East India Cotton Company 583

British Foreign and Colonial Wool Trade 583

Foreign Commerce of Russia 584

Commercial Speculation 61

Mercantile Engagements 244

Method of Doing Business. 447

Mercantile Manners 453


Exchange between London and the United States _ 89

Paris remitted to London compared with the direct remittance at sixty days'

sight 89

United States quotations of Paris at sixty days' sight 89

Hamburgh remitted to London for negotiation, etc 91

United States quotations of Hamburgh per Banco Mark 91

Amsterdam remitted to London for negotiation 92

United States quotations of Amsterdam per Florin 92


Sovereigns compared with aDraft on London at sixty days' sight 93

Quotations of London Exchange reduced into Federal Money 93

To reduce Dollars to Pounds Sterling, 93

Table showing the amount of one Dollar at Compound Interest at the end of every

year from 1 to 32 389

Table showing the present value of one Dollar, from 1 to 21 years 389

Table showing the amount of an annuity of one Dollar per annum, improved at

Compound Interest at the end of each year from 1 to 32 390

Table showing the present value of an Annuity of one Dollar per annum to continue for any given number of years from 1 to 21, reckoning Compound Interest 390

Table for converting Dollars into Taels, and vice versa 469

Dry Measure Table 469

Sterling Interest Table for calculating Interest on British Money for any number

of days, at any rate per cent 470

Table of the rates of Insurance of $100 on a single life 472

Tables of Imperial Long Measure 335

Table of Imperial Superficial Measure—Of Imperial Cubic or Solid Measure 336

Table of Improved Troy Weight—Of Imperial Apothecary's Weight 337

Table of Imperial Avoirdupois Weight—Of Imperial Liquid and Dry Measure 338

Table of Factors for converting old Measures into new, and the contrary 339

French Measures of Length compared with English Imperial Measure 341

Do. Measures of Surface compared with English Imperial Measure 341

Do. Land MeasureMeasure of Capacity with Engiish Imperial Measure 341

Do. Wood and Timber Measure—Liquid and Dry Measure 341, 342

Do. Liquid and Dry Measures compared with Wine and Dry Measures of the

United States 342

Do. Measures of Gravity or Weight compared with Troy Weight compared

with Avoirdupois Weight 342

Do. Weights and Measures of the Netherlands 343

Weights and Measures of the United States 345

Universal Interest Tables 578

Table for reducing Shillings, Pence, &c. to the Decimal of a Pound 579

Square-Yard Duty Tables for Bleached and Colored Cotton Goods 580, 581


Arrivals at and Clearances from New York for November, 1840 94

Trade, Commerce, and Navigation of the Island of Porto Rico for 1839 95

Commerce of Quebec in the years 1839 and 1840 96

Oil imported into the United States from 1815 to 1839, with price per gallon 97

Annual Exports and Imports of the United States from 1791 to 1840 193

Exports and Imports of the United States under each Presidency 194

Flour Trade of Baltimore in 1840 195

Commerce of Apilachicola from 1829 to 1840 195

Imports of Tea in the United States from 1834 to 1840 195

Arrival of Foreign Vessels at the Port of New York in 1840 196

Massachusetts Mackerel Fishery from 1831 to 1840 197

Canal Shipments at Buffalo of Flour, Wheat, Pork, Corn, etc., from 1837 to 1840, 197

Tobacco Inspected in Philadelphia in 1839 and 1840 197

Arrivals of Oil into the United States in 1840 198

Import Duties of Great Britain 198

Canal Commerce of Ohio in 1839 and 1840 - 199

American Soaps, Oil, etc 200

Exports from Russia into the United States in 1840 200

Trade and Tolls of the New York Canals, from 1835 to 1840 200

Relative proportion of Cotton grown in the different States 214

Millions of pounds grown in various parts of the World 215

Growth and Export of American Cotton in each year, from 1791 to 1840 218

Official value of the Exports and Imports of Great Britain for the last 82 years.... 281 Price of 3 per cent Consols, East India Company's and Bank of England Stock,

from 1760 to 1839 282

Circulation of the Bank of England in February of each year, from 1760 to 1841.. 282

Number of Bankrupts in England and Wales for each year, from 1760 to 1841 283

Income and Expenditure of the British Government in each year, from 1775 to

1785, and from 1792 to 1841 283

Table showing the average price of standard Gold in bars, Bread, Beef, Masons

and Carpenters' wages daily, from 1760 to 1841 284

Exports, Prices, and Stocks of Cotton at Mobile, from 1829 to 1840 285

Anthracite Coal Trade of the United States from commencement, 1820 to 1841.... 286

Price of Flour in Philadelphia, from 1812 to 1840, 286

Wholesale prices of various articles of Merchandise in Boston, from 1812 to 1840.. 287

Produce of the Whale Fishery in New London, from 1820 to 1840 287

Fluctuations in Stocks in New York, at the close of each month in the year 1840. 288

Leather Trade of New York, from 1835 to 1841 289

Statistics of the British Cotton Trade, Import, Export, and Consumption 289

Stock of Cotton in Great Britain at the close of the last five years 292

Imports of Cotton into Great Britain during the last seven years 291

Exports of Cotton from Great Britain, 1840. 291

Prices of Cotton in Great Britain on the 31st December of each year, from 1836 to

1840 292

American Carpeting Manufactured in Danvers, Mass 292

Exports and Imports of the New England Colonies, from 1697 to 1776 353 Value of Imports and Exports of New Hampshire, from 1791 to 1839 354

Vessels built at Portsmouth, New Hampshire, in each year, from 1829 to 1839 355

Products, Resources, etc. of New Hampshire, in 1840 356

Comparative Arrivals, Exports, and Stocks of Cotton and Tobacco at New Orleans,

from October to February, 1841 388

Bill Circulation in Great Britain and Ireland 388

Commerce of Honolulu in 1840 388

Beet Root Sugar Trade of France 391

Bankruptcies in Paris in 1840 392

Growth, Export, and Consumption of Coffee for the last eight years 493

Prices of all descriptions of Cotton Wool at Liverpool during the last week of each

year, from 1837 to 1840 484

Commerce of the State of New York in 1840 484

Commercial Resources of Ohio 485

Flour Inspections in Baltimore, for the last forty-two years 569

Product of Bread-stuffs in the United States - 571

Exports of Flour and Wheat, from 1790 to 1838 573

Commerce of France 575

Consumption of Coal—Foreign Commerce of Canada 576

Consumption of British Goods in Italv—Commerce of Egypt 576

Commerce of Quebec for 1839 and 1840 577

Tariff Regulations of the State of Yucatan, adopted by the CongresB 274

Cotton Regulations at Mobile 274

Inland Warehousing in the Prussian League 275

Regulations adopted at the Fegee Islands 380

Regulations for Vessels destined to the Port of Antwerp 381

Health Regulations at Austrian Ports 381

Regulations at Porto Rico 381

Commercial relations of the United States with Germany 381

Tariff of Charges adopted by the Mobile Chamber of Commerce - 5b 1

Method of sending Letters for the New York Steamers 564

Tariff of the Republic of Texas 564

Rates of Toll on the New York Canals 565



—( on the Goodwin Sands 98

Cape of Good Hope Customs dues 99

British Regulations relative to Navigation of Steam Vessels 99

Harbor Regulations at Port Natal 191

New Light House at Stockholm 191

Sunken Rocks near the Azore Islands 192

Signal at Port Ostend 192

New Light House at Bremen 293

New Light House off the Coast of Kerry 283

White Island Light House 293

Shoal in the Mendoza Sea 294

Nova Scotia Light Houses 294

Scheldt Pilot Boats—Nautical Relic 294

To Mariners entering the Weser. 373

Light House off the Mapland Sand 377

Proposed Light House at the Needles Point 377

Vessels bound to Torquay 377

Light Boat—Port of Savannah 378

Illumination of the Faro Lantern at Genoa 378

Accidents to British Steam Vessels • 278

Disasters at Sea, reported in 1840 379

Ice Bergs in the Southern Ocean 379

Passages of the Steam Ship Great Western in 1840 486

Passages of the Steam Ship British Queen and President in 1840 ^•"I" Q~

Number and description of Vessels which passed the light boat on Bartlctts Reef... 487

Hamburgh Navigation—Floating Rafts on the Hudson 487

Pilots of the Port of Boston—Bay of St. Josephs, Florida 487

Oriel Shoal, New Zealand—Shoal near the Equator „ 488

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