political opinion and discussion, perhaps of political prejudice and party. That such may be consulted with benefit, and perused with satisfaction, we by no means pretend to deny ; nay further, we are prepared to pay them the willing tribute of praise, for much acute remark and learned disquisition. Our pretensions are of a different, and, let it he permitted as to add, of a more permanent nature: Their usefulness is more local and temporary; their materials for amusement, and information too, are necessarily more limited.

Our Volumes exhibit, and will continue toexhibit, a regalarly connected series of information on the Literature of our Country, its Politicks, Domestic History, Antiquities, Biography, and Poetry; a faithful and regular detail also of the Occurrences in Foreign Parts; and every other subject which can tend to make a miscellaneous Periodical Work productive of immediate gratification, or proper hereafter to be consulted as a faithful and authentic record.

Haring said thas much, and we trust without offence, it is not possible to conclude without rererting, as we always do, to the condition of our beloved Country. Would that it were permitted us to congratulate our Fellow-Citizens on the early prospect of again cultivating without molestation the Peaceful Olive! But the thirst for blood, which has so long tormented the infuriated Tyrant of the Continent, is not even yet satiated. But surely a brighter dawn may be disærned in the Political Hemisphere; it mar be contemplated in the Laurel Wreaths which our gallant Countrymen bare so gloriously won at Busaco, Albuera, and on the Plains of Portugal: it may be hailed in the moral operation pro gressively taking its effect in the patriotic bosoms of our oppressed and persecuted Allies. May our hopes be propbetic! and when we shall nest again bring ourselves before oor Readers, may we have the delightful occasion presented to us, of cheering the return of Liberty to the raraged and insaited Sations of Europe; and the sweet and grateful tast of welcoming the wished-for return of British Hemes from fields of glory to mansions of tranquillity

and peace, ne more to be disturbed by the ruthless spirit of Warand lawless Ambition !

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Cornw.-Covent. 2 GENERAL EVENING

Cumberland ? M.Post M. Herald

Doncaster-- Derb. Morning Chronic.

Dorchest.--Essex Times-M. Advert.

Exeter 2, Glouc. 2 P.Ledger--Oracle

Halifax-Hants 2 Brit. Press-Day

Hereford, Hull 3 St. James's Chron.


Ipswich 1, Kent 4 Star-Traveller

Lancast.-Leices. Pilot--Statesman

Leeds2, Liverp. 6| Sun-Even. Mail

Maidst. Manch. 4. Lond.Chr. Packet

Newc.3.-Notts. 2 Albion--C. Chron.

Northampton 2 Courier-Globe

Norfolk, Norwich Eng. Chron.--Ing.

N.Wales Oxford2 Cour d'Angleterre

Portsea-Pottery Cour. de Londres

Preston-Plym, 2 150therWeekly P.

Reading -Salisb. 17 Sunday Papers

Salop-Sheffield2 Hue & Cry Police

Sherborne, Sussex Lit. Adv. monthly

Shrewsbury Bath 3-Bedford

Staff.--Stamf. 2 Berwick - Boston

Taunton—Tyne Birmingham 3

Wakefi.-- Warw. Blackb. Brighton

Worc, 2--YORK 3 Bristol 5, Bury

1Rel.AND 37 JANUARY, 1811. Camb.-Chath.

SCOTLAND 24 Carii,2--Chester 2

Supday Advertiser Chelms. Cambria. CONTAINING

Jersey 2. Guern. 2. Meteorol. Diaries for Dec. 1810, and Jan. 1811.2 Richardson's Reply to Salisbury on Fiorin ..33 Reflections on History and Historians .....3 Tithes defended, and proved to be no Hardship 36 Auclia; or, the Fatal Effects of Curiosity .. 4 Remarks on interesting Ecclesiastical Subjects 37 Remarks on Dr. Jenner and Vaccination ...7 The Continuation of Dogdale's Warwickshire 39 Original Letterfrom Dean Bathurstto Dr. Busbyib. LITERARY INTELLIGENCE

40 A Meteorological Journal kept at Clapton

Review Or New PUBLICATIONS; vit. Curious Church of St. Alkuund in Shrewsbury 9 Lifeand Select Worksof Benjamin Stillingfeet. 41 Illustrations of Horace, Book II. Satire I. . ibid. ClarkeandM Arthur's Lifeof Adm. Lord Nelson46 A Passage in Hamlet illustrated—“Esil ?. 13 Clapham's Edition of BishopTaylor's Prayers.49 Essay on the Merits of French Versification.ibid. Dr. Young's Serinon on the abundant Harvest 50 Margate and Dovercourt Churches described .17 Aikin's Memoirs of the Life of Bishop Huet 51 Inscriptions,&c. in Ferring Church in Sussex ibid: Mudford's Contemplatist; a Series of Essays 57 Two Drawingsof LichfieldCathedral çoınpared 19 Reformer; or Essays on Religion and Morality ib. PresentStateof Lincolnshire Monasteries, &c.ibid. The Classical Journal for 1810

59 Curious Extracts from Whitkirk Registers .. 20 The Elements of Astronomy, by G. Reynolds 60 On present Depreciation of Paper Currency . 22 spcnde's liftroductiontothescienceof Harmonyib, Fraudulent Bankruptcies--Notes--Guineas. 25 Index Indicatorius-Questions answered. ibid. Mr. Whittington-Date of Lanthoni Abbey . 26. Selec'r Poetry for January, 1811. 61 Repairs of Henry VII.'s Chapel judicions. ibid. Interesting Intell. from the London Gazettes. 65 ARCHITECTURAL INNOVATION, No. CLII..., 27 Proceedings in present Session of Parliament. 66 Pointed Style temp. Henry VI. and VII. . ibid. Abstract of the principalForeign Occurrences. 70 Surveyof the Interior of Henry VIP'sChapel .ibid. Proposal for establishing a Seminary at Maltà 79 Explanation of Prophecies relating tothe Jews 29 Country News--Domestic Occurrences.... 84 Remarks on the Defects of Parish Clerks :.31 Births and Marriages of eminent Persons .. 85 ThomasWenman?- Portrairof Carew wanted 32 Obituary, with Anecd. of remarkable Persons, 86 Pamphlets by Jolin Fry? --Antient Wateh ibid. Bill of Mortality 94-Prices of Markets.... 93 On the Deauery of St. Burien, in Cornwall ibid. I Daily Variations in the Prices of the Stocks. 96 Embellished with Perspective Views of the Churches of ST. ALKMÜND Iu SurewSBURY;

Sr. John's, MARGATE; DOVERCOURT, Essex; and FERRING, in Sussex.




Printed by J. NICHOLS and 'son, at Cicero's HEAD, Red Lion Passage, Fleet-street, London:

where all Letters to the Editor are desired to be addressed, Post-PAID. 1811,

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at Cicero's Head, Red Lion Passage, Fleet Street;
where LETTERS are particularly requested to be sent, Post-PAID.

And sold by J. HARRIS (Successor to Mrs. NEWBERY),
at the Corner of St. Paul's Church Yard, Ludgate Street. 1811.

URBAN, six months again thy toils complete,

Again my lines those toils concluded greet.
While War's rude din affrights the troubled deep,
Thy peaceful toils their equal tenour keep;
While roars Bellona's voice, like some great Sage,
You turn the mirror of the changeful age,
Whate'er the scene, or dreadful, grave, or gay,
You shew reflected, and around display.
Still fasour'd by each Muse, thy far-read page
Instructs, improves, and charms the passing age.
Long may Minerva's sons her honours see,
At once extended and enjoy'd by thee!
May Mars' loud tumults long at distance roar, 1
Nor check th' enjoytients of our peaceful Shore!
May Jove propitious ever deign to bless
This sacred spot, where tumult dares not press !
May URBAN's Works extend to distant time,
Please and instruct the Sons of every Clinie;
May they continue still to merit Fame
From ev'ry titled, great, and honour'd Name! S.C.

THE BIBLE. WHAT taught me that a great F1231 When passions with teinptations bin, Carse

To conquer every power of nine, Existed ere creation was,

What leads me then to Help Divine? And gave the Universe its laws?

The Bible! The Bible!

When pining care and wastin: pain What guide can lead me'to this Power, My spirits and my life-blood drain, Whom Conscience calls me to adore, Wbat soothes and turns e'en these to gain? And bids me seek Him more and more?

The Bible! The Bible!

When crosses and vexations tease, Whence.came I first of all to know And various ills my bosom suze, The origiu of human woe,

What is it that in life can please? When all was ruin bere below!

The Bible ! The Bible !

When horror chills my soul with fear, And in this awful drear disraay,

And nought but gloom and dread appear, When hope itself refus'd a ray,

What is it then my mind can ebeer? What tells me God was still our stay?

The Bible! The Bible' When impious doubts my thenghts perplex, Since th' arms of Mercy then extend, And mysteries my reason rex, To draw me to my God and FRIEND, Wbere is the guide wbich then directs? What can my gratitude expand ?

The Bible! The Bible!

Then may my mind be made to see
And while life flies in gay carorr,

What pow I am and yet may be
And pleasures bail each coming year, By reading ofteo seriously,
What can enhance my sprightly cheer?

The Bible!
The Bible !

And when A Miction's fainting breath When all my actions prosper well, Warns me I've done with all beneath, And higher lopes my wishes swell, What can compose my soul in death? What points where truer blessings dwell?

The Bible! The Bible!

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