Quarterly Bulletin of the Department of Agriculture, Volum 24


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Side 159 - ... the intent to supersede the exercise by the State of its police power as to matters not covered by the Federal legislation is not to be inferred from the mere fact that Congress has seen fit to circumscribe its regulation and to occupy a limited field. In other words, such intent is not to be implied unless the act of Congress fairly interpreted is in actual conflict with the law of the State.
Side 167 - Continue the titration cautiously until the color due to free iodine has entirely vanished. The blue color changes toward the end to a faint lilac. If at this point the thiosulphate be added drop by drop and a little time be allowed for complete reaction after each addition there is no difficulty in determining the end point within a single drop.
Side 155 - Florida made it unlawful to sell, offer for sale, ship or deliver for shipment any citrus fruits which are immature or otherwise unfit for consumption. It was challenged as an interference with interstate commerce.
Side 168 - Heat this mixture at such a rate that approximately four minutes are required to bring it to the boiling point, and boil for exactly two minutes. Add 100 cc of cold, recently boiled, distilled water. Filter immediately through asbestos and determine the copper by one of the methods given under (c), page 51.

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