In the second edition of the Code an attempt has been made to present in a concise form the provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure as amended by the Legislature of 1878, and all the provisions of the old Code still in force. For the convenience of the practitioner the volume is preceded by a table containing parallel references between the sections of the new and old Code, and a statement of the statutes repealed by the general repealing act of 1877. This volume does not present the difficulties in readily turning to any provision of law sought for, which exist in the more voluminous editions of the Code, and yet it is believed that nothing is omitted which is desirable as affording easy reference to the existing law prescribing the practice in the courts of record in this State.

THE EDITOR. DATED July 1, 1878.


The amendments to the Code of Civil Procedure passed by the Legislature of 1879 are so numerous and important that it was deemed advisable to incorporate them in the text itself, rather than to publish them as a supplement to the second edition of this work. It is hoped that the additional expense incurred by the publishers in so doing may be more than compensated by the increased facility of reference thereby afforded to the profession. It is believed that this volume presents, accurately, and in a compact and concise form, the provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure as now existing, together with such provisions of the old Code as are still in force.

THE EDITOR. Dated July 7, 1879,

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