History of the Wars: Books 3-4 (Vandalic War)

Cosimo, Inc., 1. mai 2007 - 500 sider
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"The last major ancient historian, Byzantine scholar PROCOPIUS OF CAESAREA (c. 500 565) traveled with the army of Eastern Roman Emperor Justinian I as a military adviser, and chronicled the wars he fought this is the primary source today of information about the reign of Justinian I. Here, in Books III and IV of the eight-volume History of the Wars, Procopius tells the story of the Vandalic War between the Eastern Roman Empire and the Vandals in North Africa. Journeying by land and sea, Procopius regales us with vivid tales of battle including the capture of Carthage, the famous ancient city and the Vandal capital at the time and of the intrigues and power struggles that dogged the emperor. Far from dry, this is a thrilling read, one that echoes of this still turbulent region today. Students of the history of the Middle East will be enthralled by this ancient work. "

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