Reports of Practice Cases, Determined in the Courts of the State of New York: With a Digest of All Points of Practice Embraced in the Standard New York Reports ..., Volum 3

J.S. Voorhies, 1868

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Side 269 - ... of notice of acceptance, and the clerk must thereupon enter judgment accordingly. If the notice of acceptance be not given, the offer is to be deemed withdrawn, and cannot be given in evidence; and if the plaintiff fail to obtain a more favorable judgment he cannot recover costs, but must pay the defendant's costs from the time of the offer...
Side 420 - ... has departed therefrom, with intent to defraud his creditors, or to avoid the service of a summons, or keeps himself concealed therein with the like intent...
Side 347 - No acknowledgment or promise shall be sufficient evidence of a new or continuing contract, whereby to take the case out of the operation of this title, unless the same is contained in some writing, signed by the party to be charged thereby ; but this section shall not alter the effect of any payment of principal or interest.
Side 353 - The distinction between actions at law and suits in equity, and the forms of all such actions and suits, heretofore existing, are abolished...
Side 465 - And where a suit is now pending, or may hereafter be brought, in any State court, in which there is a controversy between a citizen of the State in which the suit is brought and a citizen of another State...
Side 404 - The bill, answer, replication, decree and injunction, and the order to show cause why the defendant should not be punished for contempt.
Side 419 - ... a corporation created by or under the laws of any other State, government or country, or against a defendant who is not a resident of this State...
Side 351 - Any married woman may, while married, sue and be sued in all matters having relation to her property, which may be her sole and separate property, or which may hereafter come to her by descent, devise, bequest, or the gift of any person except her husband, in the same manner as if she were sole.
Side 202 - ... unless the intent to pass a less estate or interest, shall appear by express terms, or be necessarily implied in the terms of such grant.
Side 460 - How. 497; and the court in that case, upon full consideration, decided that where a corporation is created by the laws of a state, the legal presumption is that its members are citizens of the state in which alone the corporate body has a legal existence...

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