Twenty-one days in India


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Side 169 - A lover's eyes will gaze an eagle blind; A lover's ear will hear the lowest sound, When the suspicious head of theft is stopp'd; Love's feeling is more soft, and sensible, Than are the tender horns of cockled snails...
Side 9 - The Abdomen. — The Urinary Organs. — The Skin. — Specific Diseases. — Limbs The Feet. — Injuries. — Operations. "The book contains nearly 600 pages of valuable matter, which reflects great credit on its author, and, owing to its practical details, the result of deep scientific research, deserves a place in the library of medical, veterinary, and non-professional readers.
Side 195 - O Love ! who bewailest The frailty of all things here, Why choose you the frailest For your cradle, your home, and your bier ? Its passions will rock thee, As the storms rock the ravens on high ; Bright reason will mock thee, Like the sun from a wintry sky. From thy nest every rafter Will rot, and thine eagle home Leave thee naked to laughter, When leaves fall and cold winds come.
Side 156 - Fair are others; none beholds thee, But thy voice sounds low and tender Like the fairest, for it folds thee From the sight, that liquid splendour, And all feel...
Side 19 - Thomson's Lunar and Horary Tables. For New and Concise Methods of Performing the Calculations necessary for ascertaining the Longitude by Lunar Observations, or Chronometers ; with directions for acquiring a knowledge of the Principal Fixed Stars and finding the Latitude of them.
Side 14 - Carriage Department. 5s. Steppe Campaign Lectures. 2s. Manual of Instructions for Army Surgeons. Is. Regulations for Army Hospital Corps. 9d. Manual of Instructions for Non-Commissioned Officers, Army Hospital Corps. 2s. Handbook for Military Artificers. 3s. Instructions for the use of Auxiliary Cavalry. 2s. 6d. Equipment Regulations for the Army. 5s. 6d. Statute Law relating to the Army. Is. 3d. Regulations for Commissariat and Ordnance Department 8s.
Side 25 - Haughton's Menu, with English Translation. 2 vols. 4to. 24s. Johnson's Hitopadesa, with Vocabulary. 15s. Hitopadesa, Sanscrit, with Bengali and English Trans. 10s. 6d, Johnson's Hitopadesa, English Translation of the. 4to. 5s. Wilson's Megha Duta, with Translation into English Verse, Notes, Illustrations, and a Vocabulary. Royal 8vo.
Side 6 - AND THE NORTH-WEST PROVINCES. — At the Seat of Government. — The Insurrection in Behar. — The Siege of Arrah. — Behar and Bengal. BOOK VIII. — MUTINY AND REBELLION IN THE NORTH-WEST PROVINCES. — Agra in May. — Insurrection in the Districts. — Bearing of the Native Chiefs. — Agra in June, July, August and September. BOOK IX. — LUCKNOW AND DELHI. — Rebellion in Oude. — Revolt in the Districts. — Lucknow in June and July. — The siege and Capture of Delhi.
Side 30 - Commander-in-Chief and Staff, Garrison Instruction Staff, Indian Medical Department, Ordnance Departments, Punjab Frontier Force, Military Departments of the three Presidencies, Veterinary Departments, Tables showing the Distribution of the Army in India, Lists of Retired Officers of the three Presidencies.

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