The History of the Revolutions in the Empire of Morocco: Upon the Death of the Late Emperor Muley Ishmael; Being a Most Exact Journal of what Happen'd in Those Parts in the Last and Part of the Present Year. With Observations Natural, Moral and Political, Relating to that Country and People

James and John Knapton, Arthur Bettesworth, 1729 - 381 sider
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Side 269 - Ithe long and bloody war, which had arofe between the mofl iercne and moft potent Prince George II. by the Grace of God, King of Great-Britain, France, and Ireland, Duke of Brunfwick and Lunebourg, Arch-Treafurer and Ele&or of of the Holy Roman Empire, &c.
Side 271 - Ireland, &c. &c., (of Glorious Memory,) and the High and Glorious, Mighty and Right Noble Prince Albumazer Muley Ismael, late Emperor of Morocco. And it is further agreed, that all the Articles aforementioned, as well the fifteen, as...
Side 269 - ... and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, Duke of Brunswick and Lunenburg, Arch Treasurer, and Elector of the Holy Roman Empire ; and the High and Glorious Mighty and Right Noble, Prince Mulley Abdalla, Ben Mulley Ismael, Ben Mulley Xeriph, Ben Mulley Aly, King and Emperor of the Kingdoms of Fez, Taffalet, Suz, and all the Algarbe and its Territories in Africa, &c. Concluded, agreed, and adjusted by John Russell, Esq. in the behalf of His Britannic Majesty, and by His Excellency Bashaw Hamet Ben Abdallah,...
Side 271 - ftand good, and be of the fame Force ' as in the Reigns of the moft high, and * moft renowned Prince George I. King ' of Great Britain, France and Ireland, ' &c. of Glorious Memory, and the high * and glorious, mighty and right noble >
Side 192 - To-day were visited [in Mequinez] by one Pilleau, a young fellow of good family in Cornwal but now turned Moor. He was taken very young with Captain Pilleau his Uncle, and being a handsome boy he was given by Muley Ismael to one of his sons. The Christian captives gave this young man a wonderful character, saying he endured enough to have killed seven men, before his master could make him turn. Pilleau being taken very young spoke the Arabick language as well as the Moors, and...
Side 175 - Pigs every Day. Then his Courtiers prostrated themselves upon their Faces, and crawled upon their Hands and Knees to kiss his Feet: After this his Court retired, and the Emperor's Eunuchs took him up and carried him away. The Emperor, as to his Person, is very tall, about 48 or 50; of a very fierce Countenance, and very much pitted with the Small-Pox; he seemed very much bloated in the Face, wanted his Fore-Teeth, and being a Mulatto, made altogether a very ugly Figure. His Dress was a long black...
Side 174 - Majesty's letter, tied up in a fine silk handkerchief and a gold watch tied up in another; he then covered and made a speech to the Emperor, importing the great esteem and regard the King of Great Britain had for his Majesty ; condoled and congratulated the Emperor upon his Father's death and his own advancement — all which was interpreted by Admiral Perez, but it might as well have been left alone, for his Imperial Majesty was so drunk he could scarce hold his head up, but cried
Side 175 - Small-Pox; he seemed very much bloated in the Face, wanted his Fore-Teeth, and being a Mulatto, made altogether a very ugly Figure. His Dress was a long black Cloke, it being Winter, over a white Alhague; his Turbant was a green Silk Sash, but hung loose like a drunken Man's; his Cimetar was very rich, and the only thing about him worth taking notice of. It had been the Cimetar of old Muley Ismael; the Scabbard was of Gold, very richly set on both sides with Diamonds and precious Stones. The Audience...
Side 262 - ... that might fall by his Hand. A PAIR of Gates were opened, and the Emperor came forward, whom we knew by a Canopy, or rather an Umbrella, held over his Head : He had a Gun in his Hand, attended only by his Favourite Woman, that was Mr.

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